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    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    And yes JD has been amazing the last two years. My only point was that when he was a free agent at the end of the 2017 season it was a reasonable position to say that 2017 was an outlier and he was more likely to regress to the 2014-2016 JD...which was a darn good hitter but non-elite. I'm not sure what to make of his 2018 season...I'm not sure what the research is on this...but it seems like a very good hitter, when surrounded by a lineup of good hitters, will be better. Pitcher exhaustion or synergy or something. I hope/believe it's true...if Moncada is the only "dangerous" hitter in your lineup...the pitcher can bear down and get him out. But if you have Moncada/Madrigal/Harper/Abreu/Jimenez/Robert/Collins/Palka/Anderson...do they all make each other better? The dream
  2. michelangelosmonkey

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    We are talking about the time right before JD signed his contract...so the four relevant years are 2014-2017...and Abreu's War in that time was 17 while JD's was 15.5. I'm not saying you are wrong about JD...I just think the general Soxtalk opinion was to let Abreu walk or sell him for some magic beans....when it seems like he is the guy we should take a chance on for the next three years. He is JD.
  3. michelangelosmonkey

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    Problem is JD is only six months younger than Abreau. Most here are saying Abreau is to old for the next Sox championship run...so why commit $110 to JD when most would not do the same for Jose. The exciting thing for Harper is his age...it seems so rare to have a 26 year old on the cusp of stardom hitting free agency. This year there are two.
  4. michelangelosmonkey

    In 2020...Five sox hitters combine for 500 walks

    It's way early to tell on Robert...it just seems like his walk rate was double Moncada's at same ages in the Cuban league. By most accounts having a good batting eye is one of his skills. Also if he hits for power like the reports say his walks will rise as pitches are more cautious with him. In any event...if the true number for the top 4 is 380? The larger point is we have a bunch of OBP guys coming to team with a bunch of power guys. If they land Harper the upside for the offense is great.
  5. michelangelosmonkey

    In 2020...Five sox hitters combine for 500 walks

    Robert walked 80 times in 600 at bats for the Cuban team and in his brief non-injured time in the minors was on pace for roughly the same. It is one of his skill sets. Collins as a hitter looks like Dunn to me...low batting average, great eye, big power. Dunn had 100+ walks many times in his career. To me the most unlikely is Basabe. It is less rare to have a team with 4 for 400...it's that fifth guy. Still its not CRAZY talk. And if you have an offense with 5 guys with 500 AND Madrigal who I think looks like he could be the new Rod Carew? That's a lot of base runners for for your power guys.
  6. In the last ten years the White Sox have had exactly one hitter with 100 walks in a season...Adam Dunn did it once. Last year the Sox were second worst in MLB in walks. The year before they were third worst. I think walks are an essential skill not only in getting batters on base but also wearing down a pitcher. Its been painful watching their lack of understanding of the strike zone recently.. But is it possible that great days are ahead? In 2020, after we sign Bryce Harper...and Moncada improves...and Robert, Collins and Basabe come up that those five could walk 500 times? OK no White Sox team ever did this...1996 team had five with about 450. Red Sox team in 1949 had five with 525. But it doesn't seem impossible...Harper with 120, Collins 120, Moncado with 95, Robert with 90 and Basabe with 75? We could be building an elite offense. Fun to dream about...all those batters on base and Jimimez and Abreau bringing them home Come om Sox...sign Harper!
  7. michelangelosmonkey

    8/2 Sox v, Royal Lopez pitching

    Yes but if you are putting the pieces together for a team to compete...having Davidson/Palka lefty/righty DH and occasional fill in at RF/LF/3b/1B is useful. You don't want them as your stars...but they are youngish/cheap and scary on the team if they are your seventh best hitter (Eloy, Abrea, Avi, Moncado, Anderson, Machado)
  8. michelangelosmonkey

    8/2 Sox v, Royal Lopez pitching

    Davidson/Palka now have played combined 156 games...28 doubles, 3 triples, 32 homers. 58 walks, 82 RBI...nearly .800 OPS. Seems like a fully acceptable DH.
  9. michelangelosmonkey

