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  1. joesaiditstrue

    Rodon vs. Lopez

    Lopez. Carlos will be on the IL by May
  2. joesaiditstrue

    2021 Bullpen Hype Thread

  3. joesaiditstrue

    Study: White Sox fans drink the most of any fanbase

    thankfully I'm the exception my crazy shitposts are 100% sober baby
  4. joesaiditstrue

    Spring Training thread

    not spring training related but does the clubhouse rule regarding no video referencing between atbats apply to 2021 also? that's gonna suck for a lot of guys
  5. Anybody catch his brief interview with Steve and Jason? Was pretty taken aback by his comments. Dude sounds like the full package, and seems highly intelligent and well prepared
  6. joesaiditstrue

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    pointless to even broadcast this garbage
  7. joesaiditstrue

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    back back back VAUGHN TRADE HIM
  8. joesaiditstrue

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    not a fan of this camera angle
  9. joesaiditstrue

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    sadly not all of us have cable. trying to find a stream tho edit: Found a stream I think, if it works I'll update this post if anybody wants to PM for the link edited: my stream works, hmu!
  10. joesaiditstrue

    Giolito says there hasn't been talks on an extension

    Giolito ain't gonna get an extension, not with this ownership lol
  11. joesaiditstrue

    2021 Most likely to...

  12. joesaiditstrue

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    hey, it isn't wrong yet!
  13. joesaiditstrue

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    coming off a 60 game season, I'd be surprised based on what I've seen on here and twitter that most teams aren't putting their starters on some form of innings limit/6 man rotations
  14. joesaiditstrue

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    you have no idea how good of a manager he is. he hasn't managed in a decade, and he's also an elderly man with a drinking problem, take off the rose tinted glasses. ffs
  15. joesaiditstrue

    Jace Fry to DL

    As someone who is currently suffering with extreme sciatic nerve pain, I hope this guy can get this taken care of. That kind of pain can sideline anyone, excruciating. Mine was easily a 10 on the pain scale, missed 3 days straight of work with little progression at all. Ended up having to work through it, I looked like a 40 year old in an 80 year olds body