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  1. caulfield12


    Wooten is a freakin’ J.Bell clone. Remember watching Pritchard’s father at KU. Iowa, Weiskamp and Garza willed the team to a comeback. Iowa lives and dies by the three and free throw shooting. TN will be too much, but nice ending to season by essentially winning road game at Cincy. TN was pretty seriously tested into final minutes by Volgate. Cant wait to trade Tyler Smith for Nunge/Pemsl, Patrick McCaffery and Joe Touissant. DJ Carton, go away traitor (went to my high school)...will happily root for Clones tonight.
  2. caulfield12

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Unless Witt is “super Christian.” I’m only partially joking, Dayton Moore drafts at least 25% on character, supposedly. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is adjacent to Kauffman. KC, at any rate, is desperate to to get some demoralized fans back...especially with Perez out for the year and Gordon fading into oblivion. They select Rutschman, trade Merrifield and Duffy this year and Salvador next.
  3. caulfield12

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Clement, former UK PM?
  4. caulfield12

    Sox vs. Angels 3:10 PM March 22nd 2019

    Do Ozzie and KW have any more kids left? When do we draft Hahn’s son and award him with a $625,000 signing bonus?
  5. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    We helped by providing them Guerra, half our bullpen the last 2-3 years, Saladino. Stearns is savvy. They somehow delve deep to find helpful pieces like Thames (JPN) and Aguilar (buried on CLE death chart) for low or no cost...it’s not like most of their position prospects hit, but they still have managed to piece together the devastating lockdown pen, Moustakas on the cheap, Yelich on the cheap in terms of assets surrendered, Cain at fair market value and lots of starting pitching depth to make up for no traditional TOR guy.
  6. caulfield12

    Sox vs. Angels 3:10 PM March 22nd 2019

    Moncada Conspiracy Theory Debunked...did the umpires also hate Trout and Judge to ring them up on questionable strike 3’s the 2nd and 3rd most in MLB? Looks like Rodon has another typical stat line for him...Javy Vazquez Jr. Get hot Leury Bird!
  7. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Classic Hahn playing 3 dimensional chess on a checkers board...they could have added Cain in the middle of 2017 when KC was tanking and convinced him to stay by bringing in Escobar and eventually Shields back. While they were at it, Moose for third.
  8. caulfield12

    Thoughts on the Sox shifting Moncada to 3b?

    Speaking LAD/CHC, Chris Taylor and Kiki Gonzalez, veterans who grew up knowing they needed to be able to play anywhere to increase their value/versatility. Can add Zobrist and Baez, too. Conversely, has switching positions so frequently hindered the development of the much younger Ian Happ? Or he just sucks wherever they put him? We moved Viciedo from 3B to 1B to LF to RF to DH I think. Josh Fields to left when Crede returned. Of course Uribe was the classic super utility guy after his he ate his way off SS. 9 names. 1 under limit.
  9. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Lowrie performing so well at this age was completely unpredictable...
  10. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Betts might be heading for a megadeal that actually tops Trout on an open market. Not bad for 5’9.” There’s just no way they can also afford Bogaerts (not to mention extending Benintendi) unless they expand Fenway by 8-10000 seats. J.Bradley, Porcello, Pedroia...some names to watch who will be available.
  11. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    $54-60 million perceived worth on FA market, there’s your surplus value...compared to the Jimenez deal.
  12. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Robert is likely the future in CF...although he can play any OF position, theoretically.
  13. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Fine, then we have to move Anderson or Moncada...neither are ideal choices.
  14. caulfield12

    Chris Sale nearing extension with Boston

    Still only has something like 9 career fWAR. Would seem to profile just decent offensively at 1B. More of a complementary player imo. Nice piece to have, if you have another 3-4 of him, you could do worse. Just not sure he’s worth $60 million in this market. M.Ozuna and Puig have the gaudier career numbers for RF. The Cards can’t keep Ozuna, Wacha and Carpenter as well.
  15. caulfield12

    White Sox Sign Alcides Escobar

    Cueing Greg775 rant in 3, 2, 1...