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  1. caulfield12

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

  2. caulfield12

    MLB cheating scandal

    According to an ESPN poll, 53% of respondents wanted Astros’ WS title stripped, 50% the Red Sox the following year.
  3. caulfield12

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    And Alonso had a really nice rookie season...speaking of from Bellinger to Vaughn.
  4. caulfield12

    MLB cheating scandal

  5. caulfield12

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/mlb-cheating-scandal-is-huge-black-eye-for-the-sport-says-reds-pitcher-trevor-bauer-190620760.html Bauer actually sounding quite reasonable here, especially on this point: “If you hammer the Houston Astros organization, that makes their organization worth less, it makes everybody’s organization worth less, it’s not good for the business side for all the owners,” Bauer tells Yahoo Finance. “On the player side, it’s really hard to prove who used what, and when, and to what extent. If I’m a [Astros] hitter and I go up there and I don’t want anything to do with this, but someone is banging on the trash can anyway, am I now involved in it? It’s a really slippery slope.” Based on the difficulty of parsing through which players were guilty of the cheating and which weren’t, Bauer says Manfred has “done a pretty good job of walking a middle ground. There’s going to be people on both sides who say it’s too harsh or it’s not enough, but he’s done a decent job balancing everything.”
  6. caulfield12

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    https://www.yahoo.com/sports/congressman-bobby-rush-calls-for-congressional-oversight-hearing-mlb-cheating-scandal-houston-astros-boston-red-sox-224137364.html Knew it wouldn’t take long for politicians to get involved...
  7. caulfield12

    Mike Trout... HGH?!?

    MLB coming out with announcement denying on Trout having an exception...I read Brosious, Jr., apologized on Insta as well. https://www.latimes.com/sports/angels/story/2020-01-17/allegation-angels-mike-trout-exemption-hgh-shot-down-mlb-mlbpa
  8. caulfield12

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Bad Boys 4 Life is actually pretty good...Martin Lawrence steals the show, and even Will Smith was tolerable reprising his career-defining role from 25 long years ago. Michael Bay cameos for 30 seconds, thankfully he didn’t direct or the #metoo movement would have boycotted. Need a Bay fix, just watch 6 Underground instead.
  9. caulfield12

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/consumers-are-starting-to-feel-streaming-fatigue-analyst-says-204234560.html This is interesting. The projected ideal range that families are expected to be willing to pay for streaming packages is around $55. The cable and satellite companies really need to figure out a path towards being more competitive. Yes, the streaming options have become too numerous and hard to keep up with. Every one of them has exclusive or proprietary content of some sort. We now have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple+, Disney+, ESPN+, CBS All Access, Peacock, YouTube Red, any more that I'm missing? I cut the cord to save money, and it worked for a while. But, now I'm spending just as much on all the various streaming services. It was good while it lasted. ... All a typical family needs is a Netflix (must have) + Disney (if they have children). Other than that, from HBO, Amazon to Hulu, are only an occasional add-on but unnecessarily.
  10. caulfield12

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    Except Bellinger is 2x as athletic and versatile...
  11. caulfield12

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    He throws at about 85-89 mph, but sure. His control has to be perfect to succeed. He did get pushed up super quickly. Started out really well, then the scouts adjusted on how to approach him offensively.
  12. caulfield12

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    How are we obtaining Cody Bellinger, or Betts?
  13. caulfield12

    Ventura returns to OkSt as “student assistant”

    Ventura is bringing more attention/focus to the program than hurting the coaching profession by taking someone’s so-called opportunity. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t even his idea, probably the AD’s. And maybe he ends up helping a player to the big leagues that a less experienced student coach would not impact similarly. That could mean millions of future earnings to a family or two.
  14. caulfield12

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    Is your name Rodney McCray?
  15. caulfield12

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    “We’ve got a lot of good momentum,” Ricketts said. “We’ve got good carriage (for Marquee) so far. It’s not 100 percent done, but we’re going to keep pushing forward. It really hasn’t had any impact on baseball spending. We just know that we still got some work to do there, but it’s going to be a great thing for the fans. And it’s the right long-term answer.” While Marquee announced a carriage agreement for all AT&T platforms, including DirecTV, in October, Cubs fans are still wondering about a deal with Comcast, which remains a dominant cable provider in Chicago and a direct competitor in the form of NBC Sports Chicago. “We’ve got a couple of very good carriage deals set up,” Ricketts said. “We’ve got more that we’re going to announce over the next few days. With regards to Comcast, we’ll see how it plays out. I think everybody wants to do the right thing for their customers. And I think that’s going to be the driving force.” https://theathletic.com/1540450/2020/01/16/theres-no-magic-free-agent-out-there-tom-ricketts-on-a-slow-winter-and-the-cubs-future/?source=dailyemail