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  1. On 5/4/2022 at 4:22 PM, scs787 said:

    More than covid, I'm sure there's been a player who's been stuck behind some really good players that end up being really good players themselves.  

    I guess the question with that is why didn't he transfer sooner? 

    There were strong rumors that he was going to transfer after the 2018 season, but it never happened.  Then he ended up transferring after the 2019 season.  Word came out later that he didn't feel he'd be granted a hardship transfer waiver from the NCAA, so he would have had to sit out the 2019 season if he had transferred then.  Instead, he played at USC one more year to graduate, and then at that point, he could transfer anywhere freely (without having to sit out a year) because he was a grad transfer.

  2. 23 hours ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    A WR breaking out at 24 years of age and being a solid WR in the NFL has never happened, at least not based on the data I have access to over the past twelve or so years.  Has never even happened for a +23 year old either.  It’s not uncommon, it would be unprecedented.  You’re also ignoring the fact that a 24 year old should be more physically developed than the 20 & 21 year olds he’s competing against.  Just like in baseball, there is a reason you typically discount the production of a minor leaguer when it comes against much younger competition.  Doesn’t mean things couldn’t have suddenly clicked for this kid, but there are certainly a lot of red flags.

    Also, I gotta disagree that taking a 25 year old special teams player in the 3rd round when you have limited draft capital and are just beginning a multi-year rebuild makes sense.  By the time our team is actually good, this dude is going to be 27 years old at minimum.  The reality is they picked him over other WRs in the 3rd because they expect him to be much more than just a special teamer.  Hopefully Poles is on the money here, because the lack of weapons & protection for Fields at the moment is really concerning.

    I agree with concerns of age if you're talking about a 1st round pick.  Those are guys you want around a very long time for sure.  But this is a 3rd round pick.  The hit rate is already low at this point in the draft.  Let's say he pans out and he starts seeing a decline after his age 32 season.  That's 7 years of good football from the guy - that's a lifetime in the NFL with how much parity exists in the league and roster turnover.  I'm absolutely taking that from a 3rd round pick if it happens.  And if he doesn't pan out, it's because the evaluation was wrong and then the age doesn't matter because he's gone long before he's out of his prime.

    As for the point about a 24 year old dominating college players because he's more physically developed.  It would be one thing if it were a lineman.  Then yes, a 24 year old man is going to be bigger and stronger than a 19 year old kid.  But Velus Jones is a speed guy.  He wasn't dominating guys off the line of scrimmage or manhandling weaker CBs beating press coverage.  His game is played from the Slot and it's about finding space.  4.3 speed is 4.3 speed.  That translates to the NFL no matter how old you are.

  3. 17 hours ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    I’m talking about college breakouts.  The majority of high end NFL WRs had a dominant season early in their college career.  A guy finally breaking out in college at 24 years of age and being successful in the NFL would be a first.  Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but it would be unprecedented.

    I'm sure we could find an example of it at WR, but of course it's not common.  You rarely see 24 year old's in college football, unless they left to do their Mormon mission, like is common at BYU.

    Also, is anyone saying Jones is going to be a high-end NFL WR?  I don't think anyone expects that from a 3rd round pick.  If he can be a high-end return man/special teams contributor, and add some value in the Slot, that's a success.

    Development also doesn't occur for everyone at the same pace.  We saw lots of players who wouldn't have been draft picks last year, but they got drafted this year after using their extra year of eligibility b/c of the COVID season.  Who's to say we wouldn't have seen this happen a lot more in the past if all players had 5 or 6 years of eligibility?  I guarantee we would have.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, scs787 said:

    Would you guys trade a 5th round pick for Robby Anderson? Obviously a lot of quality WRs in the draft, but getting a legit starter for a 5th allows the bears to address their other needs early. 


    I probably would, but I don't think Poles would.  He seems intent on going young/building via draft, which I can't really argue with, even if I would have liked to see him add a few more veterans to surround Fields with better talent.  Also, I'd have rather traded a 5th rounder for Amari Cooper, but that's a different discussion that's already been had.

    From what I can tell on OTC, we'd only be on the hook for $12M next year (last year of Anderson's deal).  Not bad considering the contracts given to WRs this offseason, and the amount of cap space we'll have next year.

