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    Cooper on Stewart

    Wow, that's impressive. I was surprised to see that he's doing this well.
  2. danman31

    Cooper on Stewart

    How did we get Stewart? Did he come up from our minors or did we trade for him?
  3. danman31

    Minor League Preview - Charlotte Knights

    Looks good. It's short enough that I'll read it, and it has enough detail. Is there a chance that we will see Borchard called up before September this season?
  4. danman31

    Sn Report: White Sox Acquire Colon

    This just shows how awesome it is to trade with the Expos. They are sure unloading everything and getting mostly nothing. Basically we gave up Osuna, Biddle, and Liefer for Colon. Even though I hate Colon when he was with Cleveland, this is a great deal. KW is starting to make good moves this offseason
  5. danman31

    Hey guys

    Some of you should remember me from WSI. For those of you who don't remember me I look forward to getting to know you all. My first impression is that this site has better emoticons. I mean, just look at this thing::metal
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    Am I supposed to feel flattered?? I ditched WSI a long ass time ago. I just didn't bother going to another Sox board because the Sox were pretty lame this year and I was kinda burnt out on posting anyway.