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  1. JohnCangelosi

    Your 1st Place Chicago White Sox

    QUOTE (lpneck @ Apr 29, 2017 -> 12:38 AM) Anyone who thinks we can catch Cleveland is crazy. White flag trade # 2?
  2. JohnCangelosi

    Matt Davidson

    Everyone says he sucks but the guy continues to rake. A few inches from a 2HR game last night. Obviously, Frazier needs to play so we can at least get something for him at the deadline, nothing more nothing less. But we have to figure out a way to get this guy consistent AB's no matter who is on the mound. If that means Frazier at 1B, Abreu at DH and Davidson at 3B then so be it.
  3. JohnCangelosi

    White Sox winner

    What's the point of leaving Davidson out of the lineup?
  4. JohnCangelosi

    Opening Day 4/4/2017 - White Sox vs Tigers

    QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 4, 2017 -> 12:48 PM) With Rodon hurt, nothing else really matters besides Q's value and Anderson's growth What about the value of Frazier, Robertson and Melky? Obviously rooting for them all to do well so we can get something back for them at the deadline.
  5. JohnCangelosi

    POSTPONED: Opening Day Game Thread 2017

    Sorry to say this but so many of you guys are SOOOOOOO cheap. Sh&t happens. You lose 20 bucks on parking sometimes. From the sounds of it some of you would only be happy if they offered you up a date with the latest Playboy centerfold as a repayment for yesterday's rainout, lol. Life isn't fair at times. Today is a new day and a White Sox winner. Edit: Does Playboy have centerfolds anymore? I digress...
  6. JohnCangelosi

    How drunk would Harry get?

    Yeah, always around the 7th or 8th inning you could tell he was half in the bag. To me these were better times than today's world where everyone is offended by everything. I was just a kid when he was doing games in the 80's but I still understood something was different about him later in the game. It just took me a few more years to fully understand it.
  7. JohnCangelosi

    Take Warning (Suspensions are Coming)

    You know if we all met each other in person we would probably get along or at least not hold each other in contempt so much. I have met one guy on this board who you called out and can say he's a good guy. I am sure most posters are.
  8. JohnCangelosi

    Sox in pursuit of Puig

    How does the order work for who has first crack at picking him up off waivers? Is it by current record or last years record or? From what I understand, once a team picks up a player from waivers they have 10 days to work out a deal with that team, if I understand it correctly?
  9. JohnCangelosi

    Ventura says he'd return next year if asked

    He really must be dreaming that they'd offer him a contract. There's no plausible way I can see this happening outside of going on a 40 game winning streak.
  10. JohnCangelosi

    Game Thread 7/23/2016

    Eaton's body language is really telling right now. Speculation on what that means however I don't know his relationship with Sale.
  11. JohnCangelosi

    Chris Sale scratched from start

    Here's an honest question: Would Sale have done this if Ozzie was the manager? I along with Greg am one of the few that thinks we should bring him back. I realize what a sh&t show it was when he ran out his welcome here especially with giving up on the team in the last series before he left, but at least he had control of the ballclub and I feel the players respected him and knew he was the boss. Plus he won a world series here, we can't forget that, ever. There's no leadership on this team and things have to change. Let the flaming begin
  12. JohnCangelosi

    Robin Ventura should be fired today

    I have said it once and will say it again. If we lose each game the rest of the season, Robin doesn't get fired until the end of the season. He's here for the remainder of the year like it or not.
  13. JohnCangelosi

    5/30 - Sox at Mets

    QUOTE (fathom @ May 30, 2016 -> 02:46 PM) Hard to see Robin surviving this trip Hard to see him not finishing the season, even if we didn't win another game. And I am dead serious.
  14. JohnCangelosi

    5/30 - Sox at Mets

    This team is awful and do whatever it will take to lose. Hawk was talking about the Royals and TWTW "the will to win", well, with the Sox it seems as if it will be "TWTL" the will to lose.
  15. JohnCangelosi

    5/30 - Sox at Mets

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ May 30, 2016 -> 02:33 PM) Chuck Garfien ‏@ChuckGarfien 22s22 seconds ago Jose Quintana's run support his last 4 games: 1 run, 1 run, 1 run, no runs. #WhiteSoxTalk This is why I thought this team was fools gold to start the year. We weren't scoring enough runs to sustain things. This is a .500 ballclub maybe worse. Right now we look like a last place team with our offense. How pathetic is it when Quintana needs to throw a shutout just to get a ND.