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  1. Fantl916

    Welington Castillo to White Sox

    i really do like this move. solid offensive catcher who's capable defensively. reasonable contracts for a definitive improvement. could be a good trade asset moving forward too. good buy in my book
  2. Fantl916

    Dan Jennings

    Rosenthal reporting Jennings traded to Rays for Casey Gillespie. LOVE IT!!!
  3. Fantl916

    SEA trades Tyler O'Neill to STL for Marco Gonzales

    i mean... oneil isnt the coolest thing on the planet but hes a legit prospect... we couldnt give gonzo + swarzek + whatever for that? marco gonzalez is a 4/5 sp at best... this screams seattle not talking to others about this and settling for the first thing that came their way
  4. Fantl916

    Rangers have increased pursuit of Q?

    Assuming there's no way Texas trades Odor, or perhaps Mazara, is there's a path to complete this without them? I'm pondering if something like Yeody Taveras, Yohender Mendez, Ronald Guzman and another piece would do it. seems really light to me
  5. Fantl916

    Keith Law Top 100

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Jan 31, 2017 -> 06:31 AM) Keith Law's White Sox Prospect overview: http://www.espn.com/blog/keith-law/insider/post?id=6460 Pretty glowing about Alec Hansen and Basabe. Thinks Fulmer, Lopez,and Burdi are all probably relievers but really good ones. He likes Amado Nunez. he does paint a picture that i've thought for the last month or so... if for some reason Fulmer and Lopez end up in the bullpen we could back into a pretty amazing bullpen situation similar to the yankees/royals/indians of the past couple years. Burdi, Fulmer, Lopez in the 7th, 8th, 9th would be pretty sick. he also has pretty glowing comments on Curbelo and Dunning. havent seen these kind of positive comments about our depth in some time.
  6. Fantl916

    Blue Jays have "discussed" Robertson

    QUOTE (ChiSoxFanMike @ Jan 28, 2017 -> 03:46 PM) Robertson for Vlad would be amazing. Rowdy Tellez, Bo Bichette could be interesting pieces
  7. Fantl916

    Keith Law Top 100

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 27, 2017 -> 02:08 PM) If he won't rank guys he thinks are relievers, and doesn't like small SP's it makes sense he wouldn't like Fulmer guys, nobody should be surprised by law's omissions of fulmer, lopez. he's always done this, omitting pitchers he doesn't think can start long term. he's a huge proponent of advanced statistics, especially WAR, and to him a #3/4 SP is more valuable than an elite closer because they have more impact on WAR. in a way, i agree with him. we're about to witness a 2017 season where the yankees have an elite bullpen but their terrible sp will ensure they suck. whereas if you flipped that to a solid staff and iffy bullpen you could be a playoff team (ie dodgers of previous years). i really do hope lopez proves him wrong, and i think he's in no better organization for that based on what cooper did w sale (who law admits he also applied the reliever tag to). but to defend keith's thought process, you all will be disappointed if lopex and fulmer end up in the bullpen. if they do there's no doubt they'll be hi leverage rps, but you'll still wish they wouldve made it as sps. in the end, he doesnt hate the sox, or any other team for that matter so saying such it wacky. he gave favorite reviews of collins and kopech, still thinks very highly of giolito and was slightly below others but still very high on moncada. he hates relievers, that's not new
  8. Fantl916

    Keith Law Top 100

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Jan 26, 2017 -> 07:43 AM) He might not have Keller in the top 20....I'm thinking for sure he has: Moncada, Giolito, Kopech, Swanson, Benintendi, Reyes, Rodgers, Meadows, Robles, Crawford, Rosario, Devers, Torres, Jimenez, Groome, Bellinger, and Senzel. That leaves 3 spots for: Josh Bell, Tyler, Jay, Nick Williams, and Brady Aiken probably. I'm guessing the other 3 in his top 20 are Keller, tyler O'Neil, and Francisco mejia
  9. Fantl916

    Teams have upped their offers in Q derby in the last week

    QUOTE (Con te Giolito @ Jan 25, 2017 -> 12:28 PM) Yea I'm just trolling GOT YOU GUYS haha I was kidding all along. i never said you were kidding, you're just whining, providing no factual rationale or any historical comp. you're harping on something that's never been done in a way you're suggesting and stating that the Sox are garbage because of it. when asked to provide information, you spin it, whine some more, and restate the same thing you've been stating for the last month on the 2 quintana threads. aka, you're trolling. you can certainly make your stance, whatever. i want them to make moves too. but at some point your argument grows tiresome if your defense for everything is "im taking my ball and going home (RH sucks because they're not taking lowball offers)"
  10. Fantl916

