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  1. caulfield12

    MLB extends deal with Fox

    Dodgers $204 M 25/$8.35 B 2014 2038 100% LINK Angels $118 M 20/$3 B 2012 2031 25% LINK Yankees $98 M 30/$5.7 B 2013 2042 20% LINK Red Sox $80 M 2006 80% LINK Mariners $76 M 18/$1.8 B 2014 2031 71% LINK Cubs $65 M 2004 2019 20% LINK Phillies $60 M 25/$2.5 B 2016 2040 25% LINK Astros $60 M 20/$1.6 B 2013 2032 No LINK Rangers $56 M 20/$1.6 B 2015 2034 10% LINK Tigers $55 M 10/$500 M 2009 2018 No LINK Giants $54 M 25/$1.75 B 2008 2032 30% LINK White Sox $51 M 2004 2019 20% LINK
  2. caulfield12

    MLB extends deal with Fox

    I was simply talking about the INCREASE from our current numbers. The following post lists the regional (CSN Chicago/NBC-Universal) deal for the White Sox, which is at $51 million before it's renegotiated next year (includes WGN/WCIU, etc.) Then you have MLB Advanced Media, the BAM Tech deal...the Fox national deal, then ESPN/TBS/TNT/FS-1, etc. Just guessing, but we SHOULD be somewhere around the Mariners at $75 million...and that's not even considering the bump up with a Bryce Harper signing. While it's a bit strange to believe we'll have the 6th best deal in baseball after (we'll slot in after the Cubs) despite the rebuild and our terrible ratings over the last five years, it's actually quite possible and even logical because of the Chicago market's value. Another narrative to bust is the idea that fans are paying players’ salaries with tickets and hot dog sales (NODS AT GREG775). Look at how much baseball is making just from ONE national rights holder. It doesn’t include what ESPN pays MLB or what individual teams’ cable rights are worth. Those pay teams around $100 million annually on the high end and $20 million on the low end. Half the league is nestled between $35 million and $60 million. In 2018, total league salaries, according to Spotrac, were $4.1 billion — so you can see how TV rights alone give teams a decent headstart toward covering their payroll. And that doesn’t include all the other revenue streams like merchandise, digital rights and the money that MLB Advanced Media makes. For example: Every team got $50 million last year after BAM sold some of its assets to Disney. So with free agency about to kick up and the Winter Meetings around the corner, let’s use the new Fox-MLB deal as a reminder: MLB is healthy and has plenty of money. When players start landing eight -and nine-figure contracts, remember how much the league is bringing in. It’s just the players getting their fair share. https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb-fox-strike-new-5-1b-tv-deal-proves-baseball-isnt-close-dying-183048053.html
  3. caulfield12

    MLB extends deal with Fox

    So basically the White Sox are looking at conservatively $40-50 million coming in per year...beginning with the new local broadcasting rights deal in 2020 (combined with the FOX upgrade). Optimistically, that turns into $50-75 million MORE per year with a Harper signing.
  4. caulfield12

    MLB extends deal with Fox

    Does anyone have a link to how much MORE each team will receive as a result of this agreement on a national deal? We already know about the $68 million one-off payment for BAMTech/MLB Advanced Media.
  5. caulfield12

    FIRE Movement (Financially Ind./Retire Early)

    Suze Orman broke the internet earlier this month when she told the “Afford Anything” podcast that those buying into the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early) better save at least $5 million to achieve that goal. The overwhelming response: Are you nuts, rich lady? Emails poured in, tweetstorms raged, Reddit’s FIRE board lit up and bloggers everywhere, including Mr. Money Moustache, laid out perfectly sound reasons why Orman’s out of touch with millennials and the needs of the common man. But one popular personal finance blogger swam upstream right next to Orman, and he used his own experience to back his point. “Her views ruffled a lot of feathers, but after crunching the numbers, I have to agree — $5 million sounds about right if you want to retire before the age of 60,” the Financial Samurai blog’s Sam Dogen said. “Bad things happen in life all the time that costs money!” He pointed out that only 18% of Americans actually retire before the age of 61, so it makes sense that the masses took issue with Orman’s scenario — $5 million to $10 million isn’t an option for most. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/these-numbers-show-suze-orman-is-right-about-needing-5-million-to-retire-2018-10-15?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo
  6. caulfield12