  5. 3 hours ago, SoxAce said:

    Have you seen the market these WR are getting? Not a doubt in my mind he is going to draft a WR (maybe 2) with the upcoming picks. This isn't a one year thing. And I love what he's doing cause most of his strategy is lining up for next year's draft especially with compensation pick(s).

    I hear you.  I certainly wanted no part of the contract Kirk got, or Zay Jones, etc.  But I would have absolutely given Chark the 1-year deal he got.  I would have traded a 5th rounder for Cooper -  given the contracts being dished out, $20M (with no guaranteed money left) is pretty reasonable for a player of his caliber.  Definitely still some pieces out there, but we need to land them.  And if we align with guys who were released (like a Jarvis Landry), then at least it doesn't affect the comp pick strategy.

    That would also help us take BPA in the draft.  If that's another WR (or OL) in the 2nd, great.  I just don't want them forced into taking a WR b/c they have no other options.

  6. The Pringle signing feels very Demarie Byrd to me.   Nobody should expect him to be more than a #3, but he's probably better suited as a #4.  Thankfully it's only a 1 year deal.

    The way Poles is operating is strange to me.  He hasn't doing anything to add weapons at the skill positions to help the development of his young QB.  That would seem indicate he's not a believer in Fields.  But if that's the case, why even take the Bears job?  So if he is a believer in Fields, then why are we bargain bin shopping to add offensive talent?  The only major upgrade was on the defense (who has now failed his physical).  To this point, we have not added any value to the OL.  We're about net even there with the loss of Daniels and addition of Patrick.  But also, we won't have Jason Peters, who actually graded out as our best OL.

    I know the offseason isn't done yet, but as it stands, we're only maybe better than the Texans in terms of offensive talent.  Some major additions are needed.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Yeah - I was bummed when I saw a bunch of guards / Rams tackle sign right before free agency.  I thought Bears were going to be able to make some big splashes there.  I also wanted Cooper (cause I figured a 6th rounder would have been worth it to lock him in on a very LT flexible/cap friendly deal that keeps you out of the bidding wars of FA).  I don't think Cooper is worth his contract (from a pure $ perspective) but relative to what you'd pay in free agency and given fact I would prioritize this whole off-season around Fields...it would have just made everything else easier.  

    I felt the same about Cooper.  He was worth it for a 5th round pick.  And if Christian Kirk is truly getting $17M per year (as I just saw rumored), it only re-emphasizes your point about Cooper's deal actually being solid compared to what you have to dish out in free agency.  Cooper is a far better player, and worth the extra $3M per year.

    And if the Browns need to get out of Cooper contract after this year, it's easy.  There is zero dead money.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Yeah - I have started to come around on this. Reality was if they didn't address in FA, they would have to address in draft and relatively early so this frees up resources to better target best available within draft.  And 3 years is nice, not too long, and therefor doesn't do a lot for long-term flexibility. Would like if they structured this to be creative and take biggest burden a year from now when they have MASSIVE cap space so that they can be more opportunistic this year and in '24 (knowing they will have more than enough in '23 regardless).  

    Totally fair way to look at it.  I'm not mad about the signing - just questioning the use of funds for a team that desperately needs all the offensive help it can get.  He's a good player, and we admittedly needed a 3T for this defense.  Getting a disruptive one makes the rest of the defense better.  Just not sure I would have shopped at the top of the Tier 1 market for it.  With all that said, I shouldn't be surprised.  We hired a defensive minded HC - he's going to want a top player at a key position in his defense.

    And we both agree on the cap standpoint - if much of the deal is pushed to 2023, I'll be happy.  I want room to operate this offseason.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    A total head scratcher from me.  I have to read more but I don't like where they are spending the money (not necessarily knocking the player).  I also was less excited after I saw some good oline options sign pretty quickly.  That said - if I frame it another way - this is kind of them replacing Goldman with someone they find as a much better fit in a key role for the defense.  

    This is kind of where I'm at.  The 3T is a key part of Eberflus' defense (just it it was for Lovie's, so as Bears fans we all know how important it is).  I understand the Bears wanting to upgrade there.  But this offseason needs to be about putting Fields in the best position to succeed.  I guess I'll reserve judgement until we see Ogunjobi's cap hit is for this year, but if it takes a large chunk of our current cap space and prevents us from adding better players in free agency at WR/OL, that's a problem.  Obviously we could clear more space by restructuring deals/adding void years/etc, but I'd like to avoid that as much as possible - it's never an ideal way to make cap room, especially for a team who isn't ready to compete for championships.  We need to be as cap healthy as possible heading into a competitive window, hopefully starting in 2023.

