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  1. danman31

    2018 Video Game thread

    I haven't gotten through God of War yet (it's too meaty to beat in a week unless you're treating it like a job), but man is that game good. I never played a God of War game before this and to be honest it never interested me. The trailers on this one had me sold and the reviews meant it lived up to the hype they built for it. It's every bit as good as the reviews. The game is crazy addictive. I find it hard to pick a place to stop at times because there's always a little more to explore. I'm surprised how much of an open world game it is. It's more the style of the Tomb Raider reboots than a true open world, but there's a lot of stuff to explore and unlockable areas as you gain abilities.
  2. danman31

    4/11 Games

    QUOTE (Tony @ Apr 11, 2018 -> 10:50 PM) Haven’t paid super close attention, but from what it looks like, the start of the minor league season has been pretty solid for a lot of the higher end prospects (understanding Eloy-Robert-Hansen aren’t playing) Agree for the most part, but those 3 are the most relevant names outside of Kopech so this is all secondary to how that group does. Those are the All-Star potential players. If they don't pan out as hoped, it's a gigantic blow to the rebuild.
  3. danman31

    2018 Watercooler thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Feb 5, 2018 -> 10:41 PM) Episode 4: Forces of Evil is f***ing awesome My dad recommended the show to me, although said it has its shortcomings. That was the episode when I texted him that I was in. That episode is badass. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Feb 14, 2018 -> 04:18 PM) I love Dichen, it was just a poorly written role. She needed to be a bit crazier or a bit saner, to me she was written too much in the middle where you question why she is acting the way she is (and not for a good reason). She's been great in many other series, including Dollhouse. Only responding for the Dollhouse reference. Cool sci-fi show. One of my earliest Netflix binges.
  4. danman31

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    Solid dunk contest. Some great dunks and some good showmanship and creativity. Not sure it was as memorable as some. Needs more Zach LaVine
  5. danman31

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 15, 2018 -> 09:05 AM) I'm not that concerned about Robertson. He was a horse at Cannisius too, is a senior, and is playing only 2 games a week. Next year will be a lot different though. From what it sounds like players like kj santos should be able to shoot the three. I haven't heard watson is bad from 3 but you never now, but hopefully he can drive, since we don't have any wing that goes to the rim. If they have Jontay and Tilmon not getting in foul trouble, and an offense that goes through JOntay, could be good. Worth remembering that this team has made a near 200 spot jump in kenpom's offensive ratings under Cuonzo and Cornell mann. They get stagnant but this is not the same offense he was running at cal. Someone I work with just graduated from UIC and was telling me Santos is a good athlete, but can't shoot 3s. Who knows
  6. danman31

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 14, 2018 -> 08:40 AM) A 5 game conference winning streak is incredible considering “please just one conference win?” Had become the norm. Losing two point guards has exacerbated end of game issues, but something to be said for just having a set 8 man rotation where players know they have no help and need to go out and perform...and then do it too. Yeah, Robertson's workload is a problem, but also Geist just isn't a very strong ballhandler. I'm also terrified for next year because Barnett and Robertson will be gone. Gonna need to find some 3-point shooters to survive in Cuonzo's system. Might be a return to mediocrity next year, although Jontay/Tilmon inside could be dominant as they continue to improve.
  7. danman31

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 10, 2018 -> 03:29 PM) Oh my god Missouri almost had an all time collapse again but pulled off a huge OT comeback. Another near miss against A&M. This one was a little cleaner at the finish, but only a little. Mizzou is gonna be in barring a 1-5 finish. A win Saturday at LSU probably gets them ranked. They've come a long way in one year and Michael Porter Jr. has played two minutes. Not bad at all.
  8. QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 8, 2018 -> 10:27 AM) The reasoning (in comments): Not a good corner OFer who doesn't walk much and strikes out too much. His k rate isn't particularly high (19.5%). Anyway, it's nothing to get too mad about. Not shocked that it likes hansen / kopech so much. Also, Eloy didn't have great numbers with the Cubs' A ball team so stat wise it makes sense.
  9. danman31

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (Heads22 @ Feb 3, 2018 -> 02:48 PM) For the 1 PM weirdness #20 Clemson tied with a bad Wake team at 61 with 6 left Mizzou up over #21 Kentucky 33-28 with 16 left Minnesota up 39-38 over #24 Michigan with 15 left Mizzou was favored so not a huge upset, but a huge win for a bubble team.
  10. QUOTE (Brian @ Jan 15, 2018 -> 09:51 AM) I was hoping Isner would be the next men's US star like 5 years ago but nah. He's just really tall. I enjoy watching him and he's a likable guy, but yeah, he just serves big. Nice forehand, too. Lack of a backhand and lack of mobility is killer. If he could construct longer points better he might have enough game to be a consistent top 10 player. Still, he's had a really nice career.
  11. danman31

    2018 Video Game thread

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jan 7, 2018 -> 12:24 AM) So you think a game that’s literally ranked as one of the best of all time only received those kudos because it’s published by Nintendo. It’s amazing how many people feel the need to hate on the game without actually playing it. Take it easy. I didn't say it was bad, but there is a definite bias with Nintendo. It got the same boost that all Nintendo games get. The "ranked as one of the best of all time" hyperbole certainly doesn't help.
  12. danman31

    2018 Video Game thread

    QUOTE (CrimsonWeltall @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 08:22 AM) Is Breath of the Wild just a poor man's Horizon Zero Dawn? Struggling to understand the hype here. The plot premise is really really similar, but BotW's storytelling, characters, combat, graphics, sound, UI, and exploration are all far worse. Some of these design decisions (crafting to heal, weapons that break every 5 minutes, stamina system) are baffling. The only area it excels so far is with the puzzle shrines. I'm only like 5 hours in. Does this get better? I haven't played Zelda so I won't hate on it, but I was definitely surprised at how critics compare the two games. Horizon was so much damn fun and I can't shake the feeling if Zelda wasn't a Zelda game made by Nintendo it wouldn't receive the same level of praise.
  13. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 05:44 PM) Garfien tweeted 45 mins ago that he had just taped a bonus Sox podcast. Maybe he knew I can assure you that is not true. The bonus pod is Hall of Fame related
  14. danman31

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (bmags @ Dec 23, 2017 -> 09:14 PM) Oh well. Gonna be those games where threes don’t fall. They had good looks. With Jontay only being 17 he’s gonna hit some freshman walls. Jontay upsets me less than Robertson or even Harris. With the way the roster is set up Jontay is always a complementary guy. If he's having a big game, give him minutes, but you don't have to when he's struggling. Robertson picking this game to not look like a sharpshooter really sucks. Harris is also a freshman, but he decided he wanted to take over and his game just isn't there yet. I'm honestly not sure it ever will be, but it definitely isn't now. Overall, they just played like a team that wasn't ready for a big game. Illinois came out playing so damn hard on defense and really wanted it. Mizzou acted like they were surprised by that at the start. That's disappointing. I guess when you're rebuilding, the players have to go through crappy games like this.
  15. danman31

    NCAA basketball thread 2017-18

    QUOTE (fathom @ Dec 23, 2017 -> 08:57 PM) Jontay Porter is having an amazingly bad game And Kassius Robertson who shoots over 40% from 3 couldn't make a shot. The better team didn't win tonight, but I don't mean to say Mizzou deserved it. Just that Illinois remains awful and Mizzou lost to an awful team. That f***ing sucks. For all of Mizzou's supposed talent, they probably remain on the bubble this year and games like this won't help the cause.