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  1. Markbilliards

    7/23 Games

    Yogurt solo shot.
  2. Markbilliards

    7/22 Games

    That's 40 BBs in 36 games in Bailey. In the last 14 years (all that BR shows) the most BBs a player has had in a season is 61. Bailey is on pace to beat that.
  3. Markbilliards

    7/17 Games

    Feel like it's been forever since a Birmingham game. Bailey not in DSL lineup. Apparently needed a day off from all the walking he's been doing. 'Lil Bro is currently 2 for 2 with a 2B. The Dannon Cannon is 1 for 3 with a CS.
  4. How about "The Madman"? If you are thinking about what comes natural, its probably just going to be "Mads" or some abbreviated form.
  5. Markbilliards

    Job Thread

    I never got up early as a 19 year old. Just wanted to sleep and play video games with friends. Your generalization was very fair.
  6. Markbilliards

    Hamilton done for season

    Change that title back!
  7. Markbilliards

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    Bradford, Moore, Burke, Allen, Jeans, Archer, Alston are all on AZL Sox roster.
  8. Markbilliards

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    Anyone know what kind of time commitment guys have to make to the team when they sign and get a bonus? Like if they play proball for a year and half and realize its not for them and they want to go to college, are they forced to give back part of their bonus? I imagine it doesn't matter much for the guys getting like 5k, but for the guys getting 100k+, I'm sure there's got to be some minimum agreement, right?
  9. Markbilliards

    6/6 Games

    Thank you. This gave me a good laugh to end the night.
  10. Markbilliards

    Breaking up a No No with a Bunt? No No

    Agreed. If you can't get a bunter out, then you don't deserve a no hitter.
  11. Markbilliards

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    Much more interesting looking guy then Weems.
  12. Markbilliards

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    I think it had a lot more to do with his competition against Jr college players vs Pac-12.
  13. Markbilliards

    ***Day 2 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 3-10***

    Yeah, looking at his numbers.. There's nothing to be excited about there, except his 80 grade signing bonus.
  14. Markbilliards

    FS: Andrew Vaughn goes to White Sox at pick No. 3

    I think defensively, the knock against shorter 1Bs is he just doesn't have the reach that a taller 1B would have to catch the ball. Offensively, the concern is that he just isn't that big of a guy to hit with huge power. However, his college career speaks otherwise to that last concern.
  15. Markbilliards

    Eloy Jimenez discussion thread

    I feel like if that is ever going to happen, it would with Luis Robert.