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    Election Night is here...

    That may not have been a bad thing considering the spending levels of the Bush admin. coupled with a GOP controlled congress. We could probably use some partisanship to slow things down a bit.
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    Votes found on machines before POLLS opened

    This whole election really has the potential to get ugly. On a positive note, seems that the polls here in OK are busier than normal. Hopefully we'll see a great turnout across the nation today.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    Dunno how true this is...

    I have a clue. I was in the USAF and was deployed to both Saudi and Kuwait on separate deployments. While overseas, I worked with a good number of guys whose wives left them mid-deployment, cleaning out the bank account in the process. I met guardsmen who explained the financial binds they and their families were being put in due to their deployment. Having experienced these things first hand, in a military setting, and the mental anguish these folks went through, I can only hope that every officer that is tasked with deciding which soldiers' lives and lifestyles will be put in harm's way uses the same discretion and heartfelt concern as this officer did. A good leader doesn't abandon the needs of his troops and make wreckless decisions, apparently your idea of a leader is someone who couldn't give two s***s about the people who depend on him to make the right decisions. Maybe you shouldn't talk about conduct becoming of an officer until you yourself have been to OTS, it's quite obvious you're talking out of your ass or blindly partisan. Now that I've said my peace on that subject, where are you stationed and what's your AFSC? I was a 2E151 (satcomm/wideband) with the 5th mob (tactical/mobile group) out of Robins AFB, GA. Did my four years and got out, but definitely miss it at times.
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Election Night is here...

    That's why the electoral college worked in 2000. 31 states to 20 without winning the popular vote. Popular vote isn't representative of the nation as a whole.
  5. mmmmmbeeer

    Randy Johnson and Jon Lieber

    I'd make the deal as long as AZ throws in a decent prospect. We lost last season without Maggs and without Hurt. But the problem wasn't the offense, it was the pitching. If you replace a rotation of Buehrle, Loaiza, Schoe, Garland, ? with Big Unit, Garcia, Buehrle, Contreras, ?...you're going to win a s***load of games...and the loss of Carlos Lee will not change that. All season we've discussed the need to move away from the power game, now the opportunity arises and everyone chickens out. There are cheap OFs out there that can provide a decent OBP who will instantly become more powerful by playing 81 games at the Cell. Replacing CLee could easily improve the OF defense/range as well. With the potential signing of Vizquel, our IF defense will be strong as well. When's the last time we had a defensively talented team? When's the last time we had a staff with three #1 pitchers? How many power hitters or offensive juggernauts do the Twins have? What about Oakland? We've tried the offensive approach to winning, and we've seen that, for whatever reason, it just doesn't work for the White Sox. I'm ready to see a new brand of ball and see the team shaped in the mold of their manager.
  6. mmmmmbeeer

    Who's the biggest tool in Chicago sports.

    I never followed hockey and haven't lived in the chicago area for nearly ten years. Anyone got a minute to compile a small list of why I should despise this Wirtz guy?
  7. mmmmmbeeer

    When will it be over? Election 2004

    I believe a precedent was set in '00. The losing side will demand recounts and this will turn into a bigger gaggle than it's predecessor.
  8. mmmmmbeeer

    New tape from Osama bin Laden airs

    He ridiculed Bush, a direct criticism at his reaction on 9/11, which certainly implies that another leader would have handled the situation better. Which, of course, means vote for John Kerry being GWB let you down. I don't blame him for wanting Kerry to get in office. Bush, as much of a douche bag as he is, atleast has put one hell of a dent in BinLaden's organization. His money is f***ed, his leadership is f***ed, he needs relief supplied by Kerry.
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    Kevin Millwood Anyone

    another Boras client. I wouldn't expect a paycut.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    Bruce Levine Reports (Speculation)

    how could he forget a joke like that?
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    Bruce Levine Reports (Speculation)

    It would be a PR coup to get Stoney on the southside, in any role. I'd like to have him in the booth, but I don't mind DJ. Just as long as Stoney leaves the sCrUBS, we win. Near the end of the season I found myself wandering a couple of cub message boards, enjoying the atmosphere, and when the Stone problems arose there were tons of fans who said they'd quit following the cubs if they lost stone. Real hardcore fans, eh? But whether we pick up viewership is beside the point, the point is that cub fans will be pissed when their hero in the booth goes to the good guys.
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    Floating checks a thing of the past

    That's $170MILLION per month for the banks in overdrafts!!! Hmmm, wonder who was lobbying for this bill? Funny thing is that, according to this dude that was on GMA the other morning, deposits will still take just as long as they did to hit your account. I don't understand that, but that's what he said. I'm tellin' ya, government by the people for the people eh? more like by the lobbyists for the lobbyists.
  13. mmmmmbeeer

    Several things that may interest you...

    I'm tellin' ya now, if the yankees trade Vazquez straight up for RJ simply because they're able to toss $28M ($11M for vazquez+$17M for RJ) into the deal, I'm going to be really f***ing pissed off.
  14. mmmmmbeeer

    As If We Didn't Already Realize This.....

