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  1. Ozzie Ball

    2016 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jan 20, 2016 -> 07:53 PM) How does that compare to other teams? 9th highest. Reds lead the way with $14.1m http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/2016-mlb-draft-order/
  2. Ozzie Ball

    The Top 30 White Sox Prospects, Preseason 2016

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Jan 20, 2016 -> 07:46 PM) I take ir raBBit put Brain Clark in the top 10? I had Clark at 11 which was the highest.
  3. Ozzie Ball

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Aug 3, 2015 -> 06:29 PM) Leaving Friday on our honeymoon for 21 days. Flying in to Milan then heading to Rome, followed by Antibes, Paris and Reykjavik. Very excited. I lived in Germany for a few years when I was a kid but haven't been back in 20 years. And this is the first time out of the country (other than Canada) for my wife. I guess you're mid trip now and not going to see this but just in case: Iceland is great but I would definitely recommend to get out from Reykjavik if you're not already planning to do so. The Golden Circle tour route is an easy one to do and will allow you to see some beautiful spots. The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is a cool place to see and not far from Reykjavik. Glacier hiking on the Jokulsarlon glacier was the highlight of my trip when I went, but that's a bit further out from Reykjavik (4+ hour drive). Whale watching is a popular touristy thing to do but was a bit of a dud for me, even though we did get a few very brief glimpses of whale. If it's still in puffin season then the whale watching may be more enjoyable as they typically combine the two. Some great restaurants in Reykjavik too. Grillmarkadurinn (grill market) was our favourite. Excellent steaks from Icelandic cattle and they offered some interesting dishes (minke whale, puffin, horse tenderloin), all of which were good (especially the horse).
  4. Ozzie Ball

    Your Mid-Season Top 30 Prospects

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 24, 2015 -> 06:13 PM) Trey's season as such a young player in that league is probably underrated. Good k rate, good walk rate, just have to hope he develops more power. One of the few full-season league guys to have improved his stock this year.
  5. Ozzie Ball

    7/19 Games- Adams Promoted

    QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Jul 20, 2015 -> 02:17 AM) Adams 6IP 3H 1BB 4K And 10 GO/2 FO. Overall the strikeout rate this year has been a little disappointing, but his 1.20 BB/9 is excellent.
  6. Ozzie Ball

    7/13 Games

    Maiker Feliz- 3-5, 2B, HR, SO
  7. Ozzie Ball

    7/7 Games

    QUOTE (staxx @ Jul 8, 2015 -> 04:56 PM) Johan Cruz was an international signing correct? He's absolutely raking at GF Yep. Signed in 2012 for $450k as a glove first SS. No walks/power this year but excellent contact (~9 K%)
  8. Ozzie Ball

    7/7 Games

    Yosmer Solorzano with 11 GO/0 FO today. Now 44 GO/4 FO on the season. The rest of his line- 5 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 5 SO
  9. Ozzie Ball

    7/6 Games

    QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Jul 7, 2015 -> 03:43 AM) The DSL must have been painful with the Sox committing 5 errors and the Orioles with 7 errors. Ricky Mota made his 17th error in this his 27th game of the season. His defensive ability is supposed to be his strength as well.
  10. Ozzie Ball

    7/4 Games

    Hawkins hit his 7th home run on the season and first since May 21.
  11. Ozzie Ball

    7/3 Games

    Antonio Rodriguez- 2-4, 2B, HR Jarvis 1-3, HR, HBP Jarvis starting the season on fire. Another HR for Kottaras today. That's 6 in his last 7.
  12. Ozzie Ball

    7/2 Games

    QUOTE (LDF @ Jul 3, 2015 -> 05:40 PM) excellent find. i think at being 18, he will still grow and gain more strength, so i would be surprise if he gains a couple of ticks on that fastball when he fully develops. Yeah that's the hope. Without wanting to copy too much given it's behind a paywall, here's another snippet from Badler:
  13. Ozzie Ball

    7/2 Games

    QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Jul 3, 2015 -> 02:33 PM) Love that number. What kind of stuff does he have? "91-92 mph... and he complements his fastball with a sharp breaking ball" -Ben Badler/Baseball America
  14. Ozzie Ball

    7/2 Games

    Yosmer Solorzano- 6 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 4 SO, 12 GO/0 FO First three pro starts: 17 IP, 2 BB, 11 SO, 33 GO/4 FO. And he just turned 18 in February. Interesting.
  15. Ozzie Ball

    White Sox Make July 2nd Signings

    QUOTE (Joshua Strong @ Jul 2, 2015 -> 09:06 PM) Mendoza is probably a smaller signing Ben Badler previously speculated that it would be "in the $300,000 area" http://www.baseballamerica.com/internation...sts-30-teams-2/