    Ogunjobi had a really good year last year and we'll have him for prime years (27 to 30), so I am definitely not knocking the player either.  But I am knocking the allocation of resources being spent on the defense.

  10. On 10/5/2021 at 12:24 PM, ptatc said:

    The LA Rams will not have a first round pick from 2018 to 2024. That's 6 years without a first round pick. The 2017 first round pick was Goff who they had to give 2 first round picks to the Lions to take him. I would consider this more careless with draft capital.

    Yes, for sure. In my haste of posting, I did neglect to mention Les Snead being in the same boat at Pace.  However, when Snead trades draft picks, he adds Pro Bowl and/or Future Hall of Fame talent with those picks. And the Rams are built to win-now, so it makes a bit more sense to "go for it."

    I get that a 6th rounder isn't likely to amount to much. But the more picks you have, the better chance you have to hit on some picks. And honestly, to Pace's credit, he has a pretty solid track record with late round picks, which is about the only thing he does well.

  11. 54 minutes ago, ShoeLessRob said:

    They just traded a 6th round pick for a Dolphins special teamer.


    I know it’s just a 6th round pick, but with a team with no draft capitol it just shows Pace doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. 

    This is horrendous.  I've never seen a GM so careless about draft capital.  What a joke.  We've already traded away so many picks and we're in salary cap hell.  We need draft picks for depth in the coming 1-2 years.  Even something as low as a 6th round pick is not something we can afford to just give away for a month of work from a league average, non-pro bowl return man.  Just put someone else back there and have them fair catch every kickoff and punt for the next month.  Instead, Pace is acting in a win-now mode for a team that is incredibly mediocre and unlikely to make the playoffs.

  12. 27 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

    You would say Trestman had more HC competencies?  100 percent disagree there man, Nagy sucks but Trestman completely lost his locker room and frequently had pressers where he said shit like “I haven’t heard any of that. I didn’t hear all of it. I heard a lot about most of it, but what I did hear, I did not hear any of that.” After giving up 50 points out of the bye 

    Pretty sure he meant Nagy, not Trestman, based on what it says in the rest of that paragraph.  Just a mistype of the name.

    I can't imagine anyone in this world defending Trestman's overall HC competencies.  What a disaster that was.

  13. 18 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Not sure how they are adding 2 wideouts...but obviously one is a special team player.  

    Since we're only carrying 3 RBs to start the season, I think we can effectively consider the punt returner as what will eventually become the roster spot for the 4th RB (once Cohen is back).

  14. 3 hours ago, Dick Allen said:

    Another thing to keep in mind about Patrick Williams is he is still a teenager for a couple more weeks.

    Absolutely.  Not that this is something you can count on, but it's another added benefit of taking the youngest player in the draft.  Sometimes guys aren't done growing.  Sounds like he's grown another inch or two this year, based on what they said on the BullsTalk podcast earlier this week.

  15. 12 hours ago, Chisoxfn said:

    It is an overpay - but the way I see it - in the NBA - when you give a 3 year deal - you really are giving a 2 year deal - because the final year is always valuable as an expiring that can be leveraged to facilitate deals.  The money was definitely too much - but I don't see the Bulls doing anything other than operate as an over the cap team the next few years and their blue print is to leverage existing pieces and potential picks to go get stars (presuming this pans out and they are a good team).  So given the term the money probably isn't a huge deal (and if anything maybe paying a bit more here is purposeful because they figure Derozan is one of the pieces they will move in 1-2 years along with other younger chips (or picks) to parlay into a S&T (and/or mid-season move for a better, ideally star player). 

    In a year - even without cap space - if there is a star player who wants to come to join the Bulls - they will be able to operate, just like they did this year as an over the cap team, and orchestrate FA sign and trades for whatever star (if one is there) who wants to join the Bulls.  I think the part people are downplaying is how Derozan the facilitator will help the bench unit out - because at this point you can run a variety of units and really shift the makeup of the team. I feel like Donovan will have a lot of options and defenses will have to really play defense against this offense (after years of basically Lavine and a bunch of chuckers).  