    Irrational fondness of a player who completely sucks

    Jeremy Reed, at 22, in AA Birmingham hit .409 for half a season with an OPS of 1.065. I cried when they traded him for Freddie Garcia who did nothing for the White Sox (other than help them win a World Series). I cried when Jeremy got called up to the Mariners at 23 and in 20 games hit .397 with a .940 OPS. And for the next 8 seasons I breathlessly followed his certain Hall of Fame career denying the reality of his suckitude.
  10. michelangelosmonkey

    White Sox @ Reds, 7/3/18, 6:10 pm CDT

    I don't get the hate because it seems irrational. For basically 2 years and 800+ AB's Avi has been an .850 OPS guy and people's argument is "yeah but when he was 23 and 24 in the majors for the first time he was a mess"...then every time he goes in a slump it is "well here comes terrible 24 year old Avi again". We are in the midst of a rebuild...good save our souls...every prospect outside of Frank Thomas/Mike Trout struggles before they find it. On this board half the posts are about whose job is it to drag Giolito, Fulmer, Lopez, Moncado and Tim Anderson to the dumpster...and we actually have someone that has broken through and we can't wait to trade him. It is reasonable to question his walks...but go look at Kirby Puckett's career (lifetime .340 BABIP including 4 years above .370). From the 5 years where he was 28-32 KP (basically when Avi will be due a new contract) averaged 5+ WAR a season including a 7.8 WAR in a year where he walked 23 times. And I know people will scoff at Avi=Kirby but at 24 Kirby put up a .655 OPS in 600 AB's/ Wouldn't Kirby Puckett look good in the 2020 lineup? Why would anyone want to trade that for some teams 10th rated prospect?
  11. michelangelosmonkey

    White Sox @ Reds, 7/3/18, 6:10 pm CDT

    I was agreeing with you...and using stats in a reasonable way by looking at OPS every half season to eliminate SSS and they showed Avi was not just up and down but in fact seems to be growing as a hitter. As for the low walk rate...Kirby Puckett, Andre Dawson, Ivan Rodriquez, Orlando Cepeda....it makes it harder to be a hall of famer without walking much but there are examples.
  12. michelangelosmonkey

    White Sox @ Reds, 7/3/18, 6:10 pm CDT

    I just don't get the Avi hate either. The idea that he is fools gold...that we've seen the good but he always returns to the bad?? Here are his first half second half splits basically for his Sox career...doesn't that look like a young player getting better?? Also if you excuse his April as playing while injured...he is above 1.000 OPS this year. He JUST turned 27...his defense seems to be getting better...why is this not a guy you build around? OPS 2015 0.698 2015 0.650 2016 0.633 2016 0.783 2017 0.850 2017 0.933 2018 0.830
  13. michelangelosmonkey


    I also think its time to point out that Fernando Tatis Jr, after 100 at bats in AA (2017/18) is hitting under .240, with 31 strikeouts, three walks and seven errors. Can we finally concede he's a total bust? I think the rebuild is much easier when we can draw long term conclusions after a couple of dozen games.
  14. michelangelosmonkey

    2017 Offseason White Sox News, Notes, and Tweets thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 09:30 AM) Sadly he actually did go to AA and kept destroying. What did he destroy in AA??? He had a .608 OPS, 30% strike out rate and made 5 errors in 9 games at SS. Granted SSS and he was only 18 but he was terrible in his short stay.
  15. michelangelosmonkey

    Sox expecting to open '18 with both Avi and Abreu

    QUOTE (Tony @ Jan 30, 2018 -> 01:21 PM) Which was well deserved, given his production. What I take issue with is people equating "Avi hate" to the Sox possibly moving him and not locking him up to a long extension after one season of positive production, after 1,500 AB's of putting up a 0.0 WAR in his career. There are always going to be extremes on this board. In the same 24 hour period we had a poster saying he has a decent chance of being non-tendered in 2018, and a poster calling him Roberto Clemente. Removing the goofball stuff, fans don't "hate" Avi Garcia. Reasonable skepticism isn't hate. In fairness it wasn't a goofball poster comparing Avi to Roberto Clemente...it was ZIPS projections. I merely pointed out that for the first 2500 at bats Roberto Clemente was bad and then had a break out season and was great for the next 13 seasons. It seems to me crazier to think this 26 year old coming off a 4.6 WAR is likely to be terrible because of what he did at 24 than to think he could be Clemente. He's under control for two more years...it seems prudent to wait and see if he maintains greatness than to trade him for someone that we could DREAM of putting up a 4.6 WAR at 25.