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  1. TomPickle

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    Alonso has a career 113 wRC+ against righties with a 15.8% K rate. Alex Call was at best the 8th OF prospect in the White Sox farm system. I don't understand the hate some of you guys (a lot of you guys before the WSD post) have for this move. The White Sox traded an extremely fungible asset for a competent big leaguer. Sure, Alonso is redundant on this roster with Delmonico and Palka already on it, but he's more proven than either of those guys and none of the three really have any upside left to explore. This deal isn't even official yet. While it doesn't seem too likely there could be cash coming back to the Sox with Alonso. Even if there isn't this doesn't reach the levels of calling Hahn the worst GM in history or some kind of black mark on the team that reeks of desperation. That it happens to put a check mark in the "Pro" column for Machado when he decides to sign is gravy. Even if that relationship is the meat of the deal it's still Salisbury steak and not something rotting in the back of the fridge you forgot to throw out two weeks ago. The McCann signing is worse than this deal, in my opinion, even when you don't consider any outside factors.
  2. Who knows if this is true, but this combined with the McCann signing has made for a less than stellar day of trying to kill time at work.
  3. Man, Harper is really going to come and take Kopech's number and his twitter handle too. Ruthless. Is this the 'leader' you want to sign for your team?
  4. TomPickle

    Bryce Harper Updates

    What are you so afraid of about the White Sox and their 30 million dollar payroll signing a free agent to a massive deal? If the White Sox somehow run into a massive payroll problem because all of their prospects turn out to be so good that they become expensive in arbitration then even if Harper is a 3-4 win player most years it isn't going to hurt. If the prospects don't work out then it kinda sucks for Bryce Harper as he's stuck on a crappy team forever, but Stanton got out. Whatever Harper signs for isn't going to give surplus value, but he isn't some unmovable behemoth either.
  5. At the very least these rumors are amusing during an otherwise boring workday, so keep them coming peavy44.
  6. TomPickle

    Goldschmidt to Cards / Weaver-Kelly-Young to Dbacks

    Varsho expendable now? I'd take him with Greinke as a salary dump
  7. TomPickle

    Victor Victor Mesa & Victor Jr sign with the Marlins

    Seems like a big signing that doesn't allow you to do much else with international signing would be the perfect thing for the Orioles to do. They aren't going to sign anyone else so at least take a shot on a guy that's infinitely more likely to make the major leagues than any 16 year old.
  8. TomPickle

    Carlos Rodon receiving trade interest

    Rodon's potential outweighs his performance by so much that I don't see how this trade could go down. The Sox asking price would be on Q levels, but it doesn't seem likely that a team would be willing to pay that price for what Rodon could be. I don't think Rodon would have a lower asking price than Chris Archer and Archer has a much better track record of health and success.
  9. TomPickle

    What would the White Sox get for Jace Fry?

    Fry and Hand are on roughly the same level of performance, Cimber too. The difference between Hand and Fry and Cimber is that he's done it for 2.5 years in the bullpen already. Of course Fry will be more valuable if he has a longer track record of this performance, but this thread is about what he's worth right now. I don't think you're going to get a top 100 prospect for Fry at this moment.
  10. TomPickle

    What would the White Sox get for Jace Fry?

    Jace Fry is closer to Adam Cimber, the throw in player in that deal, than Brad Hand (handedness excluded obviously). Proven, elite bullpen arms are more valuable than they ever have been, but solid bullpen arms like Fry are the same fungible assets they always have been. I'd expect a bigger return for Fry than what Soria netted the White Sox, but you'd be looking at a guy that's borderline top 10 prospect for a team with good depth or maybe top 5 in a bad system.
  11. TomPickle

    Escape from LA game thread

    I'd rather see Palka be given a shot at playing 1B.
  12. TomPickle

    Soria traded for Kodi Medeiros and Wilber Perez.

    This is his write-up from MLB pipeline
  13. TomPickle

    This is another Game Thread

    Sox are trying to get Trout to 100 walks before the series is over.
  14. TomPickle

    FS: The Inaugural Nick Madrigal - a first look in

    I know it's absolutely meaningless, but it'd be really cool if he got to 100 PA without a strikeout.
  15. TomPickle

    7/21 Games

    Probably not time to hit that home/road splits panic button after 5 road games.