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  1. Theoretically they saved themselves $750k. $500k buyout on Castillo and $250k they could have spent in the international free agent market.
  2. I hate this organization
  3. TomPickle

    Fangraphs and Luis Robert

    The silliest thing to me is that his speed grade hasn't budged at all either. He had the fastest sprint speed in the AFL and in the Futures Game and he can't even get bumped to a 70. That's just ignoring empirical data for no reason. It's absurd to me.
  4. TomPickle

    Machado do-over

    The issue here isn't just whether or not Machado is worth $300 million (I believe he is), but what is wasting Giolito's and Moncada's breakthrough seasons worth? What is giving a plausible reason to keep Luis Robert down in the minors for the entirety of this season worth? What is shrinking the window for when your core will be in the majors at the same time together worth? All of these things can be mitigated by spending this off season, but I sure don't have faith in this front office/ownership right now. And for another matter, what is not pissing off your fanbase worth? I know attendance is up, but I haven't gone to a game this year and I don't plan to either. I don't go to a ton of games, but usually at least 5 per year. If the Sox signed one of Machado or Harper I would have gone to at least that many this season.
  5. TomPickle

    8/6 Games

    Bailey 3-3 with a 2B and a 3B
  6. TomPickle

    8/5 Games

    Bailey saw he didn't make the Future Sox top 30 and figured he show you bastards.
  7. TomPickle

    8/1 Games

    Guess it was an oblique, but still I was closer lol.
  8. TomPickle

    8/1 Games

    Walker had an abdominal strain in college, not a hand injury as far I as know.
  9. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=676159#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL
  10. Castro is 22 and still in the DSL so he's probably not a real piece. Jarneski is 19 in the AZL and has pretty good numbers aside from a lot of walks.
  11. TomPickle

    Sox vs. Mets - Tues, July 30th, 2019

    Thank god we played for the lefty-lefty matchup
  12. TomPickle

    Luis Robert

    If Luis Robert wanted to play in the majors so badly he should have had the players association negotiate a better deal in November of 2016 several months before he signed with the White Sox. That's just bad business on his part.
  13. TomPickle

    7/29 Games

    Rutherford and Sheets back-to-back homers