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  1. QUOTE (MuckFinnesota @ May 19, 2012 -> 03:08 PM)
    Not sure who is reading this but I wondered if someone could chime in.


    Nearly a year has passed since I graduated and since then, I have had three internships and one job that I consider an entry level position. I'm working in an in-house corporate PR position, something that I didn't go to school for and am vastly underpaid in. The company I work for has only given raises to those who are in sales, while I was told I would be given a raise after three months. Three months came and went and still, I have no raise.


    I'm writing this because I am coming up on six months and wondered if it was time to start looking for something else. I have some ideas for grad school since having the MBA would be nice to have if I went to work in health care, or going to get a master's in something related to secondary or higher education might be more fulfilling. I am debt free and am willing to work in retail or something else because I am making the same money in my current job (so it's not like I'm taking a paycut).


    I guess I have three questions for all of you are: How long should you stay at your first job, six months or one year? When did you decide it was time to go back to school and why did you? Would you make a leap to school or quit a current position without having another job lined up?


    Thanks for your time.


    1) I stayed about 2 years

    2) I started my MBA about 1 year into the above (#1) job

    3) In this economy, no way I'd quit without having something lined up.


    The really important thing, to me, is don't go back to school unless you have a specific goal/career in mind. I went back for my MBA because I knew I wanted to change careers, and I used the MBA to get knowledge and importantly, contacts/network to get a job in a different field.


    Generally, it doesn't make sense to go back for an MBA so soon after undergrad. The content isn't so different. What makes an MBA valuable is the networking as well as the experience you (and your fellow classmates) bring to the table.


    Use your debt free status and openness to different jobs to try something you think you might like. PR/healthcare/education are really vastly different fields. After my MBA, I started consulting which lead me to an offer to teach a class. I thought I'd hate teaching; I was pretty shy and a terrible public speaker...but it ended up being something I really enjoyed and became my career.


    Short version is that you need to figure out what you want; if you don't know, start by trying something you think would be fun / cool to do.

  2. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ May 18, 2012 -> 05:22 PM)
    First off, that doesn't mean Robin is using him correctly. Second, I don't know if that's even true.


    Others have already replied that the stats were posted the other day. Pretty hard to have a guy in the pen that never pitches against righties.

  3. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ May 17, 2012 -> 10:24 PM)
    Agree, especially since Robin will continue to use him against too many righties.


    Don't you mean "especially since Robin will continue to use him less against righties than any other manager has"?

  4. QUOTE (BigSqwert @ May 10, 2012 -> 12:30 PM)
    What the hell is ProFlowers.com's business model? I ordered a mother's day bouquet for my mom and sister and according to FedEx tracking, one is being shipped from Ohio and the other from Indianapolis. They both live in Chicago. Aren't there florists in Chicago they could use to save on transportation costs?


    They have a direct grower-to-consumer business model: no wholesalers, retailers, or local florists. In theory, the flowers should be fresher, longer this way.

  5. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Apr 17, 2012 -> 09:12 AM)
    Anyone here know anything about/have to recently deal with colleges in the state of Mississippi?


    One of their schools has a position open I'd qualify for, but I'm really hesitant about the fact that Mississippi passed the "concealed weapons allowed on college campuses" law last year.


    Perhaps not recent experience, but my wife did her masters at Southern Miss and one of my colleagues was a prof at Mississippi State for awhile.

  6. QUOTE (sunofgold @ Apr 7, 2012 -> 10:06 PM)
    Getting into the late innings....our bench consists of AJ, Escobar, Viciedo, and Fuku....I think all four could be inserted right now and be instant upgrades.


    AJ for Flowers.

    Escobar for Morel

    Viciedo for Beckham (move Lillibridge from LF to 2B)

    Fuku for Rios


    Do it. Do it. Call a timeout and swap in/out four players.


    Flowers has looked pretty good out there, and Escobar is terrible.

  7. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Apr 7, 2012 -> 09:52 PM)
    It is nice that Robin had someone up in the bullpen just in case.


    Not sure Ohman is who I'd have had up though. Don't want to see him against many righties this year.


    I'm really hoping RV is smart enough to use Ohman properly.

  8. QUOTE (JPN366 @ Mar 23, 2012 -> 01:49 AM)
    So, as I was leaving Pigeon Forge, Tennessee following a four day trip with the family, we stopped at this ridiculous knife store. Anyway, I passed on a chance to buy a samurai sword for $20. Fail?


    Haha, I know that place. I hope you stopped by the aquarium in Gatlinburg during your trip!

  9. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jan 7, 2012 -> 03:09 PM)
    Well this makes me feel better...maybe this was my problem as well...when I read No Country, I hated his style, but the story was good, so I stuck with it. I've heard even better things about The Road, so I guess I'll try and get through the beginning...this will be one of my New Years' resolutions :)


    Also have Game of Thrones on iPad, along with Buried Secrets by Joseph Finder.


    Oh! Has anyone read Erik Larson's "In the Garden of Beasts"? I bought that one on the iPad too and forgot about it...


    It was good, not great, imo. Interesting but not nearly as compelling as The Devil in the White City.

  10. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Dec 29, 2011 -> 11:22 AM)
    Not a fan but do live here. If you're trying to be within walking distance, i.e. downtown, the hotels will be available for a while, but they'll be fairly expensive on gameday. If you're driving into the area, there are tons of hotels that aren't within walking distance but which won't fill up for a while.


    I'd book anything close now.

  11. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Dec 11, 2011 -> 07:53 PM)
    Both the Javy and Swisher trades received a sizeable return; the Sox saved >$30 million between those 2 deals, and that was with both of them coming off of garbage finishes in 2008.


    Complaining about those deals is like Toronto complaining that they didn't get anything back for Rios in 2009.


    I'm not complaining about them as much as I'm trying to point out that there is not just one kind of trade where a GM tries to "maximize value" for a player. Different trades have different purposes, as you point out with the money saved from players many people (in addition to KW, apparently) wanted gone.

  12. There's a big difference in trades that KW makes. When he "shops" a guy (e.g., the Javy and Swisher trades), he's looking for the best return. Those haven't turned out great for the Sox. When KW "targets" a guy, he almost always trades someone we don't expect to be traded (e.g., Bmac or Santos), and the process is different. Who knows what will happen with Molina, but the early trade accounts indicated that KW was targeting Molina rather than shopping Santos. It appears that of the trade assets the Sox had (Quentin, Danks, Beckham, etc), AA wanted Santos if he was going to give up Molina, KW's target.

  13. QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Dec 3, 2011 -> 10:59 AM)
    Jordan Danks has never flashed enough power to even remotely offset his Dunn-like propensity to K. He's horses*** (as a player), never been much of a prospect and wouldn't have garnered anywhere near the attention he did for a while there if he hadn't been related to John.


    The first part (power vs K's) is true, and the second part (he's not a good player/prospect right now) is also true. However, the third part (that his attention is due to his brother) just isn't true. Jordan was well thought of at the time of the draft, and most people thought the power would come. His defense certainly progressed as advertised, but the power never really developed. He also never could make enough contact to be a major league hitter. These things happen all the time with prospects, but he wasn't some no-name prospect that people only got excited about because of his brother (ok, maybe SOME people did that, but he was a legitimately interesting prospect in his own right).