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    ESPN 1000: Freddy Garcia traded to the White Sox

    I hope Davis isn't MO's replacement http://bigleaguers.yahoo.com/mlb/players/6/6144/career
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    ESPN 1000: Freddy Garcia traded to the White Sox

    That's like ATL throwin' Estrada in the Maggs deal. Wow.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    ESPN 1000: Freddy Garcia traded to the White Sox

    I've got no problem losing Reed whatsoever. That's not the issue. Big MO is the issue. He was slated to be our catcher for the next 5 years. Man, overpaid big time.
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    ESPN 1000: Freddy Garcia traded to the White Sox

    I hope this is a joke.
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    Its a Nice Win, But There are still a few Problems

    Can't believe it took 2 full pages before someone pointed out that he outpitched the rest of the staff in this series. I'm not a Rauch fan, I don't think he has much of a ML career ahead of him, but he f***ing stepped up yesterday. I think some credit needs to be given to KW too. He swallowed his pride, once again, and brought Rauch back. Was he originally just trying to motivate Rauch? Who knows. Whatever happened it worked for atleast 1 game that was an absolute MUST win.
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    Sox Needs

    With pitching as scarce as it is, I don't see any team willing to rent Magglio while giving us the pitchers he's worth in return. I mean the only contending teams with deep, dominant staffs are OAK, CHN, HOU, and kinda sorta BOS. Maggs for Zito and Bradford, or Maggs for Clement and Farnsworth, or Maggs&Cotts for Dotel and Oswalt. You take those pitchers away from those teams and they are all weakened tremendously, with OAK being the only exception. I do agree that we could afford to trade Maggs being our weakness lies in our pitching and not our offense, with the assurance that we'd pick up a LH power bat (Finley). I just don't see any contending teams wanting to trade away the caliber of pitching that we'd need in return.
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    Few Thoughts on today's game

    What was the attendance tonight?
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    Ozzie needs to learn how to call Jon Adkins name.
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    We need to end this now considering the crap we have left in our BP.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    Maggs Era Ending

    They didn't use quotes once in that entire article. Nice op/ed piece, that's about it. I could've wrote the same thing and it would have had about as much fact in it. There's no telling what's going to happen with Maggs.
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    When should the Sox start to panic?

    "for the sake of making a move"??????? Making a move for the hell of it would be something along the lines of bringing Jose Vidro here. We already have a stocked IF, including two quality 2B, but let's get Vidro because he's a big name. Vidro's effect on this team would be minimal except for some good press about how KW is trying to win a championship, blah, blah, blah. Making moves to fill holes that are obviously costing your team victories is NOT even close to making a move "for the sake of making a move". We absolutely NEED another SP. If we picked up Glendon f***ing Rusch tomorrow our team would improve DRAMATICALLY. There is no bad move for KW to make to fill the 5th spot, there is no possible way I see him making the team worse via a deal for another pitcher. Same with RH setup, we don't have s***. It's a glaring weakness and MUST be addressed before things get out of control. There's no "for the sake" of it about it, a GM serious about winning has to do whatever it takes. If, as a GM, you're not willing to fill the holes by giving up quality or some of your future (or your name is Phil Hendry and you're dealing with the Pirates), you might as well announce that you're selling at the break. We cannot win with the holes that we have right now. Thanks to some outstanding hitting by Willie and Juan, great early starts from SS, and Koch not blowing saves early allowing Shingo to pitch RH setup, we didn't see how much of an effect these holes would have. Juan, Willie, and Schoe have all come back to earth. Koch is gone, moving Mr. Zero to close, leaving that RH setup hole. Now we're beginning to see what KW, JR, and co. set us up for at the beginning of the season. Thing is, their plan was to start the season cheap, hang in the race, and fill the holes as the season progresses. Their plan is working, but NOW is the time they uphold their end of the plan and fill those holes. KW has made some great moves in the last couple of seasons, I don't think he's a bad GM at all. I will question his sincerity when he talks about going after championships if he continues to wait for a sugarcoated deal while our team falls out of contention.
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    When should the Sox start to panic?

