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  1. You got to like Miggy standing up for the team though... is it just me, or is everyone else looking forward to seeing this kid play everyday? (not that I'm happy that Sandy got hurt again, but he looks like he's going to be a real stud!... the highlight of the season for me so far.)

  2. I'm sure you've read by now that Boston will be putting him into the rotation. BoSox had plenty of extra infielders to make this deal... Hillenbrand is good but not a superstar. I think its a good deal for both teams - but I hate to see a potential playoff opponent get better (gotta be an optimist, right?)

  3. I have to dissent and admit that I found the "stink o meter" kind of funny. Especially since Maggs sit a bomb later in the game, I think it was understood to just be a joke.


    I do agree with all the comments on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight... I used to cream myself when I heard the Baseball Tonight theme, now I look for something else on or try to find highlights somewhere else. Who wants to listen to Harold Reynolds or Bobby Valentine? Ugh.

  4. Is 2000 really the best benchmark? The team played above its head for most of the season before coming crashing down to earth in the playoffs. The team hit the crap out of the ball, but the pitching never really developed. Schueler and KW have been "tinkering" ever since to find that "just right" combination. We were never as close as we thought... especially since we've never had another pitcher (until this year) to have a decent 1-2 combination.


    Also, look at Sox history... how many times has the team had a good season (90+ wins) only to fall back into the pack the next season? Its some crazy Chicago baseball - Sox luck. Or players really do hate playing in Chicago (on either side of town)? It seems that 85% of all trades or free agents bomb.


    But I agree with most of you - something has to happen. Time to trade one of our station to station guys. I read again today about Arizona looking for a right handed bat... too bad they can't afford Thomas or Konerko.

  5. It means with our poor offense, we can't come back from even one run down. Of course, it is also indicative of the mindset of the team... I'm saying they give up, but there seems to be a noticeable letdown when the team falls behind.


    How many days until spring training?

  6. I'm sure the season ticket holders have just gotten this email:





    CHICAGO - Prior to tonight’s game vs. Detroit, the Chicago White Sox recalled outfielder Joe Borchard from Class AAA Charlotte and placed infielder/outfielder Willie Harris on the 15-day disabled list (retroactive to May 22) with a Grade 1 (mild) separation of the AC joint in his right shoulder.


    Borchard, 24, was hitting .224 (30-134) with three home runs and 20 RBI in 34 games with the Knights. He played in 31 games in center field and three in left. Borchard, a switch-hitter, batted .297 (19-64) with two home runs and 13 RBI in April but dropped to .157 (11-70) with one homer and seven RBI in May.


    Borchard was selected by the White Sox in the first round (12th overall) of the 2000 draft. He made his major-league debut with the Sox in 2002, hitting .222 (8-36) with two home runs and five RBI in 16 games. In his first major-league game on September 2, 2002 at Toronto, Borchard homered in his second at-bat off the Blue Jays Corey Thurman.


    Harris, 24, was batting .162 (6-37) in 14 games with the White Sox since his recall from Charlotte on May 2. He suffered the injury on May 16 at Minnesota while making a diving catch in center field. Harris hit .420 (34-81) with five home runs and 12 RBI in 23 games for the Knights.


    The left-handed hitter was leading the International League in average and ranked among the league leaders in on-base percentage (2nd, .483), runs scored (T2nd, 20), hits (3rd), slugging percentage (4th, .691), home runs (T4th) and extra-base hits (T5th, 11) at the time of his promotion.

  7. I think this is the worst time to negotiate with Loiza... he's leading the league in ERA! While I'm rooting for this to continue, does anyone really believe that a 31-year old pitcher with a career ERA of 4.75 will suddenly become a 2.00 ERA guy for a full season or more? Its possible that he can be a 3-4 ERA guy at best... but why not wait to see what he becomes, because he's not getting any better than he is right now.

  8. And remember, its not just the White Sox.... you can go down the list of teams that have had "great" farm systems yet haven't produced that much talent at the Major League level. Does anyone know of a study that has done this? I'm going by memory, but my gut instinct tells me I'm right. :)


    We're waiting for that next wave of players - that's why KW traded for Harris and Jimenez. Crede was our last "big" prospect that was waiting for his chance... I won't get into all the pitching arguement.

  9. It feels like we've had this debate before, but I'm not above jumping into the fray. While there are many all-star SS's right now, after Jeter, Nomar, Tejada, and Vizquel, Jose is up there with any of them.


    While the debate has been mostly about defense, he's the only good leader on this ballclub. With a laid-back manager, someone has to be the firey, emotional guy... and that's Jose. Who takes this role if he is gone? Frank? Maggs? Carlos?... the only one I can see with real leadership ability is Olivo (not sure why I feel that way).


    For those who say he should play DH or another position, check out his stats when not playing SS... kind of like Frank when not playing 1B.

  10. South Sider with some good international insight. The Bush Admin has tacitly agreed to let the dollar devalue. With as weak as the Real has been, I'm not sure if it'll make much of a difference, but I wouldn't be waiting for the Euro or Yen to get cheaper anytime soon. If only China would let the Yuan float... (sorry, its a sickness of mine...)

  11. According to Phil Rogers on ESPN.com, Borchard is "obviously" the answer in CF. Doesn't anyone in the media or the Sox organization realize that he is a corner outfielder? That's like all the hype about Carlos as a third baseman.... we saw how long that lasted.

  12. I'm still a MB supporter. He pitched well last night but was let down by a lack of defense. I know as Sox fans, we are prone to the worst case scenario since it usually happens, but it is way to early to give up on MB. A pitcher can be a fluke for a month or half a season, but I can't see how it would take two seasons for the league to suddenly figure MB out. It is more likely mental or mechanical.

  13. Trading Crede would be a horrible idea. There aren't that many good 3B in the game right now, and those there are very few that are available. Look at the Cubs' struggle to find a decent player at third. Also, remember Carlos, Greg Norton, and Chris Snopek? Crede is the first Third Baseman since Robin who has the potential to be good offensively and defensively for an extended period of time.

  14. Some good points, but I have to agree with Rex. I haven't been the biggest Rowand fan this season, but I'd rather see him out there (if he's finally healthy) running into walls and making plays. Lofton fell off big time last year, and there's no reason to believe he won't do it again.