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  1. The last sentance of the article made me laugh.
  2. Markbilliards


    Tip 1) Make sure if you ever do plumbing work, that you are 100% confident that things are reconnected before you leave the house. When I was 28 I thought I reconnected the water line to a faucet in an upstairs bathroom, but thought at worst case scenario it drips a little bit while I am gone. Left for work and a few hours later my wife (who was 9 months pregnant) frantically screaming at me on the phone that the bathroom flooded and the water came busting through an 8 foot whole in the ceiling on the floor below. As I'm thinking about it, make sure your wife knows and understands how to turn off the main water and power shutoffs. Tip 2) If you have a basement, a battery backup for a sump pump is a worthy investment.
  3. Markbilliards

    When Healthy . . .

    I've wondered a lot if the crackdown on PEDs has led to the injury prone state of baseball that exists today opposed to what things were like 10 to 15 years ago.
  4. Every hit, every ball fielded, every base running play. It's scary to watch him.
  5. Markbilliards

    Ballpark prices

    Carry-in Items Guests are permitted to bring food items into the park provided they are in a clear plastic bag which will fit underneath their seat. Guests are permitted to bring in plastic bottles of pure water under one liter in size that are still sealed. I do the above and always have. Buying food and beer in the park is for the rich and the financially irresponsible.
  6. Markbilliards

    Seiya Suzuki

    If you have a right handed hitter who hits RHP well then there isn't really any reason to want him to be lefty. I agree that there is an old school mentality sometimes that you need a left handed batter but sometimes that's worse because that batter often is way worse or even useless the second a left handed relief pitcher gets put in. Otherwise the only advantage of a lefty batter is they may get out of the box a little quicker for a few less double plays.
  7. Markbilliards

    Sale got COVID, won't start against WS

    Just don't be so angry. Life is too short to feel upset all the time.
  8. Markbilliards

    Sale got COVID, won't start against WS

  9. Markbilliards

    In Defense of Leury

    I always forget that he has the longest tenure with the Sox of anyone on the roster.
  10. Markbilliards


    You paid all that money for crosstown tickets and left early in that exciting of a game???
  11. Markbilliards

    Sox at Twins 8/9, 7:10

    Yes! But not without that grimmace that always makes you worry.
  12. Markbilliards

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    Any of the draft picks playing yet?
  13. Markbilliards

    7/22 Games

    Robert pulled early??
  14. Markbilliards

    "sticky substances"

    Whatever they do, they just need to be consistent.
  15. Markbilliards

    Texas @ Sox

    Wasn't a bad pitch. Hitter just beat him there.