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    Rumor: Rios/Thornton to Brewers for Gamel?

    I still don't know if this rumor makes much sense, but I really see KW trying to do what worked for him in the past... First, he acquires a starting pitcher on the cusp of starting (of course, will Stewart be more like Floyd or Marquez?). Then, he turns to acquiring an undervalued or blocked prospect (e.g., the Quentin trade). If he trades CQ, could KW be thinking of Gamel in LF and Viciedo in RF in 2012?
  2. Disco72

    2011 Minor League Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 27, 2011 -> 02:14 PM) Crud, now everyone I know is gone right before they come to Tennessee. JPN, can you give me a heads up for guys to take a close look at next week? Alternatively, if Zach Stewart winds up in Birmingham, can you tell me what day he's scheduled to go? Same here. I'm going to try to go to Sunday's game, but I might to another game too.
  3. Disco72

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 26, 2011 -> 07:03 PM) Even Smurfs are bigger than Lillibridge.
  4. Disco72

    Kenny Williams Wish List

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 14, 2011 -> 09:45 AM) The next problem is...are you willing to already write off Brent Morel? Because acquiring Michael Young would block him for 1 1/2 seasons...you're not going to see Young splitting time with Dunn at DH, not for the amount of money both those guys make. So Young would logically have to play 3B for us. I suppose you could just stick him back in AAA for 18 months, but I'm not sure if that's fair to Morel. Who knows, doubt this trade will even happen because I'm not sure if any team out there is clamoring for Alex Rios, especially the Rangers. I would like to see Morel succeed, and in a perfect world, he gets all of this year to improve and perform. At the same time, it isn't as if Morel is some "can't miss" prospect, and any way of getting rid of Rios would feel like a huge win.
  5. Disco72

    Kenny Williams Wish List

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 14, 2011 -> 09:36 AM) If you can clear out Rios's contract, you don't care who you put in CF this year, that spot is fillable with developmental people if you do a full rebuild or a FA bandaid next year. Personally I'd still like to see De Aza and the Stealth Elf get regular playing time to see what they can do. Exactly. The hope would be that you have competent hitters 1-8, and you can bat the CFer 9th and try to get, at best, league average production from that person (or platoon).
  6. Disco72

    Francisco Rodriguez traded to Brewers

    I saw a graphic this morning that the Brewers had the most bullpen losses of any team in the majors, so clearly they think an upgrade is necessary. If it works out, that's a really nice 1-2 punch at the end of the game.
  7. Disco72

    Sox scouting Brandon Beachy

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jul 12, 2011 -> 03:43 PM) I would too, I just don't know that there's one available. I agree, there probably isn't a high OBP, "traditional" leadoff hitter available. I would rather the Sox not spend ($ or talent) to acquire a traditional leadoff guy and just find someone with a high OBP that can handle the role.
  8. Disco72

    Sox scouting Brandon Beachy

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Jul 12, 2011 -> 02:24 PM) OPS is not the right statistic to measure a guy like Bourn. His OBP's from the last three years are 354, 341, 351, with SBs of 61, 52, 35. He also has 20+ doubles eery year, and will have 30+ this year. Those numbers, from a guy that can play above average CF, I'll take any day on this White Sox team. It's time to replace Pierre with a real table-setter, and if it means trading CQ for Viciedo, I think it's well worth it, both in terms of the performances and the finances. Like I said, he's a nice player, but despite the speed (stolen bases), I would really prefer a leadoff guy with an OBP better than that. As Balta mentioned before, it "feels" like another Lee for Podsednik, but it really doesn't make any sense for the Sox to do this.
  9. Disco72

    Sox scouting Brandon Beachy

    I don't really get the excitement over Bourn. His career best (this year) OPS is .746. Sure he's more of a prototypical "leadoff" hitter, but he doesn't get on base all that much, and he doesn't have much power. He's a nice player to have, but I wouldn't want the Sox giving up much for him.
  10. Disco72

    What trade would you make

    QUOTE (GreatScott82 @ Jul 8, 2011 -> 04:44 PM) What happened to that White Sox payroll spreadsheet? http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?sh...t&p=2333606
  11. Disco72

