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  1. TomPickle

    7/18 Games

    Being dismayed at how bad Robert is kicking your team's ass is the perfect opposing call imo
  2. TomPickle

    7/18 Games

    This is the opposing team's announcer lol
  3. This seems incredibly unlikely to be out of context. It is four consecutive sentences.
  4. TomPickle

    Tilson optioned

  5. TomPickle

    Tilson optioned

    So Goins = Tilson and "A Pitcher" = Eloy? Not saying it won't be a pitcher, but that doesn't really track if you're trying to fit specific pieces. Also, there are a couple pitchers they could release/put on the IL if they wanted a pitcher.
  6. TomPickle

    Tilson optioned

    I would think this is Engel, but then why wouldn't they have just called him up instead of Goins? It's probably still Engel.
  7. TomPickle

    Tilson optioned

  8. TomPickle


    Eric and Kiley seem to be perfectly content on being the low man on Robert. They still don't have him in their top 20 prospects and only Wander Franco is in the top 50 among prospects.
  9. I think a snake draft is good no matter how it is determined. I wouldn't hate just a 30 team lottery.
  10. TomPickle

    7/16 Games

    Look at his game logs. He throws gems and turds and nothing in between (pretty much anyway).
  11. TomPickle

    Eloy going on IL

    In terms of fangraphs WAR he'd have to be worth -10 runs as a fielder in LF to equal out to being a DH in terms of value. He is currently at -5.7 runs so basically on pace for -10 if he were to play the full season. The hope would be that he would get less awful in the outfield with additional experience, but even then I don't think he projects to ever be even an average LF at this point.
  12. TomPickle

    Eloy going on IL

    Pretty sad that the best thing for Engel's future as the 4th outfielder on this team was to go to AAA and let Tilson and Cordell flail around and prove themselves to not be MLB players in any aspect.
  13. TomPickle

    Luis Robert

    The median net worth in the United States is ~97k. Unless you know something about the user base of SoxTalk that I don't there is just no way that is true. But this quickly torpedoing into a bad/worthless discussion so that's all I'm going to say.
  14. TomPickle

    Luis Robert

    I understand the worry some users ITT have about re-signing Robert when his team control is up and I think that is likely the case as well. However, do you all not have the same concerns over signing Moncada, Giolito, Kopech, Cease, Eloy, and possibly Anderson as well? If you play the service time game with Robert and call him up in May of 2020 the only guy you will for sure have for all of Robert's control is Eloy. Everyone else's clock will run out and need to be re-signed/extended. Parkman put it more succinctly, the window is already open and now slowly closing. At this point in the rebuild you should be trying to get the remaining pieces to the majors at a pace that pushes them, but doesn't overwhelm them. Robert is pretty clearly ready to play in the majors right now. I'm fine with giving him through August at AAA if you want, but he should see the big leagues this year. Madrigal and Vaughn should both be up in 2020.
  15. TomPickle

    7/13 Games