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  1. joesaiditstrue

    George Springer Thread

    eh, as long as hit bat/obp still plays, we have the DH spot if his D starts regressing that badly. how long will Abreu be here? I mean, if you expect Vaughn/Abreu to lock down 1B/DH for the next 5 years, then I would agree that 5 years is too long for Springer. If they do end up trading Vaughn, then I would backtrack on that
  2. joesaiditstrue

    trading our players

    And we arguably have one of the worst GMs in the game at identifying your own home grown talent
  3. joesaiditstrue

    White Sox untouchables

    it's sad the Sox could literally plug every hole without trading away a single player, but they would rather pinch pennies this has been the Sox M.O. since I started watching this team I might not be in agreement with everyone with my next comment but imo the Sox are closer to a world series by keeping the farm intact and landing some top tier FAs than trading for guys who aren't valued by their team anymore and signing some lower tier guys
  4. wait, I thought pro athletes were like the role models we want our kids to aspire to be this is madness!
  5. joesaiditstrue

    Sox claim Emilio Vargas

    is it really that likely that Rodon is non tendered? idk about that. I could be wrong but what would he be owed if they kept him?
  6. joesaiditstrue

    Garrett Crochet

    as good as he was, I would go real slow with him as a starter. I'm sure he and his agent would hate it but 🤷‍♂️
  7. joesaiditstrue

    Yonder Alonso Retires

  8. joesaiditstrue

    Offseason Targets

    are you serious
  9. joesaiditstrue

    Offseason Targets

    strawman af
  10. joesaiditstrue

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

  11. joesaiditstrue

    Jose Abreu wins 2020 AL MVP

    he's definitely a hof'er. just depends on what ballot imo. coming from Cuba, these guys have to battle through so much more adversity to get to the major leagues than your typical american kid who probably had a more stable support framework around him. a lot of people don't realize how hard it is for someone in Cuba to even sniff the major leagues, let alone find success, let alone become MV damn P top 5 sox player of all time? (Thomas and Sale obviously, I would put Abreu in there)
  12. joesaiditstrue

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    This is a good hire
  13. joesaiditstrue

    2020 Election Thoughts

    This was during the primary, but seems like Sanders had the most support from service members if you go by individual donations https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/bernie-sanders-leads-trump-all-2020-candidates-in-donations-from-active-duty-troops-946188/amp/
  14. Billionaires operate from an entirely different social framework than normal human beings. Can we blast all of them to Mars already ,fuck. https://www.salon.com/2020/09/04/wealthier-people-have-trouble-reading-other-peoples-emotional-states-study-says/ https://healthland.time.com/2010/11/24/the-rich-are-different-more-money-less-empathy/ https://www.zmescience.com/science/one-percent-lack-empathy/
  15. joesaiditstrue

    New Manager. Who could sox target at this point?

    watch the weather change