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  1. sroe71

    Uribe update

    Hopefully he got himself in some decent shape........
  2. sroe71

    Schottenheimer Fired...

    while this move has made everybody scratch their heads, the only logic that I could see behind it is that they already lost both coordinators so they might as well just revamp the whole coaching staff. thats the only logic i can see, i dont necessarily agree with the move.....
  3. sroe71

    WTF WCIU??

    WCIU and CSN are almost at the same level unless you have the HD for home games on CSN.........Oh how I love when the games are on WGN....
  4. sroe71

    Soxtalk Community Prediction: Darin Erstad

    Just please, please stay healthy. When Erstad stays healthy, he can make a difference.
  5. sroe71

    Contreras to start opening day

    QUOTE(Felix @ Jan 29, 2007 -> 10:26 PM) I tend to agree, but he definitely didn't earn it after his performance last year. Buehrle definitely didn't earn it and I don't think Contreras did either. I don't see why Garland shouldn't be on the mound on opening day....