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    2012 TV Thread

    QUOTE (justBLAZE @ Sep 19, 2012 -> 02:17 AM) Catching up with SONS. So far so good, halfway through ep2. Not bad so far. I couldn't figure out if we were supposed to recognize them or not.
  2. Disco72

    White Sox App? Any suggestions?

    Welcome to SoxTalk! It's always good to see another Knoxville Sox fan!
  3. Disco72

    2012 Summer Olympics Thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 6, 2012 -> 09:12 AM) The US Olympic Swimming team is training in Knoxville the next couple weeks. I've heard that there will not be any public access to the indoor practices, but it sounds like they will be using the outdoor pool at times, which is more accessible if anyone wants to check it out.
  4. Disco72

    Hats off to Jake Peavy

    QUOTE (pittshoganerkoff @ Jun 20, 2012 -> 10:22 AM) Rios may actually be moveable this year. Maybe. If he is, KW would be a fool to hold on to him.
  5. Disco72

    6/17 Games

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 17, 2012 -> 08:47 PM) Definitely fun when the 9th place hitter you've never heard of, who is hitting sub .200 with 0 HR's on the year, has a 2 HR game. Did you go last night? What'd you think of Castro? I really wasn't impressed. He was by no means bad, but I never once thought "this guy is special." Then again, I'm not known for my scouting abilities! ...and those HRs were absolutely crushed!
  6. Disco72

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (JoeCoolMan24 @ Jun 15, 2012 -> 01:58 AM) I bet Quentin will get more for the Padres than we got, but his value is also much higher right now. It is more bad luck than anything else for us. He could also literally get hurt again at any time.
  7. Disco72

    2012 Minor League Catch All thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 14, 2012 -> 09:51 AM) Barons shuffled up their rotation after the offday. Net result appears to be a full week of extra rest for Castro. Yesterday: Bayne Today: Molina Friday: Kloess Saturday: TBD Sunday: Castro. Good info - thanks! I think I'm going on Sunday.
  8. Disco72

    Job Hunt Thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ May 23, 2012 -> 02:48 PM) You guys need to use your imaginations...I know you were sort of unfortunately led to believe you would just pop out of college and immediately be handed a great job, but that's not usually how it works. The best advice I can give you is to network with everyone you know, and then go out and meet more people to network with. Be willing to do anything, really, not just something in your area of study/interest. In the meantime, go to the library and read books. Read business books. Read best-sellers. Read self-improvement books. Exercise. Play sports that are cheap. Enjoy your free time while you have it. You never know what might lead you to your next job. This is so true. My first job out of college was crappy (fun because I worked with a bunch of other people right out of college). You never know where your career will take you, but networking is always priority #1.
  9. Disco72

    Job Hunt Thread

    QUOTE (MuckFinnesota @ May 20, 2012 -> 10:22 AM) Appreciate the post, Disco72. There's some sound advice there that I will consider going forward. I decided to try PR because I know a lot of business and journalism majors end up there since they have skills for it (persuasion, writing). To be honest, I'm not the sales type and don't see myself staying in PR for five years. That said, I was thinking of what was growing - healthcare or just something I was considering higher education. Since I am not the best in the sciences (although A&P might be easier than I think), I don't think I could be a nurse, but I could work on the admin side of a hospital in...HR or purchasing, maybe. I may have changed my major from education in college, but I still think I would be a good guidance or admissions counselor. Seeing kids succeed and find the right fit for them would be satisfying. What did you teach a class on? That sounds like something I really would be interested in. Maybe getting the MBA or something that would allow me to teach at a college would be ideal. I started out teaching international business because that's what I was doing for the consulting gig. Once I realized that it was what I wanted to do for my career, I got the PhD and have since taught Strategic Management and am currently teaching Entrepreneurship. It took awhile for me to figure out what I wanted for my career, and I really found it by accident.
  10. Disco72

    Sox sign Orlando Hudson

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ May 19, 2012 -> 10:42 PM) They're not going to bring in Orlando Hudson to sit behind Brent Lillibridge or Eduardo Escobar. KW wouldn't have signed him with the promise to sit him on the bench. 100% he said 3B is yours as long as you produce something at least halfway decent...that Morel will be either on the DL or assigned to Charlotte for an extended period of time and that they're 100% back into "win now" mode for 2012. They are not back into win now mode for 2012 just because they signed Hudson. They literally have nobody that can play the position at a near MLB level. If Morel were healthy, he'd still be playing every day.
  11. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

  12. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    They're hitting it really hard against Stewart...sadly, it's time to get someone up in the pen.
  13. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Just terrible announcing all around.
  14. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Let Santiago or Stewart get some work in this one?
  15. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ May 19, 2012 -> 09:20 PM) This is not true according to B-R. Dunn had 0 homers off of lefties last year according to them. 6 total hits off of lefties, 1 2b. My bad for listening to (believing) these terrible announcers.
  16. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Hilariously bad defense there by Soriano
  17. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    That's a good stat: Dunn had 2 HRs vs lefties last year and 2 vs lefties this week.
  18. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Haha...should have walked Dunn again!
  19. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    I'm enjoying the Nate Jones era.
  20. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Nice turn there by Gordon.
  21. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ May 19, 2012 -> 08:44 PM) Some people would say two AAA teams are facing each other Alex Rios' stats agree with this statement.
  22. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Nice running catch by DeAza, then another flyout to Rios...2 more quick outs for Danks.
  23. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Nice running catch by DeAza
  24. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Back to back!
  25. Disco72

    Sox @ Cubs 5/19 game thread

    Cubs giving Dunn nothing to hit...TANK makes them pay again!