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  1. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    Do you forget that we're all die-hard fans on Soxtalk? Why are you trying to bullshit us with your contrarian soliloquies?
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    You think TA is going to be cool with his manager telling him he should just head back to the clubhouse if he dares to kneel for the anthem (as he did this season)? Or am I just someone who "hates conservatives"? Man, y'all are such fucking snowflakes.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    I think you're underestimating the sea change that has occurred not only in baseball, but professional sports in general. Players don't want to play for people like MAGA-loving, old school, anti-stats people like Tony LaRussa. This will not only impact the clubhouse but every FA we pursue.
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    There's absolutely no way you make this post if you watched his presser the day he fired Ricky. Pay better attention, kid.
  5. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    Rick Hahn. With the organization for many, many years. Worked his way up the ranks. Earns the GM job and is given the task of a rebuild. He makes the tough decisions, puts up with an absolute abomination of a team, makes some very impressive deals to obtain prospect capital, seemingly does very well with draft capital, has some encouraging international prospects....busts his damn ass. After 4 years of horseshit, HIS creation is finally ready to compete. Ready to make waves. Ready to perhaps win a chip. He sees Renteria as a roadblock and tactfully gets permission to can him. He has his pick of the litter on the next manager and coaching staff. Anyone active, anyone retired, anyone away from the game. He knows what he wants in a manager, as he explained during his presser the day he canned Ricky. Then comes Jerry. How humiliating, demeaning, and shameful that, after all he's done, he's been publicly neutered by Jerry Reinsdorf? Rick Hahn is not long for this organization. It will be interesting to see who says what during tomorrow's press conference.
  6. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    TWTW. Awesome.
  7. mmmmmbeeer

    Pro Tony La Russa Hiring Poster Here

    This hasn't turned out as you expected, Knights 😅
  8. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    I take it you haven't hung around many septuagenarians recently. They're all the same once they reach that age. Incorrigible assholes. Often very likable people, until you try to tell them how they're wrong about something.
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    I mean, this would just be a disastrous course for this team to take, giving the reins to a 76yo man who hasn't coached in over a decade. Old men are naturally incorrigible creatures. Think Hawk. Hawk literally blew off all sabremetrics and tried to boil it all down to TWTW. He was an old man and no one could tell him otherwise. He didn't give a damn that younger fans wanted to hear about advanced stats during the broadcast, he didn't want to hear them. He overvalued guys that he had close relationships with because he put trust over talent. How many times did we have to hear him defend the play of a guy who just wasn't good at baseball? We're getting Hawk when we get TLR. They're the same damn person. Old, incorrigible, reluctant to change, assholes. How does Rick Hahn work with him? Hell, how does Kenny work with him, for that matter? All three men know that JR will side with TLR. What hope do they have of convincing TLR of changes that need to be made, be it with personnel or roster construction? Will there be ANYONE on this coaching staff under 50yo that players can relate to? The days of hard-headed asshole managers who refuse to cater to players' feelings are looonnngggg gone. What FA wants to go play for an old grumpy motherfucker who will refuse to coddle them in any way whatsoever? None. No one. I'm livid this is anything more than a joke at this point. When it was first rumored he'd be interviewed, I thought that it was just a made up story. Now he's reached out to Dave Duncan? FFS. We've waited SO LONG for this rebuild to be over and to compete and JR does THIS to us? Seriously?! Just fucking shoot me in the head.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Someone mentioned in another thread that Stone went off on Ricky this morning on the radio. Anyone have a link or know which show he appeared on?
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    Where can we catch the presser if out of town? Isn't it starting now?
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    So incredibly happy to see this. Beyond an inevitable improvement in in-game moves, lineups, etc., this also tells us that Hahn has JR's ear and is following his lead. There was no doubt in my mind that Rick wanted to fire RR as he wouldn't want to put this rebuild, and his own credibility, in the hands of an incompetent manager. Where I did find doubt was figuring out if JR would go along with the plan. Well, he is....which bodes VERY well for any moves Hahn may want to make this offseason. JR is all in.
  13. mmmmmbeeer

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    Hahn's future in this game depends on how this rebuild works out. I find it hard to believe he'd put his own future in the hands of Ricky Renteria after some of the bewildering decisions we all saw this season. Hahn has JR's ear. I believe we'll start the '21 season with a new manager and coaching staff.
  14. mmmmmbeeer

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Oh ffs, Ricky. It's the goddamn third inning! Dude is so worried about R-L matchups he shoots himself in the foot.