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  1. QUOTE(knightni @ Mar 7, 2008 -> 08:42 PM)
    Ventura ended up getting a contract with the Mets that was bigger than Thomas' was at the time. How would THAT have set with the reigning MVP if Reinsdorf had re-signed Ventura for the Mets' contract price? They had Olmedo Saenz, Joe Crede and Carlos Lee at 3B in AA and AAA at the time.


    Good point - I admit to know remember the numbers but remembering that it was well below what he was expected to get on the market. As for the then minor leaguers, even then we knew Lee wouldn't be a major league 3B, and Crede was still years away (meaning I don't think it is comparable to the current Fields-Crede situation). Resigning Ventura would have avoided the Norton - Snopek era yet we might not have had the Milkman mini-era.

  2. Ventura was better than Crede at every facet of the game. It's a no brainer. The irony is how diametrically different the situations are... most Sox fans (including me) believe the Sox screwed Ventura...first with the White Flag trade right after he came back from that terrible injury...then by offering him a token contract that was never legit (those teams were cheap). I'm not even going to rehash the whole Crede surgery / Sox are screwed with low trade value and can't resign him thing.

  3. QUOTE(Controlled Chaos @ Mar 4, 2008 -> 11:12 AM)
    I didn't realize the title said the internet created OPS and RISP stats. Really a misleading post.


    Well, 90% of the posts missed your original point about the internet and baseball, especially the great point about allowing us to make baseball a job. it somehow got sidetracked into the "stats" argument and the "internet + baseball = bad" argument, neither of which were inherent in the original post. The internet has improved some things, but it clearly has made other parts less enjoyable.

  4. QUOTE(BigSqwert @ Mar 2, 2008 -> 03:44 PM)
    The Vic Theater on Sheffield just south of Belmont. In the city.


    It was a double feature. Talladega Nights was the 2nd film.



    I heard they stopped selling pitchers at the Brew and View. I used to live on Barry and Sheffield, just down the street from the Vic...many stumbling nights home from there!

  5. QUOTE(daa84 @ Feb 23, 2008 -> 10:11 AM)
    95% of frats ive seen at many different schools dont care about the philanthropy events, usually philanthropy is mandated by the school and the frat puts forth a minimal effort for those events....thats not to say that those people in here aren't part of the 5% that do care


    95% of college students don't care about philanthropy. People in the Greek System are routinely criticized for the same activities (drunkenness, stupid behavior, etc.) that occur everywhere on campus with athletes, theater majors, or any other group you can think of. I'm not saying that those in the Greek system are saints that only live to help people, but I find the typical arguments about the Greek system amusing considering most college students, Greek or not, tend to have the same value system.

  6. QUOTE(Heads22 @ Feb 22, 2008 -> 01:06 PM)
    All I can say is that college is as good of a time as any to create some memories. Gotta be spontaneous every once in a while.


    It all depends on what your beliefs are - and which option you'll 'regret' the most: will you regret drinking and abondoning your beliefs (if you believe that you shouldn't drink underage) or will you regret not drinking more to have some experiences that is really only acceptable in college?


    I didn't drink much my first few years in college (some but not all the time) because of athletics, but my last year, when I didn't swim, I drank like a fish (also got a 4.0). Both were great experiences, and I'm glad that I didn't let alcohol affect my athletic performance those first few years. I would have regretted it if I did. I'm also glad that I had a year of what many consider a 'typical' college experience. Like I said, it all depends on your beliefs and priorities. If Beast were being pressured into his beliefs, I'd say relax, but if that's who he is, good for him to stick with a set of beliefs that are the minority on most campuses.

  7. QUOTE(DaveBrown85 @ Feb 14, 2008 -> 09:44 PM)




    I've heard that it was unusual that they had tickets on sale yesterday for presale as Opening Day tix usually are only a part of season ticket plans (or so I've heard). I'd say its unlikely that many, if any, tickets will be available from the box office.

  8. QUOTE(Brian @ Feb 14, 2008 -> 11:37 AM)
    That's how you do a trailer for an anticipated sequel.


    No doubt about it. I'm eagerly anticipating this movie.

  9. If any of you live out of the Chicago area but have relatives there, go with the Slingbox. Once I bought the box and hooked it up at my brothers' place in Countryside, I get all Sox, Bears, everything...the quality could be better, but I'm happy with it for the price (probably less than $100 for the basic model now).

  10. QUOTE(NorthSideSox72 @ Feb 7, 2008 -> 10:01 AM)
    As a follow-up to our earlier discussions predicting airline mergers... Delta and Northwest are engaged in serious merger discussions, and now United and Continental are talking as well.


    No word yet on any consolidation in the newer, smaller airlines (AirTran, Frontier, Midwest Express, JetBlue, etc.), but as Virgin America goes online, I'd imagine we'll see some of those airlines combine as well.


    Consolidation is long overdue for the legacy carriers, but what's your reasoning behind some of the smaller ones? They seem to be more profitable with newer fleets, fewer types of planes, and better cost structures. Clearly, in some cases, a match would make sense. For example, Frontier and AirTran which serve few of the same markets but are very similar and already have a code sharing arrangement. Talking out loud here, but would a switch from a 'regional' airline to more national and international still allow these companies to use the business models that are working for them now?

  11. QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Feb 6, 2008 -> 06:37 PM)
    I went for my 1st swim in probably 8 years this morning.


    I did 5 50m laps, and I was absolutely buggered. Stopped after doing 2.


    Bit of a wake-up call really. Although forgetting to stretch beforehand, and then having my arms feel extremely heavy during my stroke probably has something to do with it.


    If it makes you feel any better, I used to swim the mile in college but had to "break" the 1000 yards I swam on Monday into 100s. Long layoffs just kill you in swimming.

