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  1. soxhawks

    NFL Primetime

    QUOTE(knightni @ Sep 11, 2006 -> 08:15 AM) Less Berman is more, IMO. I would have to agree when it comes to baseball, but NFL primetime was a post game ritual that many of us got used to and I will miss it
  2. Is it off the air? I feel like a part of me is missing
  3. soxhawks

    Which are worse?

    They are the exact same fan, just there happens to be an abundance of Cub fans around me so I go with them.
  4. soxhawks

    Randy Walker

    Terrible thing to see happen, especially as it seemed he was going to be at Northwestern for the long haul and has gotten the program to be a bowl contender every season.
  5. soxhawks

    I think it is time....

    I'll take Vazquez as my fifth starter any day of the week, and when it comes down to it McCarthy is not an upgrade at all and a wash at best.
  6. soxhawks

    Toughest Athlete?

    Steve McNair is a total stud, I just remember watching the super bowl when the Titans played the Rams and he shook off two Rams lineman and completed a thirty yard pass. Plus he always plays with some pretty serious injuries, the guy is never 100% healthy.
  7. soxhawks

    What round were our current Sox drafted in?

    QUOTE(Timoperezrulez @ Jun 10, 2006 -> 08:36 PM) wow Politte at 54 is a pretty big shock. He was drafted by the cards, they wouldn't draft any pitcher unless he was 6 feet or taller but since he was a hometown kid they drafted him anyway.
  8. soxhawks


    This would be great if Pujols was on roids, it would just turn all of these reporters into complete hypocrites because I guarentee they would not give Pujols half the s*** they've given Bonds.
  9. soxhawks

    Vendors at comiskular

    QUOTE(IamPabloOzuna @ Jun 7, 2006 -> 03:09 PM) This is the same gay who belts out "MMMMMIIIIIILLLLLLEEEEERRRRR LLLLLIIIIGGGHHHHTTTT," a chicago legend maybe? Ya they got a lot of gay beer venders up at the cell.
  10. soxhawks

    Jayson Stark on Cintron

    Cintron is not that much if any upgrade in the hitting department and Uribe is a much better fielder.
  11. soxhawks

    AL All-Star Ballot Update

    QUOTE(Melissa1334 @ May 31, 2006 -> 06:18 PM) wow, thats crazy. every position player is from the yanks or red sox...whats new? robinson cano??? stupid s***. u know when yankee fans vote, they chose a yankee at every position, same for the red sox. ........... :rolly Ya I voted for every sox player even Anderson.
  12. soxhawks

    Luis Gonzalez in the HOF?

    I don't think so, he was a total roider and he was only a top five player for about three to five years.
  13. soxhawks

    Tigers are gonna be tough to catch

    Don't we have 15 games left with them?
  14. soxhawks

    Intriguing Week Ahead...

    Detroit hasn't played anyone, and when they played us we already swept em.