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  1. TLAK

    RV Trip To Spring Training

    I didn't like Apache Junction, long drive to Camelback. Last time we stayed at Leaf Verde RV Resort in Buckeye and liked it much better. It's about a 1/2 hour run to Camelback.
  2. TLAK

    Pregame Stretch LOL

    Went to my first game in a while yesterday and during pregame stretching Anderson, Saladino and Sanchez were mimicking every move that Frazier made. He'd sprint and they would follow behind like ducklings, he'd scratch his nose and they would scratch their noses. He'd run sideways and they would run sideways all in a row. It was hilarious, lasted the whole stretch. Is this a regular thing or a reaction to Frazier's quotes on winning the Sox Heart and Hustle award? "Other days you're a teacher, other days you're having a good time with them but you have to do that so they learn and understand what it is to be part of the Chicago White Sox and a baseball player. Take for example Timmy Anderson, kind of take him under my wing. I tell them you have any questions come and talk to me. That's a big part of being a leader." Everyone seemed to enjoy it, the other players, Frazier and the fans.
  3. TLAK

    Alex Katz on 40 man roster?

    QUOTE (flavum @ Mar 26, 2016 -> 08:18 AM) He wasn't added to the 40-man. For whatever reason, teams have to declare a guy eligible to play in the big league spring training game, so those names appear in the transactions. Katz was probably brought up for one day on the 19th, but didn't get in the game. Makes sense, on the Sox site the MLB web guy must have forgotten to put the 'not on active roster' stars by his name.
  4. On March 19 the White Sox added Alex Katz to the 40 man roster. He's a 21 year old left handed pitcher drafted in the 27th round in 2015, never pitched above rookie ball. Why would the Sox use a 40 man roster spot for a 1st year draftee?
  5. QUOTE (lostfan @ Dec 28, 2009 -> 10:25 PM) My dad's family is Cubs fans, and basically my dad is the turncoat in the family because he got tired of the Cubs breaking his dad's heart all the time (his dad died in 1990). The '84 NLCS was the straw that broke the camel's back for him. Heard from an elderly cub fan: "If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times! Wait til next year"
  6. TLAK

    2000-09 White Sox

    Ownership did pretty good in the 00's too. Especially if you factor in the amount of money you spend at a game compared to years past. Decade Attendance 2000's 22,030,397 1990's 19,777,111 1980's 14,448,273 1970's 11,053,371 1960's 10,830,432 1950's 11,296,258 1940's 7,068,975 1930's 4,109,937 1920's 6,238,378 1910's 5,577,496 1900's 4,588,978
  7. TLAK

    Official: Omar Vizquel Signs with Sox

    White Sox web site has a photo of Vizquel standing beside Luis Aparicio. They don't identify which is which.
  8. TLAK

    With what we got now

    Consider Mark Teahan. Yes he strikes out too much. But his OBP is not terrible at .331, he is a veteran and he is a threat to steal, I think he'd be a little like Cabrera was in 08. The main justification to think about him is lack of a better option.
  9. TLAK

    35th street improvements coming

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 30, 2009 -> 05:23 PM) http://cbs2chicago.com/sports/white.sox.re....2.1281752.html I always thought the Reinsdorf family owned the parking lots, not the ISFA. Urban legend?
  10. TLAK

    2009 Team MVP

    Jenks got 29 saves for a team that only won 79 games. He had 35 opportunities. Where would the White Sox ended up without him? Thornton was 4 of 9, everybody else 3 of 10. Do the math.
  11. TLAK

    Alex Rios

    He is the most talented player on the roster. Including Beckham. He's had a very bad streak at the plate, but has been very good with the rest of the game. When he comes out of his slump he will be the best hitter, the best fielder, the best runner and the best thrower on the team. This guy can really play.
  12. TLAK

    Thornton expecting? Well his wife is.

    From MLB.com Sox Tidbits Congrats to the Thorntons! No word on Thortons return, I speculate tomorrow against the Yankees.
  13. TLAK

    Richard causing good problem

    Isn't Matt Thornton expected to miss a few days later this week to be with his wife for the birth of their baby? The White Sox won't want to face Minny or the Yankees with no LH in the bull pen. Despite his two fine outings I think you have to ask Clayton to put the team first and pitch out of the BP. By early August the bottom of the rotation will have turned over a couple time, the trade deadline will have passed and I think things will have shaken themselves out. But for the present I think he's just plain needed more in the pen.
  14. TLAK

    Congrats Josh Fields

    I give Wilson Betemit an 'assist' for this one. What happened in June was Beckham took Josh's spot and Josh took Wilson Betemit's place. If Betemit had played better, in the field and as a LH bat, he could have been spot started with Fields at 3B and the Beckham move might not have been made. If Josh was still at 3B he would not have been subbing for Kong at 1B and hitting in the 9 hole to get the Grand Slam that enabled Buehrle's perfect game.
  15. TLAK


    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 16, 2009 -> 02:35 PM) If MB can win 300, he is in no doubt. There aren't any pitchers who have won 300 and not made it, right? I don't think Mark sticks around that long. I don't think he needs baseball as much as we need Mark Buehrle. I think a couple years down the road he could be a candidate for the Sunday plan like Jimmy Dykes used on Ted Lyons. Lyons was an aging fan favorite, to keep him going, Dykes would only start him on Sundays. It filled up the park and he was more effective with the extra rest. In those days there was a double header on most Sundays so it didn't disrupt the rotation as much as it would today. He also didn't make 12 million a year. That said, a deal that would let an old Mark Buehrle fish and hunt in Missouri 4-5 days a week, and still be a White Sox might be a win-win. I agree with what you said about him not needing baseball so much, but when you look at his eyes on the mound he is still loving every second of it.