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  1. michelangelosmonkey

    Cease this year's Contreras?

    What I remember of the 2005 team was the crazy bullpen...a bunch of fringe prospects and journeymen became unhittable for a year. Politte, Cotts and Hermanson pitched every game with sub 2.00 ERA. Sort of the opposite of this team with undeniable talent with unspeakable results.
  2. michelangelosmonkey

    Cease this year's Contreras?

    I think maybe 94 team is best comparison? Superstars like Thomas, Raines and Ventura and a bunch of pretty good others. Four power starting pitchers. Thing about this team is everyone is 26 or younger.
  3. michelangelosmonkey

    GT 8/21: SOX @ TB, 12:10 NBCSN

    Weird what they are doing at catcher. TLR is so old school which means 1) never have catcher in day game after night game 2) lefty hitter versus righty pitcher....yet Collins sits? I know this will call in the cascade of COLLINS SUCKS...but he made a couple of game savings stops at catcher in the 10th/11th last night. He's been on base 6 of his last 11 plate appearances...and honestly Zeby is not good...outside of his one magic game his slash line is .171/.236/.234, he's had 7 passed balls in 24 games started and thrown out 5% of base stealers. I wonder if Collins is hated in the clubhouse or told TLR that he doesn't like dogs or something. I honestly hope they send Collins down and let him start at catcher in AAA and then quietly trade him in the off season...their handling of him has been so odd.
  4. michelangelosmonkey

    Minor League Catch-All 2021

    It's curious following the minor leagues solely through the lens of the major leagues. It honestly doesn't matter to me if the combined minor leagues lose every night as long as they produce three or four interesting pieces to add to the White Sox or use as trade pieces. I think that is where we are at right now...the major league roster is so young and talented that it doesn't matter that you have hundreds of pretty good minor league players that will help Kannapolis win 60% of their games. You want potential stars to add to our existing galaxy. You say it's too bad they have no pitching...yet Gio-26, Cease-25, Kopech-25, Crochett-22 should be in your starting staff for five years. What you need is to see the high school kids slowly developing so you have a second wave. Vera, Thompson, Kelly, Dalquist, Burke and McDougal are all 18-21 with great stuff...we just have to be patient with them as they rise through the system.
  5. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    He only started 11 out of 21 games between the 5th and the 31st...he came in as a pinch hitter or took over after Z was removed for a pinch hitter. He has been BAD...but I don't think it's a fair trial. I get that we are trying to win but to give Z half the starts after Grandal's injury...why? Why not the Navarez here you go...prove it...stretch.
  6. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    And a .500 record...which would be better than Musgrove the last three months.
  7. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    Since the first two games in early April Musgrove is 6-8 with a 3.50+ ERA for a great team...and he would have cost, as someone suggested Kelley, Beard and Rodriguez. I know you are going to FIP and FWAR me to death but...8-8 total for an elite team with a 3.11 ERA in the National League...at some point you FIPsters are going to have to acknowledge that the stats don't work for some guys...Musgrove had elite FIP for Pittsburgh and yet never won...now he's over at the Padres...that team that most Soxtalkers wish we had...and he's OK...solidly OK. If we sign him we don't bring back Rodon who has been elite...and Rodriquez is our top prospect today...and Reylo sure is interesting...for free.
  8. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    How do you get in a rhythm when he catches every third day? Catching is hard to learn...he's changed his catching style this year to kneeling...has a new catching coach...and he's only 26. When I looked at it back in mid June Collins ERA while catching was lower than Grandals...again not entirely his doing as he was Rodon and Gio's personal catcher...but he must call a pretty good game or they wouldn't want him as their personal catcher...Gio called him a "student of the game". Meanwhile framing is the dumbest metric...he's really bad at keeping the umpires from being really bad? So when we go to robot umps suddenly Collins is a lefty power hitter with lots of walks and calls a good game and we let him get away? Like Reylo...let them develop.
  9. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    I think their handling of Collins has been weird. Grandal got hurt on July 5th and the White Sox have played 36 games since then and Collins has started 16 of them. It seems clear that management doesn't think he can do it. I wish they had given him 25 starts in a row to prove it...like they did with Narvaez in 2018. They put guys like Engel in only super advantageous hitting matchups and yet Collins is always facing tough lefties because of the pitchers he catches for. Not everyone pans out...and at one point it seemed like they had a clever long term plan for Collins...now I just think they hate him. but not as much as Soxtalk HATES him (but again...like they hated Reylo until reylo started pitching well...we get 10,000 HE SUCKS and then when he turns it around three or four...well I guess I was wrong).
  10. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    Collins has been terrible this past 6 weeks. Reylo was the worst pitcher in baseball last year. Gio was the worst pitcher in baseball in 2018. Rodon was a wasted top four draft pick. All have extraordinary potential. I am happy to admit that Collins has lost his confidence and has been terrible the last six weeks...but again...as recently as July 1st he had a .733 OPS, had caught a no hitter and was the preferred catcher for two of our best pitchers...and a lefty back up catcher. We will all cheer when we cut Collins loose this off season, as we did when Avasail left, and in a quiet move Tampa or Oakland or Milwaukee picks him up. Until then I will just get used to the deep thoughtful analysis, 10,000 times a game, of COLLINS SUCKS....just like I got used to the REYLO SUCKS chants.
  11. michelangelosmonkey

