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  1. mmmmmbeeer

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    Pretty much sums up this lock out
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    Timid? Tentative? Would those work better for you, sir? They got their asses kicked BECAUSE they played timidly. The lights were too bright for this team.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    Astros played a helluva series, no doubt, but a lot of their success was due to our own shortcomings, imo. Sox played scared. Pitched scared. Coached scared. Hit scared. Ran scared. They completely folded under the pressure of the situation and never once seemed to strut around with an edge over Houston. Houston had a very workmanlike approach to the series, likely due to their vast postseason experience. They knew to attack the zone. They knew to take patient ABs, They shifted the defense at the right times. They ran at the right times. They didn't turn over on outside pitches consistently. They never came across as frazzled when something didn't go their way. It was a yeoman's effort that the Sox need to learn to duplicate in the future. IMO, that needs to start early next season, every time we play a good team. They need to treat every one of those series like it's a playoff series.
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    A reporter asked Correa about that very pitch. He said Rodon had thrown him two fastballs in that same spot and he decided to sell out on a third. Said something to the effect of, "if he'd thrown a slider there, I would have practically fallen down over home plate trying make contact". I took that to mean that the slider was SUCH an obvious pitch in that situation that Correa, and apparently Yaz/Los, thought the fastball was the play.
  5. mmmmmbeeer

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    That Zoom call Hahn held announcing the TLR signing was something to see ( not sure if you watched). His body language, dodging of questions, his lack of excitement about just hiring a manager, were all on display. Hahn was NOT a happy camper and sure as hell didn't seem to appreciate being put in the position of defending the hire to the press and an angry fan base.
  6. mmmmmbeeer

    Ozzie says intent doesn’t matter with Abreu beanings

    Bring Marioti back from the dead to editorialize, too.
  7. mmmmmbeeer

    Offseason Thread

    He's one of my top 3 favorite players on this team. He looked like shit the last month of the season and coming back from a torn pec doesn't cause one to swing and miss at sliders 3 feet out of the zone on a consistent basis. I have genuine concern.....not enough to sell low on him, as some seem to want to do, but I do have concerns that either the league has figured him out or he's just simply stopped trusting his eyes.
  8. mmmmmbeeer

    Qualifying Offer set at $18.4m

    He'll be headed to a team who can afford to lose the money if his health deteriorates over the course of a multi-year deal. This is his chance to get his first, big, guaranteed deal. He won't be in Chicago next season.
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    Offseason Thread

    There's a lot working against the Sox in this regard. Fact is, playing in the Central, it's rare for them to face premium, elite pitching. They just don't see it enough during the year and, when they do, they get embarrassed. The Sox feast on pitchers making mistakes and they see plenty of them as hitters in the AL Central. In the playoffs, especially, you just aren't going to see many mistakes. If you do, they often will catch the hitters completely off-guard due to being so far and few between. This team not only needs roster help, but experience. It's imperative they focus intently on beating good teams next season. Be it Tony or someone else, I would demand the team treat games against winning teams as playoff games. Start to understand the mentality it takes to win against top competition. Start to improve as hitters by honing in the concentration to such an extent that hitting even elite pitchers becomes an exercise of reaction instead of thought. Eloy is a fantastic example of this. Dude is just up there guessing what's coming and sitting on whatever that pitch is. He's not relying on pitch recognition, he's just guessing. He's not reacting to what his eyes see, he's simply acting on his forethought. No hitter who lives on guessing pitches is going to thrive against good-great pitching and no team full of those hitters will win playoff series.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Another ground ball up the middle off Bummer and, as usual, no defender in site.
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Is this what it feels like to be a Twins fan?
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    He’s not why we’re losing, but this dipshit behind the plate is inconsistent as all hell
  13. mmmmmbeeer

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Dusty gonna Dusty.
  14. mmmmmbeeer

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    One word sums up this team’s performance in this series outside of game 3 tentative pitching, hitting, defense, management…..tentative