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  1. Cowch


    Haven't felt the need to post in quite some time, but I'm really feeling this team and looks like baseball might have found a new "bad guy." Everyone in the AL central is gonna hate timmy real soon. Hoping for a fun summer!
  2. Cowch

    Fantasy Basketball League

    Count me in. I love playing in soxtalk leagues!
  3. Cowch

    2010-2011 NBA Thread

    You'd think they'd stop shooting threes...2-19?!
  4. Cowch

    7/15 - Sox @ Minnesota

    I sure hope the Sox at least tie it up this inning...what an ugly series of events.:/
  5. Cowch

    NBA Offseason Thread

    I can't believe that LBJ did that to Cleveland. I literally cannot imagine how they must feel. They're going to be just awful for a while now. I hate the thought that the Heat will have three of the top players, but I could see it becoming a mess and they really don't have a bench. Where do the Bulls go from here? Do you think a well-rounded team could actually beat Miami?
  6. Cowch

    NBA Offseason Thread

    I get to see Boozer play all the time living in Utah, I enjoy his game. He always comes with an injury risk, but just like the rest of the Jazz he's usually underrated. I'm so glad that the Bulls AT LAST have a low-post threat. How long has it been that they've needed one?
  7. Cowch

    6-17 GAME THREAD sox vs pirates 6:00, WGN

    Granted it isn't against the NL's best, Buehrle is racking up some amazing numbers. 3-0 22IP 16K/4BB 0.82ERA 0.96WHIP
  8. I'm unsure as to why NCAA Basketball Tournament does not have more votes.. Like was stated before, you literally have zero room for error. Every other option either occurs more often (tennis and golf tournaments) or allows for more than zero losses/ties.
  9. Cowch

    Draft Day 3

    Ha, SanFran just drafted Golden Tate in the last round.
  10. QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Jun 8, 2010 -> 07:14 PM) That could take a while. He's in line to face the Indians, White Sox, Orioles, Giants, Padres and Braves (not in that order). Padres and Braves have been playing rather well. Regardless, after that stretch, Strasburg could have some ridiculous numbers.
  11. Granted he was facing a team that strikes out a lot, this was just ridiculous. 14 Ks in his debut? WTF! Luckily he's on a team that I don't hate. Also, for the game of baseball, I hope he doesn't end up like Mark Prior.
  12. Cowch

    Day 2 Draft thread

    Cubs got Bryan Harper...
  13. Cowch

    Day 2 Draft thread

    I can't believe there's still another half to the draft.
  14. Cowch

    Day 2 Draft thread

    Who knew anyone had the last name Goodnight...I'd love to see him make it to the majors just to see that jersey. Edit: It would also be awesome if he became a closer.
  15. Cowch

    Day 2 Draft thread

    Man, another MI. I wonder how many they'll end up taking/signing.