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  1. QUOTE (Kalapse @ Sep 1, 2008 -> 09:15 PM)
    No I think this is the worst they've looked though I wouldn't necessarily say it's their fault, Cliff Lee is just incredible. At least some of the pen arms have had success today. 3 IP and 2 baserunners from Wassermann, Logan and MacDougal.


    If the Sox end up losing, at least they got innings from those guys. Plus, if those guys can be decent to good this month, that will be a HUGE boost.

  2. QUOTE (Tony82087 @ Sep 1, 2008 -> 08:25 PM)
    If the Sox don't get fat at home, then it's pretty much over. It all comes down to that. They need a 8-2 home stand. 7-3 at worst. IMO, the Twins still have some tough games left. I expect the Sauxx to stay in this race, which means Tampa is going to have to keep playing hard. That 4 game set in Tampa for the Twins is going to be a tough one.


    It's going to be an interesting race to watch, that's for sure.



    I think the Sox have one more good win streak in them this month. No doubt about it, they are going to need it.

  3. QUOTE (scenario @ Sep 1, 2008 -> 02:49 PM)


    Linebrink's simulated game

    By Mark Gonzales, 1:39 p.m.


    CLEVELAND - White Sox reliever Scott Linebrink threw a simulated game Monday at Progressive Field and didn't appear to have any setbacks, although his control didn't appear extremely sharp.


    Linebrink threw 29 pitches to Jerry Owens and Brian Anderson -- all from the stretch position. This was the closest Linebrink has come to live competition since July 22, his last appearance before he was placed on the 15-day disabled list because of tendinitis behind his right shoulder.


    Owens and Anderson watched most of the pitches while standing in the batter's box. Owens swung at four pitches, fouling off three and hitting a grounder to second base.


    Manager Ozzie Guillen watched the simulated game from behind the backstop, and pitching coach Don Cooper observed while standing behind Linebrink.


    We'll have more details later, as the clubhouse opens in about an hour.


    So, Jerry Owens couldn't even get a hit in a simulated game?

  4. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Sep 1, 2008 -> 02:55 PM)
    I think changing this from an error would be ridiculous. You can't retroactively go back and change a ruling just to make no-hitters happen. The call was made on the play at the time it happened, and it was a 50/50 call. Dozens of plays are ruled errors and or hits every day, and if we start changing them just to get no-hitters, well, that'll really mess the the rule books.


    Yost is so f***ing annoying it's ridiculous.


    I don't mind Yost doing this - its a sign of support for his player, but I really doubt even he (Yost) believes it will get changed. I totally agree that retroactively changing calls that aren't clearly 'blown' makes no sense (though the error/hit official scoring is changed post-game with some regularity).

  5. QUOTE (bmags @ Sep 1, 2008 -> 01:42 PM)
    naw, this shouldn't matter. Troopergate might.


    I've been reading and lurking for awhile as I've tried to make up my own mind on the Palin VP pick. I disagree with Bmags on this... there seems to be a lot of discussion on troopergate (lol at the 'gate'-ization of it already), but I really do not see it as a major issue. Worst case, it is one firing (it does not make it right, but it is not a systematic process of firing a group of people) of an individual that, if the facts are true, deserved to get fired. However, since Palin was brought on as a social conservative, as I believe she was, then there are certainly some 'family values' implications of her daughter's pregnancy. It will not affect my vote, but I can see it being a bigger issue for some than the so-called troopergate.


    (Note: Just before I posted this, I did post in the "read and acknowlegde" thread for the 'buster)

  6. The Sox had a nice streak (5 straight 8/16-8/20) and 8 of 9 (8/12 to 8/20), and now they are struggling (3-6 since)... its pretty much been their MO all season. Win streak, loss/mediocre streak...this team has been incredibly streaky all season. I realize they beat some bad teams on the win streak (OAK, SEA), but the Sox are going to come back and win a few in a row, I promise you that.

  7. The tornados that hit downtown Atlanta didn't knock down any skyscrapers, but they are still replacing windows several months later. The Westin hotel (one of the tallest buildings in Atlanta) looks like a checkerboard.

