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  1. caulfield12

    Trust the process

    Very simple. Our 2000 #1 BA prospect class produced a LOT less than was originally projected...especially on the pitching side. That's the worst-case scenario. For those penciling in Lopez, Giolito, Kopech, Hansen and Cease to be front-line starters, there's a very high probability only 1 or 2 make it...and maybe one ends up useful in the bullpen. All projections of filling our starting rotation internally should be taken with a grain of salt, unless we can actually control the health of Rodon/Hansen/Giolito/Cease (two TJ surgeries in there already, plus Rodon's past two years) and ALSO plug in yet another high first round draft pick from this year into the equation. Even then, not a sure thing. That's why we should be operating under the assumption at least two members of the next White Sox playoff rotation will come from outside the organization, if not 3. If everything goes like it did for the Cubs or Astros, we get away with just having to add one FA...and then perhaps another big mid-season trade in one of the following years to "put the team over the top."
  2. caulfield12

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    40 strikeouts in 100 PA for Moncada...right around that mark, had it down to 38.5% Obviously, can't complain about any more results the last week, haha.
  3. caulfield12

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    Never throw a first pitch fastball to Alcides Escobar.
  4. caulfield12

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    And I would have been wrong to pull him...everything worked out perfectly, THIS time.
  5. caulfield12

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    Too late, opened ourselves up for the big inning. Lost a lot on his fastball from the first 2-3 innings, some there were in the 89+ range.
  6. caulfield12

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    First batter reaches, I'm pulling Giolito to ensure he goes into his next start with a positive mindset.
  7. caulfield12

    4/26 Games

    Need to say adios to Keon Barnum soon...
  8. caulfield12

    Trust the process

    Here's why Don Cooper deserves more credit than he has gotten (recent years) Let's go back to that 1999-2001 group. Buehrle and Garland were the only ones to really make it. Kip Wells and Josh Fogg succeeded with the Pirates, but not here. Then you have Guerrier, Rauch (huge failure for the #1 overall prospect) and Biddle that had decent relieving careers. But a LONG LONG list of failures. Ginter, Barcelo, Danny Wright (injuries/ineffectiveness), Jason Stumm, David West, Corwin Malone, Kris Honel, Lance Broadway, Aaron Poreda, etc. Not all from that #1 ranked BA Class of 2000 (Borchard/Crede/Rowand as well). There was another pitcher we acquired from the Rangers in 1998 or 1999 that was on most Top 10 lists as well, his name escapes me. That brings us to this present generation. Essentially, you only have McCarthy and Daniel Hudson...then Floyd, Danks, Sale and Q. Over all that entire time, nearly 20 years, Buehrle and Sale were the only ones that were Sox drafted/developed and succeeded with the Sox. So it's not far-fetched to suggest we'll need to acquire at least two pitchers (Contreras for Loaiza, Garcia for Reed/Olivo/Morse) and sign a veteran back-end guy (El Duque).
  9. caulfield12

    Sox @ Royals 4/26/18

    Well, this is an interesting line-up tonight. McEwing is managing, right? Can't be Cooper...and so, without Abreu/Delmonico, we officially have the weakest bench to start a game in the history of modern MLB.
  10. caulfield12

    Trust the process

    Let's just hope the Indians finally implode due to pitching wear and tear and/or payroll concerns for a small market team. It has already happened twice in the last 20 years that they had to essentially do total rebuilds...actually, three times. They have Lindor, but Kipnis looks like garbage this year, they lost Santana and Encarnacion is trending downwards bigtime. The problem is that Ramirez and Brantley (when healthy) are pretty darned good players, and they have that dominant pen (for now). Plus they have some really interesting prospects (Mejia, catcher) in their farm system as well. This might be the last/best chance for them to win it all, though.
  11. caulfield12

    4/26 Games

    Rutherford 2/2, RBI, .361 Basabe at 338, Adolfo at 329, Sheets at 290 Call and Fisher (AA) not exactly distinguishing themselves from the crowd.
  12. caulfield12

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    At least Logan Morrison, despite the worst fwar in the entire game today...can return to his NYC bias beef over the home run derby when Gary Sanchez was selected over him. Priorities! Those MIN/NYY numbers are like the Sox in Anaheim, Seattle and Oakland back in the early 00’s. Acuna just hit his first homer, blast into the upper deck in Cincy...off Homer the Bailey.
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  14. caulfield12


    AJ Pollock and Grandal should be two of our top FA acquisition targets...from that FG leaders page. And how is it possible for Corey Dickerson (many teams passed on) and Semien to be the top and 6th best defenders? Moncada, for what it’s worth, shows up as the #22 defensive player. Avi Garcia is back to being 179/180, fwiw. Engel is even worse, but not qualified anymore. Anderson, Sanchez, Abreu, Davidson and Castillo round out our top 6.
  15. caulfield12

    2018 MLB Draft

    What about Pedroia for Madrigal? Seems more likely than Altuve...