    Lucas Harrell Now a Houston Astro

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Jul 8, 2011 -> 02:46 PM) seems like that's 3 serviceable relievers we've lost this season. But I'm sure some will say I'm over-estimating their worth. Relievers are the one thing the Sox system can produce right now. The extra spot on the 40-man is potentially interesting, though.
  12. Disco72

    Comparing this season's 53 game streak

    QUOTE (Greg Hibbard @ Jul 5, 2011 -> 12:41 PM) I've heard a lot of people recently say that they won't be fooled by this year's resurgence, because the resurgence last year ended up in a typical late-season fade. I thought it would be prudent at this point to compare the two streaks and illustrate why I think they are so different. It's especially apt because this recent surge is on game number 53, and that number is very relevant when looking at the 2010 data. Here's to a win in game 54... Good stuff bulldog. The really amazing thing is that the Sox have really played pretty crappy during this streak, at least on offense. Humber aside, the pitching hasn't been playing way over their heads either.
  13. Disco72

    Sox scouting Brandon Beachy

    If the Sox take Lowe (and his salary), they'd better get rid of Rios in the deal.
  14. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 4, 2011 -> 09:08 AM) The risk/reward doesn't seem anywhere close to worth it to me... That's just it. Short of a major hole in the lineup due to injury, it's really hard to see what the Sox could get from trading Jackson that would help the team win this season.
  15. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    QUOTE (Disco72 @ Jul 3, 2011 -> 04:44 PM) Hit the sh*t out of that one.
  16. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    Hit the sh*t out of that one.
  17. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    Well, the pitching has done its job. One more shot for the offense to show something.
  18. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    QUOTE (Soxfest @ Jul 3, 2011 -> 04:39 PM) CQ fighting the sun bigtime. That's twice today he's almost lost one in the sun.
  19. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    This is either horrible pitching or the unintentional intentional walk...none of those were even close.
  20. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    Come on Paul-Star!
  21. Disco72

    White Sox vs Cubs First Pitch 1:20 CT

    Just getting caught up on the game thread... lots of hate on Gavin. 3 runs through 6 isn't that bad, especially since the pitch to Ramirez was pretty good. The offense is just brutal though.
  22. If the Sox had an non-pitching injury, and they could trade Jackson to fill that gap, I think it is plausible. However, trading him for a prospect while in a pennant race doesn't make much sense.
  23. Disco72

    How Will Dayan progress in his MLB career?

    QUOTE (SpainSOXfan09 @ Jul 3, 2011 -> 06:30 AM) OK Guys, to make an attempt at a fun projection poll I was hoping to get some votes on who you thought DV will best resemble in his first few years in a White Sox uniform, which we now know is a matter of not if but when. He has accomplished just about everything he can tool-wise in AAA and is tearing up the league hitting and with SLG%. I definitely see a resemblence to Miguel Cabrera in raw talent and not having it all together in the areas of work ethic (Vastly improved though), and plate discipline. Let´s make this a fun summer time poll. Just want to keep continuing to contribute to the recent positive upswing on the board and put in my 2 cents. Please let me now if you don´t think any of these comparisons hold water and who you would compare him to. I don't recall hearing anything bad about his work ethic. I remember some speculation when the Sox signed him that because he was a bit heavy that he was lazy, but I've never read anything to confirm that.
  24. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jul 2, 2011 -> 09:07 AM) That is exactly what I thought. The A's were running a tight budget and had to go after low value, high OBP guys. The Red Sox throw money at the best SABR players available. Not quite the same thing. Moneyball didnt win two world series in Boston. Money did You and lostfan are right on the "money" aspect of moneyball. The stats approach was used to identify undervalued assets in baseball so that Oakland could compete with a subpar payroll. I actually think among actual baseball fans (those that watch or go to games consistently and read about their teams, especially on message boards), a lot of the "newer" stats are pretty well established. Sure, the casual fan may not know what WAR is, but I'm pretty sure 90% of the posters here do.
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    QUOTE (southsideirish71 @ Jul 2, 2011 -> 01:38 AM) Maybe he figured out the magical service time formula for Dayan and figured that while he has the undying love from Guillen, Kenny might not be so enthralled. No doubt...he's really coming on at the last possible minute.