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  1. michelangelosmonkey

    James McCann - catcher of the future ?

    Collins had a .950 OPS in AAA...not much different than Robert. He's lefty, catches and has an elite batting eye. He's only 24, has a strong pedigree and has gotten better each year. Why wouldn't you give him a chance? Why are people not more excited about him? Use Grandall money on Cole.
  2. michelangelosmonkey

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    I dont love Rutherford. Poppysox made a joke about Ruth looking good at RF...and I thought it was funny that we HAVE a B Ruth lefty hitting RF in our system. I also dont like flushing a kid at 22....there's room to grow.
  3. michelangelosmonkey

    Game Thread 09/20/19 - Sox @ DET

    You start off by saying you might have jumped the gun on Collins and then IMMEDIATELY write off his catching. Didnt he catch Thursdays game...when people said he was a terrible hopeless catcher...and yet a bunch of garbage pitchers held hot Twins bats to one run? Wouldn't his bat look great at catcher?
  4. michelangelosmonkey

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    B Ruth-erford. 21 year old lefty right fielder. Of course most on here have written him off as he's not an all star yet.
  5. michelangelosmonkey

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    I have to say...I love Poppysox positive attitude...which seems so rare on this site. Baseball is about dreaming what might be. I've followed the Sox for 50 years and I've never been more excited for the future. My dad started following the Sox when Ruth was playing RF for the Yankees...and he checks on three farm teams a night. Spring training cant come soon enough.
  6. michelangelosmonkey

    9/11 | Royals @ White Sox | Sparkman vs López | 7:10pm

    That's fair...heat of the moment thoughts are different than reasoned opinions. But Collins hate on this board is crazy. I think young players learn and an elite batting eye has enormous value
  7. michelangelosmonkey

    9/11 | Royals @ White Sox | Sparkman vs López | 7:10pm

    Well thank goodness we can finally agree that Collins is not a major leaguer. 15 at bats in September after 25 earlier in the year. Sure he crushed AAA pitching this year, and he's only 24, at a very difficult position and sure he's put up a .350 OBP in those 15 at bats...but done. Lopez also done...as were Giolitto and Moncado last year. Life is much easier when we can make sweeping conclusions instantly.
  8. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    Snarky attacks are so clever. Robert signing, Sale trade, Eaton trade Quintana trade, Madrigal draft, Vaughan draft...what?? What hasn't gone well? Yes injuries have hurt but if you dont think this team is on the cusp...I'm not sure what you are looking at.
  9. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    Please...go get a new hobby. Hating the White Sox and constant whining about the management on every thread and every conversation makes the whole sight boring. Yes rebuilding is hard and suffering through losing seasons to become a great team is taxing...but this isn't random...the rebuild has been well calculated and well executed. If you can't enjoy where we are right now in the evolution of the team, seemingly on the cusp of greatness...there's no hope that you will ever enjoy the team. Go find something that makes you happy.
  10. michelangelosmonkey

    Why Did Covey Start Tonight??

    I'm SO happy Dylan Covey pitched last night. I wasn't paying that close of attention and I knew it was close to Dylan Cease's turn in the rotation...and after last time's very encouraging start I was looking forward to another step forward...then I saw the 7 runs given up by Dylan C in 2 and a half innings and I felt depressed. Only later did I see it was the other Dylan that got killed. Dylan Covey getting destroyed means nothing for the team outside of this one day. And any fans buying tickets got to see Anderson and Moncado go 5 for 9 and Abreau hit a three run homer to make the game exciting.
  11. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    Pittsburgh Steelers from 1933 to 1971 won a total of zero playoff games. The next eight years they went to the playoffs 8 times and won 4 Super Bowls. Art Rooney owned the team the whole time. The past is not the future. If you can't get excited about what's happening now with the White Sox future there's really no point in being a White Sox fan.
  12. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    Isn't it possible the market has changed? Top two by a wide range this past year (total $ committed) were Machado and Harper and their $/War isnt great...and the year before it was Hosmer and Darvish and their return has been bad and in 2016 it was Cespedes and Chapman...that's a lot of money thrown at six players that have averaged less than 2 WAR per season since their big contracts. It's possible the new smart move is to vulture teams that are imploding and get guys like Yelich as the Brewers did, or Verlander like the AStros did. Of course the key to that is having a bunch of minor league assets which has been discouraging for the Sox this year (past the top five or so).
  13. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    Yes that was exactly the point. Thanks for playing along.
  14. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    I'm sorry I clearly can't help you. The point wasn't shopping for milk...or Baumgartner...or anyone. It is how does one go about spending a budget for the White Sox in the most effective way....one huge splash, several medium splashes or many small splashes. When I discuss how to divide the pie and you tell me that you don't like apple pie or that it's easier to cut cherry pies or that pizza isn't really a pie...and suggest I'm some sort of an idiot...it's probably time to stop arguing.
  15. michelangelosmonkey

    Machado do-over

    I was talking theoretically about how one spends a budget...so it seems you are missing the point by more than half. I would also rather give Rodon an extension than 5/$100 million to Bum who's an NL pitcher turning 30 with 2000 IP on his arm an ERA nearly 4.