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  1. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2004/writ...tone/index.html Not-so lovable losers Cubs management should've worried about collapse, not broadcaster Posted: Monday October 4, 2004 11:39AM; Updated: Monday October 4, 2004 11:39AM Phil Taylor It's hard to blame the Chicago Cubs for being a little testy last week, in light of how they were completing one of those distinctly Cubs-like late-season collapses that added yet another devastating chapter to their heart-breaking history. The Cubs managed to bungle away a potential spot in the National League playoffs by losing seven of their final nine games, several of them in the kind of gut-wrenching fashion that makes you wonder if the franchise might truly be cursed. But there are ways to lose without acting like losers, and it would be easier to feel sympathy for the poor Cubbies if they went down with dignity. Calling a broadcaster on the carpet for making critical comments on the air is no way to do that. That's what Cubs management did to Steve Stone, the team's longtime television analyst. Stone met with team president Andy McPhail, general manager Jim Hendry and manager Dusty Baker last Friday because the brass, especially Baker, was more than a little annoyed at what Stone had been saying about the team. One of the things he said was that the Cubs spend too much time putting blame elsewhere and not enough owning up to their own shortcomings. Stone ought to thank McPhail, Hendry and Baker for helping to prove his point. Baker and the Cubs execs should be embarrassed to admit that they even paid attention to what Stone was saying on the air last week. Given the way the team was playing, there were much more important matters that should have been occupying their time. Worrying about some broadcaster's opinions when the team was frittering away the wild-card lead is like agonizing over the color of the drapes when the house is burning down. Then there's the little matter of the Cubs being owned by the Tribune Co. a media conglomerate that owns the Chicago Tribune and dozens of other newspaper, television and radio outlets. Tribune-owned enterprises critique politicians, business executives, actors and athletes every day, often harshly. Don't McPhail and Hendry's bosses in the Tribune Co. executive suite see the hypocrisy in being thin-skinned when they get the same treatment that they're used to giving? Does it make sense that a Tribune-owned newspaper can rip the President's foreign policy without consequence if it chooses, but an ex-ballplayer with a microphone can't rip Baker for not putting on the hit-and-run? There is no question that some of Stone's criticisms were harsh -- "Dusty managed a bad game," he said during a radio show last week, "but he's never going to [admit] he did." -- and broadcasters can help shape public perception of a team. If Stone says Baker is a bad manager enough times, some of the fans start to accept it as truth, whether it is or not. As a Cubs broadcaster, Stone is also an employee of the Tribune Co., and the company isn't paying him to rip its product. But leaning on Stone for not trying to put a happy face on a dire situation is worse for the Cubs' image than anything he or any other broadcaster could say. It makes Baker look like a paranoid leader and it paints McPhail and Hendry as empty suits who jump blindly to their manager's defense every time he pouts. It's also bad business to make a martyr of Stone, who is one of the most popular personalities associated with the team. Cubs fans apparently want candor from their broadcasters, just like they want a World Series title in their lifetime. Since the franchise is having so much trouble fulfilling the second desire, the least they can do is take care of the first.
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    Why are liberals so easily 'outraged'?

    Even in that scenario, you're listing some of the most important presidents of all time. Well, right now there is no more important president than GWB, ya know, considering he's the man in charge right now, not 50 or 150 years ago.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    Why are liberals so easily 'outraged'?

    Add John Kerry??? Whether you're liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, or fall anywhere inbetween, this is outrageous. He's the president of the United States, kids should certainly be familiar with the name and image of their president.
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Presidential Polls

    according to George Soros and company, these polls are worthless and probably the result of a retired Newsweek editor's secret anti-Christian devotion.
  5. mmmmmbeeer