    Let me join in the nutsack swinging.... Good post Brando. I posted on another board how it is absolutely ridiculous that KW is sitting here watching this team implode due to obvious problems. He needs to get on the phone and make an offer that the other team can't refuse. You cannot watch your team lose every fifth game, blow late leads, and get shut down by power RHP because you want to hang onto a particular prospect or two. I mean, you could sit back and watch, but if you want to win you can't. If it's a matter of no other team willing to deal yet, well, you've still got to make an excellent offer. If there's still no takers then go out and pick up a stop-gap pitcher for the 5th spot and in the pen until a deal to upgrade can be made. This team has too much talent to sacrifice in the name of holding onto a couple of prospects.
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    Is all I know is that I was sitting on my couch fuming while watching that 6th inning. It was so obvious to me that he was scared to pitch on hitters counts. He had pitched strikes on 2-0 counts in the 1st-5th innings, but suddenly he TOTALLY changed his approach and then after giving up a hit his approach went back to the way it was. I'd say that I was just seeing things but DJ helped to confirm that it wasn't just my pessimism, he and Hawk saw the same thing.
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    How about we call him Jon "I threw the ugliest 3 hitter in history" Garland, would that keep me out of Moronland? The guy gave up 3 hits and 3 walks, 6 total baserunners. That's pretty badass. The fact that 4/6 scored is pretty much just ass.
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    s*** man, is all you had to do was watch the first 5 innings and then watch the last out of the 6th, and all of the 7th and 8th. He absolutely REFUSED to throw strikes on hitter's counts. There is no mind reading involved, it was plain as day by watching his sequences. On the other hand though, if his idea of throwing 2-0 strikes is the same as the cookie he served up to Cabrera 2-0 bottom of the 9th, I'm kind of glad he did walk those 3 batters, lol.
  16. mmmmmbeeer

    Ozzie has problems

    Glad you decided to join the boards to b**** and moan. :fyou We're in national league parks, no DH, which means we sit either our best hitter (Frank) or 3rd best hitter (Paulie) while our 2nd best hitter (Maggs) is on the DL. It's tough to muster offense when 2 of your 3 best hitters aren't in a game. Take Guerrero and Anderson out of Anaheim's lineup and see how they do, take Blalock and Soriano out of Texas' lineup and see how they do, take Cabrera and Lowell out of Florida's lineup and see how they do.
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    Hawk and DJ said Zach Day had allowed 3 runs or less in 10/13 outings. It was a pitchers battle heading into this game, not an offensive battle, and JG choked.
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    First off, Ozzie left a guy in to pitch the 9th who had only given up 1 hit in the previous 8ip. How can you possibly fault Ozzie for that decision, especially after the BP covered 6 innings the night before this afternoon game??? Secondly, despite an outstanding outing, this loss falls directly on the shoulders of Jon Garland. DJ kind of hit on my point, but JG was more f***ing worried about losing his no-no than he was making the pitch that needed to be made during the 6th inning. As soon as the counts got to 2-0 he quit pitching to the hitter, refused to throw anything that could be put in play. Selfish, phenomonally selfish, and it cost him dearly. The only other questionable call I saw was in the bottom of the 9th. 1 out double and they pitch to Cabrera???? Walk that fool and set up the force outs. I can't believe that Jon threw Cabrera that cookie on a 2-0 count with 1B open. Unbelievably STUPID. Garland does appear to have turned a corner of sorts, he had a great outing. He just needs to keep his head skr8 and he'll win a lot of games. We really didn't play poorly enough to have a 2-4 road trip in my opinion. We ran into some good pitching in national league parks. Heading into this series we already knew that we'd be hurting without the DH, leaving either Frank or Paulie on the bench. We were missing Maggs. Willie is slumping. 5th starter got one start. We really shouldn't have expected to do much better considering our national league adjusted roster, IMO. Today was the killer though. 3 hits allowed and we lose to worst team in baseball. .500 would have been an acceptable trip.
  19. mmmmmbeeer