  12. QUOTE(Texsox @ Feb 5, 2008 -> 05:45 PM)
    The show was on counterfeiting bills and yes, they mentioned the actual physical dollars are over seas in circulation.


    Given that our economy is mostly electronic with credit cards, debit cards, online, etc., maybe the reasons posted above are enough for the 2/3...but wowsa, that still seems like alot.

  13. QUOTE(Texsox @ Feb 4, 2008 -> 10:34 AM)
    But how/why do the actual dollars themselves move to overseas banks? Do we really have plane loads of geenbacks travelling?


    Did the show say that the actual, physical bills (or coins) were overseas? Or just a broad statement about the 'currency' in general, because while that could be possible for the reasons discussed above (plus 'dollarized' economies), 2/3 does seem high given the size of our economy.

  14. QUOTE(Jimbo's Drinker @ Feb 4, 2008 -> 12:10 PM)
    Anyone been to Tango Sur on Southport??


    When I used to live by Southport Lanes, I ate at Tango Sur once. I remember liking it, but that was probably 6-7 years ago now. I think you had to bring your own alcohol, but that was kind of fun too. A friend of mine had lived in Brazil for awhile and seemed to think that the taste/style was pretty authentic.

  15. Based on places I've lived:


    Top of the List: Chicago (would love to go back but the wife wants Charleston, SC after we're done in Atlanta)


    Better than expected:

    Peoria, IL (seriously)


    Worse than expected:

    Atlanta (was completely oversold)


    Visited & Might Be Fun to Live (no particular order):



    San Diego




    Had Fun Visiting, Wouldn't Want to Live There:

    New Orleans



    San Fran


  16. Am I missing a rule or something (e.g., a time penalty), but why would most people even do the handbike? It seems that even though they have to climb back up if the fall off that it is quicker than 'handbiking' all the way across.

  17. What school are you at? I've played the BSG and currently teach it. Not much advice on it except to put your time in and read the Players Guide. The best thing you can do is have a solid strategy to start out and make minor adjustments rather than get halfway through and realize your strategy sucks.

  18. FWIW, the Braves announcers just mentioned the Sox were trying to lock up Iguchi for 3 more years. Not sure if they are basing it off the same article, chatting with Hawk (they had talked about what Hawk said about BA earlier), or other information.

  19. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Mar 23, 2007 -> 01:29 PM)
    Last year, they gave him the last start of the Spring, in Hotlanta IIRC, and he came out and pitched well. Anyone know if he's on the schedule in any of the games after they break camp?



    I saw Haeger pitch in Atlanta last year - he did look pretty good. His line was ok (4-2/3, 5 H, 3 Runs, 1 earned with 2 BB and 5 K's) considering 3 Sox errors in his 4-2/3. Though the box score lineup for Atlanta is screwed up, I remember many of the Atlanta regulars were in the starting lineup for at least a few innings (meaning Haeger was facing legit major leaguers for a good part of his outing).


    Box Score: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/boxscore?gid=260331115


    I'm going again this year and my brother is even flying in from Chicago to go. Has anyone heard who might be pitching this time?

  20. QUOTE(jackie hayes @ Nov 3, 2006 -> 06:27 PM)
    Just because the Sox have stuck with others who have struggled doesn't mean they would stick with BA if there weren't 'anything else' going on. Especially when he struggled so much worse than the others. Neither Crede nor Rowand nor McCarthy nor Garland ever had a season this bad. As a whole, this is one of the worst seasons any Sox play has had in the last decade, at least.


    I like the communist theory.


    Anderson has struggled worse than the others? Crede nor Rowand were never this bad? Now that is a bit of exaggeration. People have short memories.


    Anderson would be fine if Uribe and Pods would have done anything to help this team. Some of the players below were in their first full year, others had the year after a couple of years. Ventura was putrid when he first came up (0-41, I think).


    I'm not saying BA is going to be a Ventura, a Crede, or even a Rowand or Cameron...but I think it is kind of hard to judge where he is going to end up after one season.


    To be fair, I could have put the Jeff Abbotts and the McCay Christensens here too as they were bad and never got better.


    Robin Ventura 1990 Chicago White Sox 150 493 48 123 17 1 5 54 157 55 53 1 4 .324 .318 .249

    Mike Cameron 1998 Chicago White Sox 141 396 53 83 16 5 8 43 133 37 101 27 11 .285 .336 .210

    Royce Clayton 2002 Chicago White Sox 112 342 51 86 14 2 7 35 125 20 67 5 1 .295 .365 .251

    Aaron Rowand 2002 Chicago White Sox 126 302 41 78 16 2 7 29 119 12 54 0 1 .298 .394 .258

    Paul Konerko 2003 Chicago White Sox 137 444 49 104 19 0 18 65 177 43 50 0 0 .305 .399 .234

    Miguel Olivo 2003 Chicago White Sox 114 317 37 75 19 1 6 27 114 19 80 6 4 .287 .360 .237

    Joe Crede 2004 Chicago White Sox 144 490 67 117 25 0 21 69 205 34 81 1 2 .299 .418 .239

    Jose Valentin 2004 Chicago White Sox 125 450 73 97 20 3 30 70 213 43 139 8 6 .287 .473 .216

    Timo Perez 2004 Chicago White Sox 103 293 38 72 12 0 5 40 99 15 29 3 1 .285 .338 .246

    Brian Anderson 2006 Chicago White Sox 134 365 46 82 23 1 8 33 131 30 90 4 7 .290 .359 .225


    If he is having troubles other than his stats, fine. If he refuses to adjust, ok. But don't write him off on his bad year based on stats alone.