    Teams have upped their offers in Q derby in the last week

    QUOTE (Con te Giolito @ Jan 25, 2017 -> 12:19 PM) Not the White Sox! They've dealt two of their best players (for non-baseball reasons) and a crummy reliever. I would be happy if they made just a couple more moves, like just get rid of Frazier and Robertson so Saladino can sink-or-swim at 3rd and Jones can try and close games. That would save them like $30m that could go into int'l pool or elsewhere and maybe net them one t30 guy. It'd also prove me wrong about why they dealt Sale and Eaton. he isnt going to answer this question or provide any sensible rationale. at this point he's just trolling
  11. Fantl916

    Teams have upped their offers in Q derby in the last week

    QUOTE (Con te Giolito @ Jan 25, 2017 -> 11:40 AM) Been waiting since last July and only three guys have been traded. Its not supposed to be this slow. Says who? Based on what? It's clearly not happening that way so please share why it should be the opposite based on actual facts. Also, remember the Cubs rebuild took multiple years, but I'm dying to know why the Sox rebuild should take 6-8 months
  12. Fantl916

    Teams have upped their offers in Q derby in the last week

    QUOTE (Con te Giolito @ Jan 25, 2017 -> 11:07 AM) Honestly there is only one org where a GM responsible for this mess would be in charge of cleaning it up and its the White Sox. Hahn has been getting killed in the trade market pretty much non stop since arriving here. edit- I should say since arriving in his new role the negative rhetoric coming from you at this point is just ridiculous. by all accounts, RH has done incredibly well in the trade market since the team changed directives to sell. when you're going for it, you trade youth. the only trade that's been terrible is the shields trade, but it's because shields sucked and tatis has turned into something promising. but again this was under a different directive from management, and wasn't us selling off the farm as it was a long shot low minors prospect for a veteran that happened to suck royally the idea that RH should just take what he can get for frazier, abreu, etc is awful. this is precisely what happened when KW would sell off pieces and these trades almost always yield little to nothing of consequence. Your argument that we should do it just so we can suck harder is wrong for 2 reasons: 1) youre just accepting lesser returns and not leveraging your position 2) there's no guarantee it helps you return to competitiveness faster. just look at the A's and Rays, they've been terrible for multiple years now and sell off guys all the time. neither has a strong farm nor are getting the kind of draft picks that are getting them closer to being competitive. everyone just needs to be patient. a rebuild doesnt happen overnight, and whining about guys not being trading yet is just so tiresome to constantly read. it's like nothing will make you happy...
  13. Fantl916

    Keith Law Top 100

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Jan 24, 2017 -> 08:56 AM) Law is high on younger players it seems. I'm no expert, but I would tend to favor prospects further along in their development in the top 100 until they have proven more in the minor leagues Delvin Perez has talent, but #61 based on his play in rookie ball (admittedly impressive for an 18 year old) is high Law's rankings look smart for picking players that could rise up, but also I'll bet alot of these deep dives are out of the top 100 by mid season due to over projection law has always valued potential over proximity. the full-season low minors, high ceiling guys are the ones that typically occupy the 50-100 slots in his rankings. you wont see many more past that (maybe maitan, ocuna, keller, espinoza, groome)
  14. Fantl916

    Sox holding talks "daily" on Q

    sigh... all this talk of team composition "RH must have hitters or we'll suck" at the beginning of the rebuild... just seems so reactionary... please RH just get the best package of talent possible, regardless of how much hitting is in the deal. friendly reminder to all that we already have anderson, collins, moncada as part of the rebuild. we'll likely get at least 1 hitter in a quintana trade (pretend it's newman or tucker), and will have several high draft picks in the coming years. not to mention what we have abreu and frazier that could also bring something. perhaps basabe turns into something you can always trade for hitting if need be. we have 2-3 years to build or rotation and lineup for a championship run. there really isn't a point to keeping quintana because he's more valauble to you now as a trade piece, even if it's for pitching, then he is 2 years from now when the sox are competitive again
  15. Fantl916

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (bmags @ Dec 28, 2016 -> 05:18 PM) My guess for rest of offseason: Trade Q Trade Robertson Put Jones in as closer, Trade Jones at deadline. Can't move melky for more than a salary dump. Sox need to make decision if Frazier return is better than a 2nd or 3rd round salary allotment. +1 I think you ride out Frazier and abreu until their market improves. Otherwise take the picks