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  1. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    It's almost too cruel to make the Twins face the Yankees again, right? Who knows, maybe a match-up with NY instead would be enough to wake up the White Sox...as it feels like we're kind of sleep-walking along in a bit of stupor, but that's always the case when an offense is starting to struggle as a unit. We aren't THAT far removed from five homers in a game, but it still almost feels like it happened a week ago.
  2. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    2005 and 2008 over the last two weeks were nerve-wracking in entirely different ways. Hopefully the Cubs' finale series can wake them up out of their stupor, assuming they go on to lose 3/4 against the Indians. That would mean suffering a 2-5 stretch and likely the division decided the final weekend. The Twins have Detroit (2 games) and then Cincy (3) to finish the season...so the much easier schedule, unless the Reds have every game this weekend as "sudden death," which could work in our favor with the Cubs already locked into the postseason.
  3. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    We still have the biggest run differential in the AL by 16 over Oakland, 15 over the Twins/Yankees and 20 over the Rays. We desperately need Bummer back, and for something....anything, approaching a 800ish OPS for the remainder of the year (through the playoffs) from Moncada, Robert, EE, Mazara and Grandal. At least two of those guys are going to have to hit, because Abreu, Jimenez and Anderson can't carry the team forever. We also don't seem to have a 3rd starter at the moment that's a clear-cut choice, so that's yet another "up in the air" issue.
  4. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    How sure are we that Bummer is actually coming back? 75%?
  5. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    Well, I guess the White Sox offense was thumbing through SoxTalk posts, lol. But we STILL need Moncada/EE/Robert/Mazara to wake the F up.
  6. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    Paging Greg Walker and Scott Fletcher...?
  7. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    And would the White Sox PLEASE get some help for Hahn with free agency/trades that don't involved Q/Sale/Eaton? Because Grandal, EE, Mazara have all mightily disappointed, Gio's been about what we expected, but if it wasn't for Keuchel and McCann (who we probably could have resigned for 30-40% of what they ended up giving Grandal), this site would be a completely different place right now. Imagine if he'd picked Bumgarner, instead? I'm not even sure how close they were with him (preferring NL/West Coast, etc.), but that would have totally sucked. As it stands now, we're losing one of our best team leaders and Gio's safety blanket in the offseason.
  8. caulfield12

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    Without Moncada, Robert and EE, this offense feels dead in the water. I'm just not sure Luis can pull out of this before retooling his approach in the offseason. Maybe? As DJ said, he's guessing/cheating, his left-shoulder has been flying open and he's pulling off the ball...they're killing him with sliders off the plate. He used to drive those pitches up the middle and to right field, or out of the ballpark entirely. It's just one game, don't like the comparisons with 2000 where we clinched early and just kind of coasted into the playoffs...plus, there's no clear 3rd starter (still) now between Cease and Dunning. Knowing Renteria, he'll go with Gio Gonzalez or Matt Foster.
  9. caulfield12

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    What’s the latest on Burdi? Would be nice to get him turned around, but probably too late to be able to trust him this year. Like the aggressiveness. Pitching is such a crapshoot, shelf life is always an unknown, see Rodon, Carlos. Or just look back at that projected NYM 2014-15 pitching dynasty for another example.
  10. caulfield12

    The LEGEND of Luis Robert ESPN feature article

  11. caulfield12

    AL MVP Race

  12. caulfield12

    Sox vs. Tigers. 9/11 - 7:10

    Well, the bad news is he's only at 57 pitches through 5. That's not exactly indicative of a great approach by the Sox, and he still has only one less K than Giolito, who has thrown about 30 more pitches to get through five.
  13. caulfield12

    Sox vs. Tigers. 9/11 - 7:10

    Luke Voit with HR's 15 and 16. Seems like the Yankees always have someone who comes out of nowhere....like Tauchman last year.
  14. caulfield12

    Sox vs. Tigers. 9/11 - 7:10

    The crazy thing is that he was regularly playing LF for the Cuban team when they really started honing in on him...would like to know the name of the CFer the Cuban manager had chosen over him, but it was undoubtedly an "established veteran" type.
  15. caulfield12

    Sox vs. Tigers. 9/11 - 7:10

    He's been at 95 or 96...so it's pretty clear he's throwing two different fastballs. So then it simply comes down to spin rate, location and short vs. long arm action/perception of how fast the ball is getting in on the hitter. Still can't get any consistency with that slider...just doesn't throw it enough for it to be more than an average or slightly below average pitch. It's the curve that really should be his 3rd weapon. CLE at MIN delayed. Can't do anything but help the White Sox, no matter what happens. Would prefer to see the Twins lose, though.