    I think that a White Sox world series run would result in MANY casual baseball fans cheering for the Sox. With the exception of Cub or Twin fans, I don't know any other fans that just despise the white sox. Look at the cubs or yankees, there are baseball fans of nearly every team that despise those franchises. The white sox could easily garner that national interest, we've just got to make a splash, make a push, and finally win something.
  15. mmmmmbeeer

    Great KW Quote on Mags

    Agreed. Deferred money or not, $14M/year for 5 years was a ridiculously high amount of money for what he has brought to this team over the years. As awful as it sounds, I cherish the fact that he got greedy, turned down the Sox offer, and now has a f***ed up knee that will all but eliminate any chance of seeing another offer that high again. f*** Maggs. What happened to hometown discounts and allegiance?
  16. mmmmmbeeer

    Yanks to dump Brown and ALL of salary?!?!

    This is bad new IMO. They're going to be focusing on dealing him to smaller market teams with strong farms, ie. Minnesota. Minnesota will get a good SP and NY will then have the bargaining chips to go after RJ or any other top notch pitcher via trade. It's not like they're just going to give the guy away, if they're picking up the tab they're going to want talent in return.
  17. mmmmmbeeer

    British leftists finally go too far.

    The Guardian is to the English press what The 700 Club is to American politics.
  18. mmmmmbeeer

    The Grudge

    The wiff drug me out to see this crap. Horrible movie :puke . They said this was a remake of an older Japanese film, seems to me it was a remake of 100s of existing American horror flicks. Leave your brain at home before you go see this one, maybe then you'll find yourself interested. But hey, my 8yr old loved it, so it's got that going for it.
  19. mmmmmbeeer

    World Series

    The national league was weak this year, thus the Cardinals 105 wins. I know they have a great team, but they aren't going to be able to hang with the Red Sox, a team that just defied history in dramatic fashion. Momentum and talent will give the series to the Red Sox in 5.
  20. mmmmmbeeer

    Late Nite Homework Help!

    If I were to have to argue against Article III I suppose that I would argue that, due to the sovereignty of each state, they should not be bound to fight the war of another sovereign state without having any direct participation in diplomacy or abritration before war is declared. For example, if the French decided to invade NY due to some obscure disagreement that shouldn't have led to war, why should the Georgia militia be forced to travel north and fight for a cause that they have absolutely no interest in fighting for? Whereas with a federally supported military, responsible for protecting the union as a whole, would certainly be obligated and correctly assigned to NY to defend a component of the union. Individual states should not be responsible for the wellbeing of the entire union, just their sovereign state. Also, let's say Georgia believed that the strength of their militia played an integral role in the health of their state and funded/equipped their militia accordingly. New York on the other hand, feels that their militia can be weak, spend the money on other programs, and then depend on Georgia's resources to defend them, knowing that law requires Georgia to do so. Why should the state of Georgia agree to a policy that is unfair to them? If I were to have to argue for Article III, I'd say that a threat to any component of the union is an inherently direct threat on each other component of the union, sovereign states or not.
  21. mmmmmbeeer

    Week 6 NFL Picks

    Jets Eagles Chiefs Chargers Bills Bears Browns Seahawks Lions Titans Broncos Steelers Vikes Rams
  22. mmmmmbeeer

    Who Won the Third Debate

    So where were the vaccinations contaminated? Sounds to me like the answer is England. So I don't know how the president was incorrect.
  23. mmmmmbeeer

    Maggs gone-100%

    Is he bitter they only offered him $14M a year? The gull of that White Sox front office to offend an MVP like Maggs with that kind of offer. Seems to me that Maggs is pissed off at himself for not signing with the Sox before he got hurt. His agent begins to tell him the kind of money that he can expect being injured and all, Maggs didn't like what he heard, and thinks that the savior can get him what he thinks he deserves. I hope he comes nowhere near sniffing the $14M he could have had here. I like Maggs as a player, and seems to be a nice guy, but I've got no pity for greedy players.
  24. mmmmmbeeer

    Who Won the Third Debate

    Was this post penned in the "spin" room? You bring up some very valid points about Bush's performance, although I wouldn't say that he skirted more questions than Kerry. The one question I was impressed by Bush that I wish would have been aimed at Kerry, was the flu vaccine question. I refuse to believe that either candidate was prepared for this question and opened the door for a blatant question avoidance. Bush stepped up though, I liked the fact that he actually knew what the situation was and gave a very blunt answer. Even after hearing Bush's answer, Kerry completely avoided the question and seemed dumbfounded that the issue was even being discussed. I really don't give two s***s about the situation with the flu vaccine but their responses told me a lot. Bush, while being groomed for the campaign trail, still is aware and understands issues that fall well outside of that campaign grind. Kerry does nothing more than regurgitate the facts and buzzwords his campaign managers and advisers drill into his hairy head and has no ability to think "outside the box". I'm truly frustrated by both of these fools. I can't believe that these two are our choices for leader of the free world.
  25. mmmmmbeeer

    Maggs gone-100%

    It's becoming more and more apparent that Maggs has a bit of greed running through his veins.