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  1. Carlo Paz

    Weekly Top Prospects Report, 9/1 - FINAL EDITION

    Yes, thanks for doing these. Nice job.
  2. Carlo Paz

    Tim Anderson

    Didn't his best friend get murdered earlier this year? That kind of thing can have a serious effect on someone's focus.
  3. Carlo Paz

    Baseball America: Top 30 White Sox Prospects

    Guys left off list: Jordan Guerrero, Chris Beck, Brian Clark, Courtney Hawkins, Matt Davidson, Luis Curbelo, Corey Zangari) Jeez, Eddie Alvarez didn't even make the list of guys left off the list.
  4. Doesn't sound to me that he's complaining as much as pointing out the obvious. Maddon didn't put the Cubs in the best position to win, got burned, and still managed to come out on top. If Cleveland had won game seven, Maddon would have gone down as one of the biggest goats in baseball history for his stupid usage of Chapman, especially in game six. Instead of Merkle's boner, we'd be discussing Maddon's bed-s***ting.
  5. Cautiously pessimistic.
  6. Jesus, that catch by Uribe. Probably the most unheralded play in MLB history. Derek Jeter makes a lesser but similar catch mid season and it's on every highlight reel for all time.
  7. Carlo Paz

    Ventura says he'd return next year if asked

    It would be almost impossible for me to generate any interest in a Robin Ventura led team next year. How much of a track record of failure do you need?
  8. Carlo Paz

    Not Giving up Yet but ....

    I feel that if the Sox are somehow willing to (finally) take a realistic look at where they are, they could set themselves up to be very good for a long time. They have just enough talent to be a fairly decent team, which means that they have assets that other teams would find desirable. With all of the teams above them that have realistic chances to make the wild card, the trade deadline offers a rare opportunity to take advantage of those teams and get better in the long run. NOW is the time that teams overpay. Let's fuel THEIR delusions for a change and take the realistic path to improvement. The worst thing that could happen now would be another hot streak at the trade deadline fueling the delusion that this is somehow a playoff team (much less a championship contender).
  9. Carlo Paz

    5/7 - Twins @ White Sox Game Thread

    Boy that was a crappy at bat by Jose.
  10. Carlo Paz

    White Sox MVP of April

    QUOTE (Joshua Strong @ May 3, 2016 -> 05:34 AM) Rick Renteria. In all seriousness, I would go with Todd Frazier In all seriousness, I was wondering about the effect of Renteria. He was a respected major league manager and speaks Spanish. I don't suppose there is any way to measure it, but I'm guessing he is a very useful asset.
  11. Carlo Paz

    4/30 Game thread: @ Baltimore, 6:05pm, WGN

    c'mon Melky...one time...
  12. Carlo Paz

    Some quick observations from the Sox dugout at Safeco

    Thanks for that, it was an enjoyable read.
  13. Carlo Paz

    The Optimism Thread

    I'm very pleased that Samardja is starting to come around. He should get us some real good prospects as he is one of the best pitchers that will be available for mid season trading.
  14. Carlo Paz

    "Who is Jose Abreu" Article from Chicago Magazine

    "And now that Konerko has retired, Abreu will be carrying more of the offensive burden."