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    I got mocked here a lot back in the off season, in the Joe Musgrove thread, when I suggested we under rate our own potential guys and fall in love with some other teams potential guys. I argued that while JM had intriguing potential there were warning signs and he was going to cost a lot of assets while Reylo had upside and cost nothing....hahahahahahaha you are stupid...Reylo is trash and JM is amazing, I was told. I'm not sure I believe in the new Reylo...but I also never believed in the loud "HE IS GARBAGE" stuff. In 2018, at 24, Reylo pitched 180+ innings and had a 3.5 WAR. That guy is in there somewhere...yet at 26 he was worth nothing?? Chris Bassitt who we were all lamenting was another one that got away...has been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last three years...was nothing until he turned 30. I made the same argument with Rodon at the start of the season...that there were comparable pitchers that had history of arm problems and then in their late twenties were past it and had very good careers (I used Mike Minor who starting at 29 put up 14 WAR in three years after missing two and a half years with arm problems). At some point we have to be patient when a guy doesn't perform as opposed to falling all over ourselves to see who can shout the loudest "HE SUCKS". And in an unrelated note maybe we can ratchet back the 10,000 posts per gamethread that shout "Collins sucks"...maybe as a fan base we can start cheering for our guys and rooting against the other teams guys?
  12. michelangelosmonkey

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    Yes but Eloy has 46 homers and 123 RBIs in 180 career games, Grandal's average year is 90 walks and 27 homers, Robert might be the best all around player I've ever seen on the Sox and Madrigal (I'm going to miss him) has a career .317 batting average. Why couldn't it be Leury and Goodwin and Collins that were hurt and out most of the season? But man...when we get all the pieces together!!!!
  13. michelangelosmonkey


    Frank Howard had a ten year stretch where he had -20 dWar and was STILL +40 WAR. I don't love the idea of Vaughn being the full time RF...but I think his fielding will not cost nearly as many runs as his hitting will create...especially when Robert is back covering 3/4 of the outfield by himself. Still Cali's passion of getting lefty Joe Gallo to help this year and next before Cespedes is ready while working with VAughan/Eloy/Sheets/Abreu combo for LF/iB/DH is the best route.
  14. michelangelosmonkey

    FA Rodon / Lynn - Locked on Sox and SoxTalk Poll

    Why would someone need to take on those deals? Grandal seems like he will continue to have value through his contract (splitting catcher next year with Collins...and DH, 1b etc going forward). Keuchel is really only guaranteed 2022 (from my understanding has to pitch 160 innings next year to vest for 2023). Having him and Kopech split innings next year seems fine...and if not...honestly on a staff with Gio, Lynn, Cease, Kopech, Rodon he's your 6th choice so I can see the Sox wanting to trade him and I think for a lot of contending teams he would be a great 4th or 5th starter. Flip him for a couple of 19 year olds.
  15. michelangelosmonkey

    FA Rodon / Lynn - Locked on Sox and SoxTalk Poll

    I guess my "overly pessimistic" comment is about your cap at $160 million. I just want to reiterated the point that JR is a businessman and his goal is to make money. As I look at Sox attendance history it suggests that at that stadium for the last 25 years the floor of attendance is about 20,000 fans...meaning good years or bad 20,000 fans will come out just for the joy of baseball. If you figure a fan is worth $75...ticket, parking, food, pro shop, etc...that suggests an annual attendance revenue of $120 mill. With radio and TV rites you figure that is about what it costs to maintain a 15th overall payroll (basically where the Sox have been). JR understands that the difference between a 65 win team and a 85 win team is probably almost nothing in revenue...so when the team is down he has no real incentive to boost up spending on free agents etc. But he also understands that when the team is going good attendance goes with it. White Sox peak attendance was 2006 post World series glory at 36,500. I think the excitement for this team...with all the young personable stars...will come close to that. So I arbitrarily used the number of 35,000. Let's say for the next five years (2022 and on) they average 35,000 always go to the playoffs and win a WS. An extra 15,000 fans a game comes out to $90 million +. Add in 5 playoff games, $100 per fan with 40,000 fans in attendance is another $20 mill a year bringing us to an annual extra $110,000,00 additional revenue Do you think it's crazy to think the White Sox will spend half of that on player contracts? That's an extra $55 million which will take the White Sox to about a top 5 payroll...as I suggested. Add in the fact that they know they saved a couple of hundred million over the last five years with super low payrolls (not much effect on attendance) and the Sox have money to spend and have SAID they will spend money. If JR is a smart business man (which I think he is) he should be cheap in the down years and spend in the good years...which is exactly what the data shows. And now we are at a possible turning point for the franchise...possibly the greatest assemblage of talent in 100 years + most of them super young and super cheap+ no currently bad long term contracts + coming out of the pandemic+ Cubs starting a rebuild + millennials changing the face of Chicago...It's not impossible that hitting the accelerator now flips White Sox floor level attendance to more like the Cubs floor attendance for the last 25 years of about 30,000 fans...add in TV and Radio rights increasing. Honestly the argument against them spending a LOT more is something like "JR has a map to a gold mine but is too cheap to buy a shovel". The truth will come out in the next few months but I am very bullish.