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  1. QUOTE(Texsox @ Apr 6, 2008 -> 12:41 PM)
    Excellent analysis. That stat would be much more meaningful in football where 4 games is a bigger percentage of all the games played. Even in basketball and hockey, it would have slightly more meaning.


    I'd be interested if any team has avoided a 4 games losing streak and not won a WS.


    Clearly, it doesn't mean anything statistically, but I'm sure glad the Sox are 3-2 and not 0-5. For a good team like the Tigers, it shouldn't be a confidence breaker, but the problems with pitching and injuries contributing to the 0-5 start certainly aren't a surprise. DET isn't done, but they aren't making it any easier on themselves either.

  2. On Sportscenter yesterday morning, they said that no team in the last decade has started 0-4 and made the playoffs and no team has ever started 0-4 and won the World Series.


    EDIT: A Tigers blog has some more info on this. It doesn't look that promising from a purely historical perspective. Then again, I'm not sure how many teams as offensively talented as the Tigers have started out 0-4. Most of the teams starting out bad were probably just bad teams to begin with.

  3. QUOTE(chimpy2121 @ Apr 5, 2008 -> 12:41 PM)
    Well maybe this is some good news...90% chance of rain at 3 in the ATL, 70% at 4, and 50% at 5 and 6. Maybe it'll get delayed or postponed and we'll see the Sox.



    It's been raining here all day today and most of yesterday. I also hope the ATL game is postponed, but I'm sure they'd show something other than the Sox even if it is postponed. There just aren't any AL fans around here.

  4. QUOTE(kapkomet @ Apr 3, 2008 -> 09:23 AM)
    That's something that wouldn't work. You think there's fraud now? I hear what you're saying (this is more of a utopian perspective on business) but I think that opens pandora's box on what's "right" to be focused on. What stakeholder's interests are louder? It's the effect we see in the political arena every day and is subject to much more grey area in terms of measurement.


    I competely agree - what to measure? how to measure it? Who determines what is important? Special interests will quickly come to dominate the process, and the intended behavior will be skewed in unintended directions. From a theoretical perspective, it is interesting to move agency theory towards trying to align managerial interests with a broader set of stakeholders than just stockholders. Early research shows that firms that consider a broader group of stakeholders perform better, but clearly we can't determine causality. There are a number of spurious influences that can affect these results. For now, it is cleary an academic question because I don't see how it can be implemented.


    EDIT: I'm not sure why I used "clearly" 8,000 times in that post.

  5. One solution discussed by us eggheads (academics) is moving towards more of a stakeholder perspective for compensation rather than just a stockholder perspective. Not sure that it would work in this particular case (and I'm not an expert on this part of corporate governance theory). However, a stakeholder perspective takes into account the others (from employees to the environment) that are affected by the decisions of organizations. Lots of issues to be worked out, but I think it is an interesting idea.

  6. QUOTE(almagest @ Apr 2, 2008 -> 11:29 AM)
    You can buy a full-season radio pass on mlb.com for like $15. It covers all games for all teams, and there are no blackouts. I do it every year so I can listen to games while downtown at work, because radio reception here is awful.


    I don't think you can get games on XM for this reason.



    Thanks! I've done the mlb.com audio before, but hoped that with XM (audio) and slingbox (video), I'd have everything I need for full online Sox-ticity.

  7. QUOTE(ChiSox_Sonix @ Apr 2, 2008 -> 11:16 AM)
    I wouldnt be surprised at all to see Anderson in CF though after Ramirez' tough day at the plate yesterday. And to be honest, BA should have played Monday, he should play today and he should also play tomorrow



    I also thought Ramirez had a rough day in the field on Opening Day. He made the plays, but I didn't think he looked good out there. Hopefully Anderson gets the start today.

  8. QUOTE(FlaCWS @ Apr 1, 2008 -> 04:11 PM)
    I'm totally envious. As an out-of-towner I do have XM, but it is not synched up with the TV broadcast, therefore I am forced to endure Hawk and DJ. How many years till Hawk retires?



    XM-related question for those with the satellite radio... Can you listen to MLB games online? My wife uses the XM radio in the car (she travels alot for work), and at the end of last season, I couldn't seem to find MLB games on the list of channels you can listen to on XM's website. It appears that I'll have to buy a second radio to use at home.

  9. QUOTE(Wanne @ Mar 31, 2008 -> 07:27 PM)
    I'm still wondering why Dotel instead of Linebrink?!?



    Maybe because the game was tied? If the Sox had been in the lead, I think we'd have seen Linebrink-Jenks in the 8th and 9th.