    Mariners front office accused of racism

    As soon as the word "preference" was used...it became a political opinion, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Not to mention that MLB already has a system in place where women/minorities have to at least be granted interviews for positions like manager or GM if they are suitably qualified to redress the historical imbalances. That's not imposing an outcome on the final decision. There's a clear distinction at play here. Everything else is speculation or extrapolation.
  7. caulfield12

    Mariners front office accused of racism

    There's a pretty significant difference between gossip/rumors in high school or middle school and actionable discrimination/sexual harassment civil court cases with monetary judgments attached. How often are there lifetime career/life consequences for something we simply SAY in high school? I'd say it's pretty rare.
  8. Inflation! Of course, there could also be another recession that hits team’s bottom lines, but the general trend line is usually going to upwards...especially if he produces like expected and big market teams like NYY, LAA, Boston and LAD are interested in bidding.
  9. caulfield12

    Mariners front office accused of racism

    Deliberately injecting an (at best) controversial political opinion into this thread was supposed to accomplish what exactly?
  10. Well, that could always be said simply because he never had the opportunity to prove himself in a playoff game for the White Sox...and almost always tended to wear down in the 2nd half of seasons, when he would be most needed by contending teams. I'm not sure that ALL the questions about the playoffs have been completely answered for Chris, but saying Sale's not an ace is just like saying the same thing about Clayton Kershaw.
  11. That and the quote about it being over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and something about Paul Konerko's house in Glendale or Scottsdale and then J4L's constant promotion of LBJ as the GOAT. CSINAA MBINAA In Coop We Trust/Coop Will Fix 'Em
  12. caulfield12

    Mariners front office accused of racism

    Thread derailed. (And MLB already has these policies for managerial and GM openings...not preferential hiring, but at least to offer the opportunity to interview for qualified applicants.) Maybe they'll hire only Asians who were discriminated against by Harvard because their SAT score profile was TOO GOOD compared to white students, lol. (Like that will ever happen.) In fact, talking about exploiting a niche market, the White Sox should simply hire all the Chinese and Indian quants who get paid 50% less in Silicon Valley and bring them each to Chicago to create a computer database/algorithm to rival the Astros. Boom. Problem solved.
  13. The Braves have the revenue now with their new stadium and .... Changes in the Braves’ local television deals will generate about $500 million in additional revenue for the team “over the life of the contracts,” the chief executive of Braves owner Liberty Media revealed today. The TV deals were reworked last year, but Liberty CEO Greg Maffei, speaking on a quarterly conference call with Wall Street analysts, shed new light on the financial significance of the changes. “Through some good work at the management of the Braves and a confluence of events, we were able to renegotiate positively a bunch of those (TV) rights and receive probably in the order of $500 million of incremental revenue over the life of the contracts,” Maffei said. “So that’s been very positive. … That adds a lot of value, even on a present value basis, to the Braves.” Maffei said the Braves’ TV deals originally ran through 2027, but he didn’t say how long the renegotiated deals run.
  14. Except I don't think they will sign UNLESS those pieces are (mostly) already in place...and JR's probably not going to authorize that (due to the fact that being stuck with a bunch of veterans they're going to have to dump on 1-2 year contracts without Harper/Machado would be a significant waste of resources). Which leaves them browsing in the March bargain bin, unless this whole situation can be resolved no later than mid-January. Or JR just blowing everyone out of the water (ala the Rangers with A-Rod) in order to force an early/earlier signing than Boras is anticipating.
  15. Camargo can play 3B, SS, 2B and potentially LF. Basically, he's Marwin Gonzalez, with more natural SS ability. That would seem to push the meter in the direction of Harper, to replace Markakis. The Braves really make a lot of sense for Bryce, and of course you also have the Phillies in the same division fighting for his services. It's setting up quite well for Boras & Co.