    This.  100%.  DeRozan is still a good player and a 3 year deal is a fantastic length.  Worst case, that contract will be tradeable by next off-season and a great expiring contract the year after.  Also, to your point, it sets us up to have a perfectly tradeable asset/contract that doesn't take away from the core of the team if a star player becomes available.  Hollinger doesn't account for that, but having that kind of flexibility is pretty important in today's NBA with a new star player seemingly available every off-season.

    Hollinger offered some fair criticisms in his article, but come on, fighting for the 8th seed and likely the 11th best team?  That's just dumb.  Also, if Hollinger was better at this job, he'd still be working for an NBA front office instead of The Athletic.  So while I appreciate his insight into the inner workings of front office, I don't take his word as gospel.

  16. 1 minute ago, Balta1701 said:

    Wait, the Bulls sent 3 firsts to Orlando?

    I think he worded it poorly.  I think he maybe meant that we owe the 2023 pick (protected) and if it doesn't convey, they it goes to Orlando in 2024.  Either that, or Marks is just flat out wrong.

  17. Very interesting. I was all-in on DeRozan when it was rumored as Lauri as the key piece. I like Young as a bench player far better than Lauri. And I dislike giving up another first round pick considering we already lost 2 to the Magic. But, if it's lottery protected, not as big of a deal.  As people have mentioned, from a cap perspective, this sets us up to trade for a superstar if one wants to force a trade - but again, we don't have 1st round draft picks as an asset to give up until 2027.  That's far less attractive to any franchise who's trading away a star player.

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but it would be ideal if we S&T'd Lauri for a first round pick to get back some draft capital.

  18. Even if these moves don't pan out, I love it already.  Can you imagine GarPax pulling off a double sign and trade for DeRozan (not that it's occurred; just the idea of doing it), or getting the Pelicans to make a quick decision on Ball so our money is not tied up waiting for them to make a decision?

    It's so refreshing to have a front office with some imagination and a great understanding of the nuances of navigating the salary cap/managing a roster.  The days of simple, narrow thinking are gone.  I love it.

  19. 2 minutes ago, Chisoxfn said:

    Bulls doing a S&T with Houston for THeis - will get a trade exception worth $9M.  I don't exactly know what that means - but basically we can go acquire someone for $9M at this point and trade it for this. Will be curious if the Bulls actually use this cause I would have thought Theis at this price was better than Caruso.  I'm also curious if maybe White is about to get dangled in a move bigger than any of us are thinking (not like there was any smoke before the Caruso news broke).  Bulls could use a real athletic and talented big (as could most teams haha). 

    If we were going to lose Theis, I like doing it this way.  That's a big trade exception that could come in very handy.

  20. Let's gooooo!

    Love Madrigal, but 2nd basemen with no power aren't hard to find.  Plus Hernandez's option will now be picked up for $6M next year, so we have an instant replacement.

    Heuer has potential to be a great reliever and we saw it last year, but worth giving up to get a guy like Kimbrel.  Our bullpen is absolutely ridiculous now.

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  21. 7 hours ago, Chisoxfn said:

    I love the Olympics - needs a thread.  Crazy with Biles now out of the all around competition now too.  Cool to see Ledecky come back after struggling in 200 to crush it in the 1500.  Can't believe having to do 2 events in such short of a time frame (and to come back from that first loss to crush it the next time is huge).  

    Completely agree on Ledecky.  Crazy to see her race in 2 finals so close together, including the 2nd one being 1500m.  15 round-trips laps is unbelievable.  The men's 4x200 relay was disappointing - from 1st to 5th in the last 50m of the 3rd leg, and then never really recovered.

  22. 2 hours ago, bmags said:

    I’d be surprised if he doesn’t stay in college to go to UT where he just transferred but Mizzou had a pitcher Seth Halverson (?) who was a super athletic position player that switched to mound and had big fastball. Could be a fun project. 

    Selfishly I hope he ends up at Tennessee and fits right in as a weekend starter next year.  But yeah, he seems to have great stuff.  Just needs to harness his command, which is a big reason he ended up at UT - he said he liked their plan for him to do that.