  8. QUOTE (Karko's Throat Skin @ Aug 3, 2008 -> 08:34 PM)
    I have this feeling that Kenny will be in a corner and resign Crede...further delaying our eventual cleansing and rebuilding. Its amazing that the Sox haven't had to rebuild since the late 1990's but its due and I can't take these 35+ year old hitters anymore.


    I'd disagree that rebuilding is 'due,' especially for a team in first place for 100-some games, and a half game out of first after some of the worst stretches of the season. In addition, the team has some good young talent, but it's a mixed bag with Alexei playing great and Swish playing like crap, for example. Finally, I am not sure Kenny is able to rebuild - I don't think it is in his DNA.

  9. QUOTE (TCQ @ Jul 29, 2008 -> 10:53 AM)
    Stop posting videos of konerko in 05 or 06. It is now 08 and he sucks, we will all move on. Live on nostalgia for now, but when you turn the game on and theres a guy on base with konerko up its no longer an rbi oppurtunity its a GIDP oppurtunity.


    I thought this was a "Positive Paulie" thread... Not to pick on only the poster quoted, but if you want to complain about Paulie, there are several other threads for your complaining needs. It isn't wrong for people to want to be positive about a guy that has given much to the team and its fans. I think there is near 100% agreement that he hasn't been productive this year.


    PK getting hot is a key to the Sox performance over the next couple of months. I don't think he is done yet, career-wise.

  10. I think the bigger question is what to do with John Danks. He's the team's best pitcher, and with a narrow lead in the division, the Sox need him to continue pitching well. However, his most innings pitched in a season is 156 in 2005, and he only pitched 139 and 140 innings the last two years. Following SI's Tom Verducci's " Year After Effect" Danks should only pitch a maximum of 30 innings over his career high (and being conservative on this is a good thing). As the #3 in the rotation after the All Star break, Danks would be on schedule for 14 more starts and about 84 more innings (added to his 114.2 season total). If the Sox make the postseason, those innings would also be a factor. Right now, two of our veteran "innings eaters" are scheduled to pitch the least innings the rest of the way, which is great based on this season's performance but not great based on burning out the Sox's young arms.


    The question, then, is what to do with him for the rest of the season? With 6 off days, the Sox could skip his spot a few times. Masset could make some spot starts (thankfully the bullpen is low on innings relative to the rest of the league). When rosters expand later this season, some starts could be made by one of our AAA guys. While the Sox have limited Danks' innings pitched by pulling him earlier than other pitchers, I think the team will need to do more starting right after the AS break to make sure he's healthy and effective for the rest of this season, the postseason, and beyond.


    EDIT: fixed link

  11. QUOTE (kapkomet @ Jun 20, 2008 -> 04:55 PM)
    You know, why is it a bad decision to take out your pitcher, who's 23 (or whatever Danksy is) and turn it over to your bullpen? They've been pretty damn good this year. And besides that, let's leave Danksy in for 100+ pitches, every game, and then start listening to you all b**** about how Guillen has become Dusty Baker and blows out all his pitcher's arms by overusing them. WTF. No one can ever win with some of you people.


    Agree 100%

  12. QUOTE (Frankensteiner @ May 31, 2008 -> 09:34 PM)
    The Tigers have scored 261 runs to our 238. What is your point?



    Regardless of total runs scored, the Tigers have still been "shut down" more this year than the Sox. The Tigers have more runs on the season because they've scored 19 runs twice and have several other double digit runs scored games. However, the Tigers have been shut out more than the Sox (9 games for the Tigers, 6 for the Sox) and have scored three runs or less more times than the Sox (27 games to 25 games). Both offenses suck, but the Tigers are actually a little more susceptible to being "shut down" on offense than the Sox while having, on paper, a better offense.


    I agree with DA that changing the hitting coach won't matter much. At some point, the Sox are going to have to change the players. How long do you give the so-called Leathal Weapon 3? One more month at the most, in my opinion, as the Sox should face worse pitching, play at home more, and have warmer weather, which removes each of those as a potential excuse for not hitting. If, at the end of June, these guys aren't hitting, hopefully some changes can be made.