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    6/21 Games

    That's why I asked. If it's effective, why aren't we seeing it more? Are they trying to get him to lean on his fastball more because he needs to work on repeating his mechanics with it? His curve is so pretty and fools guys, but he could have used the change of pace to put a few more guys away tonight.
  2. danman31

    6/21 Games

    Not saying Cease was incredible, but I swear I've never seen so many groundball hits. His BABIP tonight was 9/17 and maybe only 3 or 4 sharp hits. I'm actually more encouraged by today's start. The last few were somewhat worrying. This was progress. Anybody know anything about Cease's changeup? I didn't see much of it tonight, but he threw two wicked ones in his last inning. At least I think they were changeups. 83 MPH that didn't move like his curve.
  3. danman31

    6/21 Games

    Still say he looks much better than his last couple starts, but yeah, he's not ready.
  4. danman31

    6/21 Games

    Cease looks better today. 4 strikeouts, no walks through 2 innings. He has given up 4 hits and two runs, but 3 of the hits were a bit unlucky. A grounder up the middle in the first. A totally sawed off double in the second where the guy was fooled but flared something just inside the foul line. The ball didn't even make it out of the infield dirt, but went for two bases. He did fall behind one batter and grooved a 3-1 fastball for a double that bounced off the wall. The fourth hit was a roller that found a hole in the infield. He's been ahead of most everyone and has only been hit hard once or twice. Not the best I've seen him look, but better than his recent outings for sure. Let's see how he looks in the later innings.
  5. danman31

    Post All Star Break Promotions

    This also makes me wonder if Basabe's injury from last night isn't short-term.
  6. danman31

    Post All Star Break Promotions

    Codi Heuer hype train. Reaches AA barely over a year after being drafted. Happy to see Mercedes and Kubat get moved up. Might as well push these guys and see what they can do. Mercedes has hit at damn near every level. Surprised Dawkins didn't get moved up, but that might still be coming soon.
  7. danman31

    Cease Struggling in AAA Recently

    I'm not that worried. His stuff is still there. His velocity is still there. His fastball command has escaped him the past couple starts. I'd rather see him go through this weird funk in the minors, fix it and come up with confidence when he reaches the majors. Kopech had a more extended, more worrying funk in AAA before going on a dominant stretch. I don't think Cease is hurt and I don't think he has the yips or anything (like Hansen possibly does), so I think he'll be fine.
  8. danman31

    6/19 Games

    I wouldn't put any stock into walk rates in the DSL. Some of the pitching is incredibly wild. Those walk rates don't even translate to the AZL very well.
  9. danman31

    6/17 Games

    AA, A+ and A are all tomorrow. HR derbys tonight. Nothing as far as Sox prospects. Only the Southern League has a HR derby and none of the White Sox guys are in it. Would have been cool to see what Robert could do.
  10. danman31

    6/17 Games

    Are AZL games an hour earlier this year? They look like 8 CT starts this season as opposed to 9.
  11. danman31

    6/16 Games Happy Father's Day

    A lot of older pitchers and not ready hitters. It's probably gonna be a rough team.
  12. danman31

    6/16 Games Happy Father's Day

    That's Bush's 5th homer, but he's only hitting .199. He's a high school draft pick a year removed from high school and in Low A. Reminds me of Chris Carter, but Carter went to Great Falls when summer ball started whereas they're sticking with Bush. Carter as a 19-year-old in Kanny: .130/.231/.261, 9.62 BB%, 32.7 K% in 52 PA before they sent him to extended The next year in Kanny: .291/.383/.522 and then he got traded to Oakland and mashed in their minors before a productive big league career. Micker Adolfo also reached Kanny at 19, but wasn't a draft pick and spent two years in the AZL before he went to Kanny. Either way, his line there was .219/.269/.340. He K'd 33.2% of the time. Chris Young was another high school pick with raw power and a high strikeout rate, but he didn't reach Kanny until 20. The flip side is guys like Trayce Thompson (although Thompson at least made the bigs for a couple years) and Keon Barnum held their own in Kanny at 19 as well. My point is Bush is doing just fine. Showing enough potential at a very high level for his age. He definitely has to improve and refine his swing, but the power is very real.
  13. danman31

    6/15 Games

    That was the book on Pilkington, wasn't it? He had a good fastball as a soph in college and then lost velocity, thus him slipping out of the first round. Still liking what I'm seeing, especially if there still might be some hidden/lost velocity somewhere in there.
  14. danman31

    6/14 Games

    I didn't see any of tonight's start, but this is exactly how I would describe his last two outings. He got away with it the first of those two, but it wasn't pretty. The curve is so pretty.
  15. danman31

    6/10 Games

    Yeah, I've only seen one game, but that is definitely what I noticed too. I was amazed he was able to look decent despite that. He is somewhat patient, but that really looks like an all or nothing swing.
  16. danman31

    2019 Video Game Thread

    E3 is a bit weird with Sony not there and EA not really doing a press conference, but still some cool stuff. For one, this: And this looks cool, although I have no idea what it is:
  17. danman31

    6/8 Games

    No games got completed tonight. All four eventually rained out. I can't remember the last time that happened. Maybe a hurricane? Usually Birmingham is far enough away from that stuff though. Then you factor in the rookie ball teams and it's damn near possible once they get started.
  18. danman31

    6/7 Games

    I'm obviously in no way serious.
  19. danman31

    6/7 Games

    Conspiracy theory: Robert is actually hurt, but they put him in the lineup because they knew it would get rained out and could use that to keep the injury under wraps haha
  20. danman31

    6/5 Games, Birmingham 11am

    Yeah, I should have addressed that. I guess that makes sense, but I'm viewing Mercedes as a DH anyway. Still plenty of ABs to go around.
  21. danman31

    6/5 Games, Birmingham 11am

    I'm not sure how serious this is, but why hasn't he moved up? Are the White Sox sticking with the chance that he can play catcher? He is dominating AA and is 26. Might as well see what you have and push him to AAA, right?
  22. danman31

    ***Day 3 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 11-40***

    Yeah, nice profile with his bat, but I think the Tommy John he had in 2016 is why he is listed as a first baseman. Definitely agree that he profiles well for rookie ball.
  23. danman31

    ***Day 3 MLB Draft Thread Rounds 11-40***

    Yeah, plenty of guys get drafted out of there. Between Chipola and U. Tampa, the White Sox tend to get a guy from one of those schools damn near every year.
  24. danman31

    6-3 Games

    He is actually hitting much better in Birmingham as opposed to on the road. .382/.417/.632 in Bham .283/.345/.491 on the road
  25. danman31

    When will Luis Robert be promoted again?

    Obviously that's his point, but that's revisionist history. He was ready. An injury can happen at any time. When the guy is capable of giving you MLB-caliber innings, you take them. Projecting 7 years out for pitchers is so difficult because of the high risk of significant injury.