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    Retool Time

    The Giants probably felt it was there year as well in 2021. Rarely works out that way, especially if a shorter division series starts going the wrong way starting off at home for a favorite.
  2. caulfield12

    Retool Time

    Why would a team like the A’s interested in cutting payroll down to the bone want Eloy? Why would one extra year of control matter (unless they picked up even more expensive options) when they aren’t going to be a contender for the foreseeable future?
  3. caulfield12

    Fire Tony Chant

    Just like Hahn just once in his career admitted to a mistake. Hahn has owned the Tatis Jr. trade, calling himself a “jackass” in front of fans and telling MLB.com’s Scott Merkin, “That was probably the last deal we made with having a short-term mindset in mind. Ultimately when this thing gets right, we are going to once again have a shorter time arising goal with our trades. It doesn’t mean you want to make a deal that haunts you for the long term, obviously.” Every GM has a trade he’d like to take back. Around that same time, the Marlins traded Luis Castillo, got him back due to a medical dispute, and then traded him again in the offseason. It was also the summer where the Dodgers traded Yordan Alvarez, as outlined here. Though Hahn admitted to Greenberg in 2017, “I probably physically cringe whenever I see a Tatis highlight,” the club embarked on what seems to have been a successful rebuilding effort after the ’16 season. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/04/how-did-the-white-sox-trade-fernando-tatis-jr.html
  4. caulfield12

    Great Expectations

    I wonder whether the Sox or Bulls will be the first to land a true superstar from outside the organization…especially in free agency. Dates back to the mid to late 90’s for both. Belle for the Sox, the Rodman trade for the Bulls.
  5. We have been same some version of this for two plus months now. Waiting for Godot.
  6. QVC here it comes...hot off the presses. Doubles as a TLR/Hahn protest shirt.
  7. Four teams within one game in WC race. Rangers Sox Angels Mariners. Tampa Bay really hitting a lull as well.
  8. Not sure Anderson has the easiest play there. It worked. Nobody hurt.
  9. Those are the autographed ones. Simply priceless. Outselling Benetti and Stone Sox Charities t-shirts 5 to 1.
  10. Just try Carlos Perez for a month. Sheesh.
  11. More clutch than Anderson. Which isn't saying much this year.
  12. Lifetime contract extension. Can just name his own salary.
  13. Burger would have little chance unless he just guessed right.
  14. Odds of Leury in a clutch situation each game? 75%.
  15. We still owe him half the GDP of Honduras.
  16. Haha. Belt a multiple Gold Glover. Should have been caught.
  17. Doval throws about as hard as Duran. Poor Abreu just got Oracle Park'd.
  18. Before Wade Jr. came back it would have been The Yerminator here.