    Bending the truth

    You're right. I'm making the whole story up. I'm not trying to imply that we had a continuous feed of the WTC prior to 9/11 that was on a big screen. I'm saying that moments after the first plane hit they had live coverage of the plane in the building. They had that live feed up PRIOR to the 2nd plane hitting. If you're strictly talking about live footage of the first plane actually HITTING the tower, which I think is taking the president's statement out of context, then I don't recall when that footage became available, it could have been the next day. The fact is that prior to the 2nd plane hitting, which most definitely proved the act was intentional, the public could see pictures of the first plane and had no reason to believe it was a terrorist attack but rather a f***ed up pilot.
  6. mmmmmbeeer

    Bending the truth

    I work at a telecommunications company. We also have another company that works in the same offices who sell bandwidth and satellite time to TV stations. They are also responsible for monitoring and maintaining these links. There was most definitely TV coverage of the first plane prior to the 2nd hitting. I had the same thought as GWB that morning. I was sitting at my computer, looked up because other folks in the office starting talking about a plane, and on the big screen in front of me I see a f***ing plane embedded in the WTC. I also thought this was an accident and was sitting there asking myself how the hell they were going to get it out of there. Then the 2nd plane hit, I saw that 2nd plane hit live. At that moment I knew it was an attack, not before. The story the president told is not only possible, but probable. I can say that being I had the same thoughts at the same times.
  7. mmmmmbeeer

    Not to be Outdone by CBS

    How can you compare those two? I know that many left-leaning folks despise FNC and will nitpick, but jesus, it was an obvious joke. I didn't sense anything funny in Rather's story.
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    Isn't he also the guy who, just a couple of weeks ago, said that Hudson should get AL CY over Santana???
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    Why wouldn't our "allies" support war in Iraq

    So what are your feelings about the Oil for Food scandal reaching the upper echilons of the UN and high ranking officials from those countries opposed to the war? I mean I hear ya about the weapons, but I don't think that was the main point of his post.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    Who won the Debate?

    This is an extremely important point that Kerry ignored last night, as do most anti-Iraq war types..... Kerry criticizes Bush for diverting troops from Afghanistan and sending them to Iraq. So does that mean that Kerry believes that 5 Army divisions sitting in Afghanistan on the lookout for 1 man is an efficient and effective us of the military? Wouldn't a reasonably sized special forces group accompanied by a small group of intelligence agents be MUCH more effective at sniffing out a single individual in a mountainous region? You cannot compare a manhunt to a war. They require entirely different strategies, different resources, and different mindsets. We had a larger force on the ground during the initial conflict, aka war. This was the proper strategy. After the Taliban was toppled, that conflict, or war, was complete. The war ended and gave way to a manhunt, which does not require 100,000 people. UBL would probably be thrilled if there were still 100.000 troops in Afghanistan...that much more bureaucracy, confusion, and chaos to ensure a cleaner escape.
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    Who won the Debate?

    Unfortunately I'm stuck at work and can't listen to all the post-debate commentators...but has anyone mentioned Kerry's nice timeline manipulation on the NKorean deal. He was talking about how a year ago, or whatever, we had cameras and press in the Pyongyang facility and now we don't have anyone there, inspectors have been kicked out. Fact is, the inspectors were kicked out under the Clinton administration and the cameras were allowed in a year ago to show off their new toys to the world to instill fear. I can't believe Bush didn't call him out.
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    Who won the Debate?

    Kerry most definitely won, Bush looked extremely uncomfortable. I watched the O'Reilly/Bush interview and to compare that interview with his debate performance speaks volumes about GWB's personality. He IS NOT comfortable at formal speaking events. Tonight he stuttered, word crutches, lost track of his thoughts, gave away which questions he expected and which he didn't, it was an awful debate for Bush. In the O'Reilly interview, which was much less formal, Bush was outstanding. He confronted each of O'Reilly's questions and had intelligent, informed, decisive things to say. He came across as a man in control, tonight he did not. Those questions O'Reilly gave him were less softball questions than those that were given tonight. On the other hand, I've always felt that challengers tend to have an upper hand going into the debates. They've been pounding every issue, nearly every day for atleast 1 year. If you're not prepared with facts, buzz words and phrases, and not have your public speaking abilities at their pinnacle after spending over a year of your life practicing those things for over a year, you're horrible. The incumbent on the other hand actually has a job to do while preparing for the election and debates. Bush couldn't pull a Kerry and let down his constituents to pursue a larger personal goal. The one point I do give to Bush is when he cited several positive things about Kerry during the character question. He really reinforced the idea that this is not personal to him, it's pure politics. Kerry, on the other hand, stuttered horribly when trying to say nice sings in return.
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    CUBS LOSE!!!!!

