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  1. TomPickle

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Might want to check your math there.
  2. TomPickle

    The Wainwright Thread

    Wainwright is better than Cease and Lopez so I'm in on a short deal. I would have preferred Kluber, but at ideally you're just looking for him to make 10 starts at the beginning of the year. If Lopez is your #6 starter to start the year and then he's #7 whenever Kopech is ready I think that's totally fine. I would much rather they try to find a Nova level starter and spend on a DH, but it kinda looks like finding a Nova and doing nothing at DH which would be bad, obviously.
  3. TomPickle

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Yep, and then scrape the bottom of the barrel with guys like Brad Miller or Jonathan Villar and maybe you cobble together league average play there.
  4. TomPickle

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Sign Michael Brantley
  5. TomPickle

    George Springer to Toronto. 6 years/150 million

    There's no arguing whether or not it was in the budget. He didn't sign with the White Sox so it obviously wasn't in the budget. You're not going to win dollar per WAR championships playing at the top of the market. It is my belief that the White Sox currently have a three year window to win a World Series and I'm a lot less worried about what happens after that.
  6. TomPickle

    George Springer to Toronto. 6 years/150 million

    There's a very real chance Springer puts up more WAR in 2021 than those three guys do in the remainder of their careers combined.
  7. TomPickle

    George Springer to Toronto. 6 years/150 million

    Agreed guys, White Sox have to keep that powder dry so they can also pass on more top level free agents next year.
  8. TomPickle

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Yelich and Burnes for Eloy, Kopech, and Kelley
  9. TomPickle

    Foodies: Other Bullpen Depth Pieces

    Nick Tropeano is a guy I would like to see the Sox sign in the 'dumpster diving' tier of free agents.
  10. TomPickle

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    If you aren't going to be able to get Burnes with a second tier package, and you likely won't be able to, then why not just go for Woodruff if you are going to make a deal for a Brewers SP?
  11. This is what I want too, but since it won't happen I have set my cheap DH sights on CJ Cron.
  12. $54 million 'guaranteed' keeps being said in reports so my guess is 3/$50 with a $4 mil buyout in year four.
  13. I wish I had any faith at all that the White Sox would keep spending money after this so I could be happy about it. $25 million for Eaton and Hendriks. Give me Springer for $25 million every day of the week.
  14. TomPickle

    Kris Bryant

    IDK seems kinda unlikely the Cubs trade back for Schwarber.
  15. TomPickle

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    The White Sox drafted a hall of famer in Chris Sale and thought they could replicate his path to success with Rodon, failed miserably and now are going to just shoot their shot again. It's very cool.