    You think there are any more deals coming soon

    There are obvioubly more deals in the works. We just lost a RH bullpen arm on the same night that another RH bullpen arm lost another game for us. Whatever K-Dub is about to pull off, it's got to involve some RH bullpen help. I suppose there are a couple of minor leaguers that are ready but I don't know if that's how you put your team in the best position to get to a world series, which is what K-Dub has said he will try to do. A month ago we only needed a 5th starter. Within the last month, playing against some solid competition, we've learned that we now need 3 things, RH relief, a power LH bat, and a 5th (probably higher) starter. If K-Dub was serious about his goal, there are probably going to be some pretty big deals about to go down and the farm is about to get raided.
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    KOCH TRADED!!!!!!!!!!!&#33

    hmmm, freed up a roster spot. garcia and guardado fill the voids of koch and rowand? reed is no longer with the white sox organization? something is definitely about to go down soon.
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    Something brewing?

    If we can trade Reed's POTENTIAL for a PROVEN starter, which is our most glaring weakness, you've got to do it. Of course, when JR apparently said something about telling KW to do whatever he needs to do, regardless of money, KW should be talking to ARI about Randy Johnson. I doubt we'd have to give up Reed or any other top prospect, just be willing to take on the salary.
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    Mariotti today

    http://www.suntimes.com/output/mariotti/cst-spt-jay16.html Positive article, but as usual, he has plenty of knocks. I find it funny that the Sun Times ran an article yesterday about the "Us vs. Them" campaign and pointed out that it's pretty much a first in professional sports. Yet Mariotti states that, "With so many in-house positives to trumpet, he [brooks Boyer] istead pokes fun at the Cubs with the predictable us-versus-them campaign. ". So was it predictable? Steff has said that the Southpaw idea had nothing to do with Brooks, yet Mariotti says that it was Brooks' pet project? He says to capitalize on guys like CLee and Big Frank instead of whining about media exposure and worrying about the other team. I say he's wrong. The campaign is built around the slogan "Sox Pride". When I've got pride in something I try to let other people know about it. If I take pride in enjoying a particular CD, I'm going to tell my buddy why he needs to check it out too, why it's BETTER than what he's listening to. We've played better than the sCrUBS for years, we've consistently been in the pennant race for years, and yet this is still a sCrUBS town. We've had marketing campaigns touting the players for years and it's still a sCrUBS town. I'm happy that we're going a different direction and I think it's great that this is getting under so many sCrUB fans skin.
  23. mmmmmbeeer

    Rozner's column today....

    QUOTE Mr. Rozner, In response to the section of your June 16th column called "North and South": A Sox fan doesn't ask those questions because he already knows the answers. A Cubs fan will ask those questions as he is stumbling out of Wrigley Field. Signed, YASNY from soxtalk.net I love it man, absolutely love that response.
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    Mariotti today

    http://www.dailyherald.com/sports/col_imre...?intid=38154176 Imrem gets it right.
  25. mmmmmbeeer

    What does Sox Pride mean to you?

    I live out of town so I can't attend games which is probably the biggest part of being a fan, but to me doesn't necessarily indicate pride. I voted for trying to know everything about the Sox. There's nothing more annoying than a "fan" of a team that doesn't know anything about their team. Any real "fan" should be able to name all 25 players on the roster, all the coaches, know key statistics, and understand the game of baseball. That's Sox pride, loving this team to the point where it can dictate your mood, sitting at the game or in front of the tube and dropping hella knowledge on a less knowledgable fan. I guess all kinds of folks can go to games, wear their Sox gear, or be a white sox "fan", but to have pride in your team you have to know your team.