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  1. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Nov 18, 2011 -> 02:37 PM)


    The plot ensnared 23 players December 2004 to February 2008, according to the government. The players’ names haven’t been made public. The White Sox won the World Series in 2005.


    The above is bad writing, in my opinion. It certainly suggests that the plot had something to do with players that helped the White Sox win the World Series in 2005.

  2. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Nov 16, 2011 -> 01:43 PM)
    Yes, another perfectly-timed plot contrivance. That's definitely what this show would do.


    As soon as they killed Tom Arnold's character, my first thought was exactly this.


    Like others, I'm glad Opie is finally unleashed; at least, I hope he is. Last night's episode had some good moments, but there's no way it needed to be 90 minutes.

  3. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Nov 1, 2011 -> 12:49 AM)
    So Ive been talking a bit about with my manager about my start time for once I graduate, so that we can both plan things out. I want to, and he's encouraging heavily, for me to pursue my MBA part time as soon as I can, like within a year of undergrad graduation to be enrolled.


    That said, has anyone here taken the GMAT? How many study hours do I need to plan on? Good resources to buy?


    And while we are on the subject, what opinions do you guys ahve about the B-schools in Chicago? Obviously Kellogg and Booth are top in the country, but for part time (and a more reasonable expectation) I've heard decent/good things about Depaul/Loyola/UIC. They also cost less than half of Kellogg (I could afford the extra cost, but for going within a year out of undergrad that means I would be living at home for awhile :P ).


    I agree with bmags on going back that early...but if the company is pushing for it, I guess I'd consider it. Maybe I missed it, but will the company help pay at all?


    GMAT isn't too bad. Take a lot of practice tests and work on your weaknesses.


    IMO, the hierarchy of the MBAs in Chicago is Chicago/Northwestern, then DePaul/UIC, then Loyola. (Although I admit that I haven't really looked at this in awhile, and I think UIC has ramped up their program) It really depends on your career path and who is paying. Who wouldn't like to have an MBA from Chicago or Northwestern? I got into U of Chicago and DePaul and choose DePaul since it was more flexible and less expensive. DePaul's part time MBA has traditionally been rated pretty high, but I admit I haven't looked at the rankings in awhile. All in all, I was extremely pleased with my education at DePaul as well as the chance to network (I went back to change to a different area/industry).

  4. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Oct 19, 2011 -> 03:37 AM)
    WTF Juice, you f***ing dumbass. Did anyone hear the branch snap too?


    There was some kind of sound. I also wondered if it was the branch snapping.