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  1. beck72

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    Reylo has had a real lively arm and getting ahead of hitters. Looks a lot more confident. With his poor showing in Charlotte this year, he probably got into his head. Thinking he should have been in the majors. Relief sure looks good for him. Nothing wrong with being a guy who gets outs in the bigs. No matter the inning. He sure could eat up innings going down the stretch so the starters workload decreases and keeps them fresh.
  2. Without a doubt, adding Kimbrel improves the Sox this year and sets them up for the playoffs. Looking years down the road at who “won” this trade, or what the Sox will do in the off-season for the 2022 roster, let’s save for another day and enjoy this season.
  3. Great move. I really liked Madrigal and he will be solid for years to come. But the Sox are going for it-without mortgaging the future, salary or young talent. This is the kind of trade deadline that only other teams have to put their teams in position to win a World Series. Hahn and front office, take a bow!
  4. Spending it now on Kimbrel makes sense. For 2022…not so much.
  5. Kimbrel just isn’t any 8th inning guy. Adding Kimbrel makes it a 7 inning game. And the Sox are only paying the remaining $5 mill or so (or having the Cubs pay some salary). I agree paying out $16 mill for an entire year for both he and Liam isn’t wise. The Sox can trade him in the off-season. The Sox also should want to keep Kimbrel away from other AL playoff teams.
  6. I see Kimbrel as for 2021. Trade in the off-season. They would get back some talent that they traded. And it wouldn’t be Crochet or Vaughn.
  7. Getting Kimbrel would make the Sox the favorites to win the AL pennant. I still see them adding a lefty reliever as well though. Kimbrel would take the 8th. It’s Liams team until it isn’t.
  8. beck72

    White Sox power outage

    Everyone digs the longball! I'm no different. My point was that good pitchers miss their spots less often and give up less HR's than your typical non-contending club. The sox could use another bat who can work counts, foul off 'pitchers pitches', and then drive pitches that they should hit. Whether that's adding a HR guy [your Gallo] or a 2b's guy. Grandal and Madrigal are big losses to the lineup and helping in that capacity could mean also adding some HR pop. Whoever the Sox add this deadline, should be made with the intent to get past Houston, Boston and to win the AL. No doubt that should help the Sox win in a NL park if they get to the World Series
  9. beck72

    White Sox power outage

    Welcome aboard! No need to apologize. Your post and questions were fine. We're all Sox fans here and few of us are experts.
  10. beck72

    White Sox power outage

    Vaughn has started to figure things out. He's likely to put up some good numbers in the 2nd half. Overall, though, the decreased power numbers don't worry me too much. Playoff type pitchers don't give up many long balls and scoring runs without HR's is what will decide how far the Sox go in the playoffs.
  11. beck72

    Vaughn v. Sheets v. Burger v. Mercedes

    A Konerko who can play a passable LF too. Leaves 1B for a few years of Abreu.
  12. beck72

    Trade Targets in response to Madrigal’s injury

    I think adding to the bullpen should be the first order of business. Take pressure off the rotation and lock down games. Mendick and Leury should be passable at 2nd. I would like to add an OFer like Goodwin (who played well in the past but the Sox need someone doing well this year) who could give the offense a boost and play multiple spots. For now, the Sox should give Engel a chance to take charge of CF and see if one of Robert or Eloy will be able to come back.
  13. beck72

    Rodon vs. Lopez

    The video with Katz working with “Lopey” as he called him, said they were working on the curveball, his second best pitch that he had with Nats.
  14. beck72

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    From the sounds of it, Kopech will definitely be in the bullpen. It makes a ton of sense, especially if you look at the emotional health side of things. Michael seems to have had immaturity issues that he admittted and worked on with the time off. Good for him in the long term and the team has seemed to support him He needs to have some major league success rather than working in Charlotte. Being around and learning from solid role models both on and off the field. The veteran pitchers he can also learn from while building up innings should help him long and short term. Having him in the bullpen with a slow build up of innings makes it more likely he can contribute in Sept. and October. White Sox Podcast
  15. beck72

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I think the Sox wait to trade any young players until next off season-especially to help the rotation. Their position player depth is uncertain and so too are the young pitchers (Cease is the best bet to be a set rotation piece, but Kopech, Crochet, Steiver, Lopez-probably a bullpen arm are question marks). We will know more after a year of minor league ball who is close to the show. It's not my money, but Bauer won't affect any long term pieces.