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  1. RibbieRubarb

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    I've been away from this board, so I might not understand... Are we all supposed to beg this kid to stay now? Is that his deal?
  2. Don't get me started on him....
  3. Are you seriously trying excuse DUIs???
  4. RibbieRubarb

    Pitching Coach and Bench Coach

    Could TLR bring in some former players as pitching coach, like Chris Carpenter?
  5. RibbieRubarb

    Tony La Russa named Manager

  6. RibbieRubarb

    Today is the 15th anniversary of the White Sox championship

    I was also at the United Center viewing party and it was the greatest day of my life. Yeah, I have two children and it was better than their birth days. They don't read this forum. Screw them.
  7. RibbieRubarb

    Five Sox get Gold Glove nominations

  8. RibbieRubarb

    Here is where the Sox should spend

    I love it when you get sexy!
  9. RibbieRubarb

    Jose Abreu is Sporting News Player of the Year

  10. RibbieRubarb


    WHat iS Numburs?
  11. RibbieRubarb


    To my point. WHY would we trade him?
  12. RibbieRubarb

    Sox pitching development