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  1. RibbieRubarb

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    Bunting sucks.
  2. RibbieRubarb


    Can I request a spanking instead of a suspension?
  3. RibbieRubarb

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    You want Eaton hitting cleanup?
  4. RibbieRubarb

    Carlos Rodon Apology Thread

    Lucas Giolito is on line 2.
  5. RibbieRubarb

    White Sox Winner!!!

    So, just so I am clear...Many on this board feel the media stupidly overhyped the White Sox based only 60 games last year. But they are also sure the White Sox aren't good at all this year after only 10 games? 🤷‍♂️
  6. RibbieRubarb

    White Sox Winner!!!

    Adam Eaton. Team leader in HRs and RBIs.
  7. RibbieRubarb

    4-3 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:07 PM CT)

    Mercedes sucks. Send him back down.
  8. RibbieRubarb

    4-3 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:07 PM CT)

    He is human
  9. RibbieRubarb

    4-3 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:07 PM CT)

    Robert and Vaughn getting killed by the splitter... Young hitters...
  10. RibbieRubarb

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    The issue was bad plays in the 8th. Errors and Passed Balls. Trout delivers. But lets win the series and go 3-1!
  11. RibbieRubarb

    Predict the Lineup

    Keep your personal fantasies out of the thread. Its a family forum. 😁
  12. RibbieRubarb

    T-Mo Free MLB TV Sign up March 30th

    Us Texans need our White Sox fix
  13. The Southside Slydah!