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  1. TomPickle

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    It's a cool can, but there are dozens of other beers served at GRF that I would rather be drinking
  2. TomPickle

    MLB cheating scandal

    Great job by Keuchel endearing himself to a new fanbase in his first real opportunity. I'm sure Astros fans appreciate it at least.
  3. TomPickle

    One Last Spot

    I know they want to play service time games with Kopech, but he's going to be 19 months removed from Tommy John by the start of the season. He should be ready if needed as well.
  4. TomPickle


    I agree that he's not lighting the world on fire and making a joke of AAA. But he's a super polished and possibly physically maxed out guy without that much more upside. The two possible boxes that he has to check that are basically the same thing: hit for more power (even if just doubles) and/or change his approach to wait for more pitches he can hit with authority. Even then I don't know if doing that actually maximizes him as a baseball player. I don't think that's going to happen either way and he'll still be up in May at the latest.
  5. TomPickle


    I came in expecting this but only because I hadn't seen that yet.
  6. TomPickle

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

  7. TomPickle

    Where is Jake Burger?

    Update from Fegan's article today on The Athletic is that there is no update.
  8. TomPickle

    Ozuna signs w/ Atlanta

    They got one from Donaldson so it's pretty much a wash. Echoing the sentiments of many here, but it Castellanos is going to just get one year the Sox should definitely be in on him.
  9. TomPickle

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    https://theathletic.com/1523975/2020/01/17/jim-bowdens-top-50-prospects-for-2020/ Jim Bowden has Luis Robert as his #1 overall prospect. Kopech #11, Madrigal #14, Vaughn #35
  10. TomPickle

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Teoscar Hernandez had a 102 wRC+ in 2019 in MLB or 15 points lower than Abreu. Abreu's wRC+ was 15 points lower than Donaldson. We should both probably quit posting on a White Sox message board during the off season if we aren't allowed to make projections based on past performance.
  11. TomPickle

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    It was just a throwaway comment I made because I was annoyed that the Twins signed Donaldson. Though I would much rather have Donaldson than Abreu and $4.3 million, which is the difference in AAV over the first three years of the deal. I could see how the deals offset somewhat due to the one extra year of Donaldson and that he is also a year older than Abreu. I think the Abreu deal was bad and this deal is justified, but yeah, it doesn't really make that much sense to compare the two out of the blue like I did. Donaldson was as much better offensively over Abreu as Abreu was over Teoscar Hernandez. It is a significant difference and even if Donaldson is forced to DH he's going to be a more valuable DH than Abreu will be after Encarnacion is gone.
  12. TomPickle

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    The 34 year old a a better hitter and fielder than the 33 year old.
  13. TomPickle

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    This makes the Abreu deal look even worse, not that it needed any help looking bad.
  14. TomPickle

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    I believe that AJ Hinch is a better manager than Ricky Renteria. I do not believe that managers are that valuable and being the team that hired back in AJ Hinch would make me mad. I would be against doing this, but not to the point that I would stop cheering for the team or anything.
  15. TomPickle

    MLB cheating scandal

    I don't understand the call for postseason bans. At that point you may as well contract the team. There is no point in them even being involved in the sport.