    Did you happen to see a bit later in the broadcast where they showed the old lady holding up the "steve stone for manager" sign? I thought that was a pretty ballsy thing for the director to flash on the screen, considering Stone pointed out two horrible management decisions in the deciding 1/2 inning. :fthecubs
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    Some funnies..

    Why do women have such small feet? --So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink
  15. mmmmmbeeer

    Message board friends...

    That's an incredible story. Never heard of anything like it. Kudos to those who caught the hint.
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    Greetings from Shingo Takatsu

    his english has really come a long way
  17. mmmmmbeeer

    Interesting KW quotes

    So true, everyone likes to cite this season when Peapod and Uribe were both hitting well. Hell, even back when Lofton was with us, he started the season on a tear and we were scoring a ton of runs. If we can just get a solid leadoff man, with ARow batting 2 spot, we're set.
  18. mmmmmbeeer

    Bad Willie Harris quote

    Considering all the s*** that has been dribbling out of OG's mouth about Willie, I think it's pretty evident he's trying to sell himself off as solid potential. Nothing wrong with that. I'd much rather here him admit to not living up to his potential than to hear him say that he's had a great year. If he'd said he's had a great year, well, he doesn't have a job after this year if those numbers are the best he can do.
  19. mmmmmbeeer

    against the AL Central

    29-31. that's absolutely horrible.
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    I agree. He came up clutch last night too, and almost twice clutch but hit the pitcher on that line SHOT up the middle. I like what I've seen the last couple of days.
  21. mmmmmbeeer

    you guys want to know what I am sick of

    http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14796&st=0 There's one of the prediction threads
  22. mmmmmbeeer

    you guys want to know what I am sick of

    From what I remember most on this board weren't expecting much out of this team. I think their record is pretty close to being in line with what a majority of folks thought it would be. We'd lost Gordon, Colon, Everett, etc... and didn't get anyone to fill in the spaces, which led to low expectations. I wish I were more proficient at the search function on here, I'd go dig up the prediction thread.
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    Things to get a little tense tonite?

    Hunter punked us. Garcia hits hunter and punks him. Hunter hits an RBI double and talks s***, thus punking us back. A little kid misbehaves. Parent punishes the kid. The little kid misbehaves again. There's no question that the Sox need to continuously plunk Hunter until he learns his f***ing lesson.
  24. mmmmmbeeer

    concern about KW

    That's the thing...don't the majority of our strengths in the minor league system reside at the lower levels? Wouldn't those players at the lower levels be more closely associated to the KW era than the Scheuler era and, conversely, the lack of talent at the higher levels be more closely associated with the Scheuler era than the KW era? I personally like what KW has done. Sure he's trading away "prospects", but they aren't his prospects. He wasn't the one incessantly overhyping our farm system. Perhaps he's trying his best to unload all the crap that was handed over to him, I mean, that's what strong talent evaluators do, is it not? Incidentally, my favorite move this season that REALLY shows me that KW knows talent, is picking up Timo Perez. This little scraggly, poor hitting, part-time playing, hot dog defender has one of the best arms around and IS THE BEST CLUTCH HITTER IN BASEBALL. The guy hits under .200...unless there are men in scoring position, then he hits a measley .400+. Now THAT'S a guy who is a sound bench player and a solid contributor, and certainly one helluva pickup.
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    Sox announcers a little testy

    Glad I was stuck with CIRCLEjerkME Bert on extra innings last night. You wanna talk about annoying broadcasters.......