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    Royals @ Sox Game Thread- 1:05 CT

    He's always early. I don't know why. As for the classic broadcaster, I'm pretty sure ESPN is covering the game as a spur of the moment because it's such a big series and didn't plan for it. On BBTN they were showing the schedule of games they were showing today and they mentioned broadcasters for the other 2 games so I'm guessing they don't have one for the Sox game. Besides, who would they use?
  2. danman31

    Who should be the 5th starter?

    Scott won't be stretched in time to get that many innings. It's not a safe move to go out and let him go 3 innings and then 4 and then 5 and waste the bullpen in the making.
  3. danman31

    Minor League Box Scores for Tuesday

    Don't scare us like that!
  4. danman31

    Minor League Box Scores for Tuesday

    Holy crap, they are dropping like flies. Let's hope Reed doesn't get bit by this injury bug.
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    That's a great one, another great one is gash's new one with all the Alba pics.
  6. danman31

    Cuban's comments

    Yeah, the interviews on SC always suck. That was a nice change of pace. I think they let it run long too because it was good stuff.
  7. danman31

    What's best?

    I had Ameritech's "DSL" and now I have cable. The DSL is in quotes because it's not your typical DSL. The DSL sucked. I had troubles getting it to work and it was slow. It would space out at times and the speed wasn't great. It also had awful download time. The cable is awesome download, it's always on and it's so much faster. It was a similar price too. Cable is the way to go if you can get it cheap.
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    J-Lo can't act. This is proof. She's just a piece of ass, no more. She has little talent and an annoying accent. Of course the same could be said for Anna Kournikova, and I love her.
  9. danman31

    Minor League Box Scores for Tuesday

    If Reed stays this hot into spring training next season, he should be with the Sox next season. I'd bet he'd be in AAA right now if it wasn't so late in the season that it would be pointless. He is clearly too good for AA. I'd like to see him in September, but that won't happen. Good to see Honel and Rauch get good outings in. I've been disappointed with both this season, more so with Honel.
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    HEY everyone its 8 am and wake up

    It's still 7:30 in Chicago. Don't use Eastern time in a Chicago forum.
  11. danman31

    Robbie Alomar worth the trade

    Duh. It doesn't take an idiot to figure this one out.
  12. danman31

    Deal close with...

    Yeah, he's made a bunch of these signings. I think that credit goes to our scouts though.
  13. danman31

    Deal close with...

    He had an ERA of 5.83 last season in Detroit.
  14. danman31


    I agree that this team doesn't look like a team that can win in the playoffs, but all they have to do is get there and it doesn't matter. It's a fresh start once you are there. I guess I've just become immune to the pen making it "interesting" so I don't think of it how I used to.
  15. danman31

    Deal close with...

    It's the kind of deal we need. We need an extra pitcher. You can always use more pitching though.
  16. danman31


    Relax. A win is a win. We gained a game on the Royals. You sound like that KC writer that tried to make light of the sweep by saying KC showed heart by getting an infield single. We beat KC and gained a game, that's all that matters.
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    Does it really matter? This is what the Sox do. They make it "interesting".
  18. danman31


    Oh and here's the link: Chat Room
  19. danman31

    a prediction

    All your pessimism and they are going to win a playoff series?
  20. danman31

    Why am I retarded?

    Yeah. I doubt that there were many Royals fans last year. It's tough to like a losing team.
  21. danman31

    a prediction

    My preseason pick was 84-78. I could see them getting more than that. 87 wins could win the division...
  22. danman31

    Why am I retarded?

    It's funny because it's true. To be honest though, there haven't been many Royals trolls. There were more Twins trolls over the last couple years.
  23. danman31

    Why am I retarded?

    Good one.
  24. danman31

    Umpire from last eve

    Oh right you said you needed a life. I guess you don't have one yet.
  25. danman31

    Garland Injured?

    Agreed, but he wouldn't have caught it. There is no point to it. As I said about Carlos going for it and costing him. Everett is a smart player and he hustles. Don't question that about him.