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  1. joesaiditstrue

    I want Semien but we have a bigger need

    what kind of deal do you think he will get?
  2. joesaiditstrue

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    "Hey Scott, it's Rick Hahn. Wanted to talk to you about Semien." "Hey Rick, how's it going. How's the family?" "For fucks sake, Scott. Why are you so god damned unreasonable?" *click*
  3. I can't be the only person worried about his arm posing a potential injury concern, especially coming off a post season where they were putting him out there more frequently than usual (fewer innings but it's still a change of pace that could affect him in 2022) unless they got him for a friendly deal, I would pass on scherzer. they should've went after him years ago
  4. joesaiditstrue

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    I see Kimbrel going to an NL team personally
  5. joesaiditstrue

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    is Zack Collins the 2022 backup?
  6. joesaiditstrue

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    Sox should've used Kimbrel to close a few games (did they? I don't recall that), to maybe help validate that he's still effective as a closer
  7. joesaiditstrue

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    TA will get locked up, Giolito is gone tho imo
  8. joesaiditstrue

    Liam Hendriks - AL Reliever of Year

    there was a run of maybe 4? outings where he looked terrible and I was about to write him off, but it was just a few bad outings, idk if I've seen a more dominant Sox closer, Jenks wasn't even this good
  9. joesaiditstrue

    Offseason Thread

    Sox are definitely waiting until the CBA is finalized, nobody should be surprised by that
  10. joesaiditstrue

    Offseason Thread

    I expect Keuchel to bounce back pretty well next year, and the Sox will lose their ass if they try and dump him for a bag of balls. I don't think anyone in their right mind thinks Keuchel is 'done', do they? If they do try trading him, they're gonna have to pick up a chunk of that salary regardless unless it's swapping contracts I roll the dice with him locked in at 5
  11. joesaiditstrue

    Sox want Rodon back

    get that draft pick
  12. joesaiditstrue

    Padres interview Ozzie for MGR job

    nobody should be surprised by this
  13. joesaiditstrue

    things don't look so bad now

    Houston is going to curbstomp whoever they're facing in the WS, Doubt it goes 6 games tbh
  14. joesaiditstrue

    things don't look so bad now