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  1. danman31

    Sox reach new TV deal with NBC Sports

    Yep. 2019 is still on the old contract so things will be as it has been. WGN will not have games in 2020.
  2. danman31

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    The article SI sourced for that rumor didn't really have any reporting. It was just a recap of things that have been reported mixed with some speculation and guess work.
  3. danman31

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Agree about Pinson. He was the least heralded of the freshmen and he looks to have good upside as well as Pickett and Watson. Definitely encouraged about the future. Got a couple 4 stars committed and can continue to develop these freshmen and Tilmon. Jontay's injury really hurts still. This was a tournament team with him and he was really fun to watch.
  4. Glad they are fielding a team next year. I was really worried when they didn't have a quarterback. Now they have what should be a really good offense.
  5. What about Barry Odom makes you think he is good enough? I still think he's kind of a bad coach. He might get better, but watching this team was painful in the first half of the season. Played below talent level and then appeared to fix it when they played bad teams (and a sort of bad Florida team).
  6. I still think he's kind of a bad coach, but he has shown improvement in each of his 3 seasons so that's something. The first year and a half felt like rock bottom. The SEC East is so bad that you can win 8 games without being a top 25 team (at least in the rankings, Mizzou is probably a top 25 team talent wise). The forgiving conference schedule has helped a lot. Florida and Tennessee being trash (in addition to playing Vandy and Kentucky already every year) and Arkansas being the permanent crossover gives plenty of opportunity for wins. That said, this team should have won 10 games, no question. Losing Hall probably cost them that, but this was a mistake-prone, somewhat unorganized team for much of the season. Odom may get better, but he won with Pinkel's talent this year and probably should have won more. I am encouraged that there seems to be good talent in the underclassmen, but I definitely still have reservations about Odom. If someone wants to take him off our hands (I saw a Louisville rumor get reported), I wouldn't mind.
  7. danman31

    Kannapolis: new park, new owners, PDC expiring

    Kane County is the furthest east affiliate Arizona has. They have a Short Season A team in the Northwest League and a High-A team in the California League. I can't imagine the Diamondbacks preferring Kannapolis unless they don't like the working relationship with Kane County.
  8. danman31

    Great Falls post season.

    Bryce Bush alleviating fears of his late season slump. Killing it in the postseason. 5-10 with 3 XBH and a pair of walks in the playoffs. Get on that damn bandwagon.
  9. danman31

    9/7 Games

    HBP on the hand
  10. danman31

    2018 Video Game thread

    Spider-man anyone? I just got started this afternoon (got to play for less than an hour). I'm excited to get into this.
  11. Go 'Cats. Purdue might only be OK this year, but never easy to win on the road for Thursday night games. Wild ending with Purdue basically blowing a chance for a winning drive due to a 3rd and long late hit penalty on a running play.
  12. danman31

    8/27 Games

    The Intimidators gave up a home run to a 23-year-old with 32 home runs in the SAL. What on earth are the Rockies doing hold a guy down so long that he can hit 32 homers with a team? The guy was drafted in 2017 no less. This would be like the White Sox letting Laz Rivera hit .360 in Kannapolis for a whole season and not promoting him.
  13. danman31

    8/19 games

    He never quite that much praise on the national level, but man, the dude hit .409 in AA with a 1.065 OPS and a damn fine strikeout rate. I never truly understood why he wasn't better in the majors. He truly was a AAAA player. Couldn't even make it as a serviceable fourth outfielder.
  14. danman31

    8/19 games

    I could see Call moving up and Remillard repeating Winston-Salem. They could even have Adolfo repeat Winston-Salem to have him play bit more (plus he would be coming back from injury). Booker can be the fourth guy behind Robert, Rutherford and Basabe.
  15. danman31


    I rank Burdi highest. I love Hamilton's fastball plus control of it, but I'm not sold on his secondary stuff. I'm curious how his stuff will hold up in the bigs. From the two or three times I've watched him pitch he's very heavy fastball in his pitch selection.