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    Best starting pitchers theoretically available

    If I wanted power pitcher I'd go after Big Unit. Freddy Garcia is not the answer.
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    Best starting pitchers theoretically available

    I think we'll have to disagree there. In 17 years Glavine has only had 5 years with an ERA over 4 and has never allowed more than 30HRs in a season. Not to mention the huge amount of postseason experience he's had (194IP). He didn't pitch great last season, but he didn't exactly pitch poorly either. Looked more like an off year considering he was 18-11 with a 2.96ERA in 2002. Garcia on the other hand has 3 seasons with an ERA over 4.00 in just 5 years of pitching. He's allowed more than 30HRs twice in that 5 year span, this should be a concern considering the Cell is a hitter's park. Garcia has only pitched 34 innings of postseason ball. Glavine would have a tremendous impact on Buehrle and Schoe, showing them the ropes. Freddy Garcia wouldn't help anyone on our staff.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    I know it hurts now but......

    I don't want to see Kenny get a 5th starter...I want to see Kenny get a #1 or #2. We can't count on our current staff to pitch at the level they have all season long. We need to go all out and get a stud, regardless of price. If we end up with a Kris Benson or Odalis Perez I will be extremely disappointed.
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Best starting pitchers theoretically available

    Agreed, those are the two that would take us to the promised land.
  5. mmmmmbeeer

    Paging Jon Adkins

    Does Adkins even have 3 pitches? Even if he can confidently throw 3 pitches that really isn't enough to be a successful starter, atleast IMO.
  6. mmmmmbeeer

    5-28 Game Thread

    Still no Maggs?
  7. mmmmmbeeer

    Uribe Named Starting 2nd Baseman

    I think when Ozzie said that Joe reminded him of Ventura Ozzie meant it, and is giving Joe the same courtesy Ventura was given when he was struggling. I don't agree with it, but I don't see things changing.
  8. mmmmmbeeer


    Yeah, the Rangers' FSN gun blinked a bright red 101mph. I doubt he got it up there though, 98 I would believe. Either way, looks like he's starting to get it back. Looked to me like that last batter he was just throwing fb after fb with the exception of a slider, challenging the guy, just like the Koch of old.
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    ESPN Home page poll

    That poll pretty much sums up why it sucks that MLB "fans" get to pick the starting All-Stars.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    Good News

    Phish had more talent with their instruments than the Grateful Dead ever dreamt about. Whether you like the band or not I can't imagine someone listening to a 3 hour live show and not be awed by their talent....not lyrics, but talent.
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    Tuesday Texas Game Thread 5-25

    I'm unable to watch the game tonight being the ole lady has taken control of the TV that I get Extra Innings on :fyou but is the wind blowing out tonight or what?
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    Democracy first, Republic second

    You're initial post stated that the USA was founded on a democracy first and a republic second. That is incorrect, you said so yourself in your follow up. We aren't a republican democracy, we're a democratic republic. State governments are not pure democracies either. They are representative democracies. That's why there is a state legislature. Georgia probably wouldn't enjoy Atlanta voters deciding every piece of law that is presented. Local governments are not pure democracies either. They are also representative democracies. That's why there are city councils, alderman, etc. The rich areas of Chicago probably wouldn't enjoy all the poor people deciding every piece of law that is presented. The only forms of pure democracy that you'll find in this nation are in the form of either referendums or the election of certain elected positions within each state. Judges are elected on the federal and state levels, kind of. They are nominated by an elected official and confirmed by elected officials. They can be impeached by elected officials as well. There are checks and balances. If you aren't happy with a particular judge then write your representative in DC or, if it's a state judge, write your state rep. As I said earlier, I agree with you to an extent but think that there are much larger threats to our constitution, liberties, and freedoms.
  13. mmmmmbeeer

    Old Posters lurking around the boards

    There's another board that I frequent that I have chosen to always be anonymous. It's a board where a lot of debate takes place and if someone poses a question my way and I don't feel like responding just then, well, being anonymous they don't know I'm online and I can answer at my own convenience. I've never really thought about it as a bad thing, or sneaky thing, just an option on the software that I like. As far as someone leaving the site and vowing never to return, they probably meant never return to post. This site has a wealth of Sox info and any hardcore Sox fan would miss that info but wouldn't necessarily miss interacting with some of the assholes who post on these boards. With that said, I don't know why they would enter under their old ID as opposed to coming in as an unregistered guest. May just be a cookie still stored on the computer.
  14. mmmmmbeeer

    Democracy first, Republic second

    This is dead wrong. Franklin, Jefferson, etc., including Madison, the author of the constitution, warned us of the evils of a democracy, thus our democratic republic was born. Here's one quote of several from Madison, "Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.” As far as the actual point of your post goes, what exactly would sway you to vote for one candidate over another? How do the candidates go about campaigning? Would there be judicial parties? Let me give you my answer...it's a ridiculous idea. Judges SHOULD only have 1 thing to answer to, the constitution. The only reason you feel like you do is because of judges across the nation who have decided to start legislating and recognizing international decisions instead of answering only to the constitution. I'll agree with you on that atleast, I'm fed up with many of the members of our judicial system. I would agree that there should be term limits. Although, I'd rather see term limits put in place on the Congress first.
  15. mmmmmbeeer

    4 Man Rotation

    E-Lo for one looked absolutely exhausted by Sep. of last season. I don't know how he'd hold up in a 4 man rotation. Schoe hasn't pitched 200 innings so that could be interesting. I think Mark and JG could handle it alright. One option would be to go to a 4 man until we are able to pull off a decent trade to fill the hole. I wouldn't agree with a 4 man for the rest of the season, for the reasons Fotop mentioned, but I don't think that as a temporary deal we'd be harming our pitchers. Anything has to be better than what we've been doing this season and last. A decision needs to be made quickly though IMO, one way or the other. I don't think that there are any other holes in our team that are near as glaring as our 5th starter. I can't imagine that KW is worried about anything more than that.
  16. mmmmmbeeer

    Manager's Share of Success

    I couldn't vote Tex because I think it depends. Hawk made a nice statement last night about this very thing, he said that once a team finds its stride the manager's job is to step back and let it ride. Now when you say "the team is set" do you mean they've hit their stride or are you just saying the roster is set? IMO, JM had a set team but didn't do anything with it to help them get on a roll, get their heads in the right place, which is very much the manager's job. I'll give OG credit for getting this team where they're at but now they're on their own, until they hit an extended losing streak, at which point it's time for OG to step back in and manage.
  17. mmmmmbeeer

    Juan Uribe

    And Big Juan is only 24 years old too. We should see him in a Sox uni for a few more years atleast, he's got great potential and it appears that we'll have the opportunity to see it all unfold. Looks like Colorado gave up on a "top prospect" just a tad bit early.
  18. mmmmmbeeer

    KW going after Freddy Garcia again...

    Why would Seattle want Lee or Konerko? Wouldn't the aim of the trade, atleast on their part, be cutting salary? I could understand if they felt they could contend this season and just need a bat to do it, but they can't feel very good about their chances or they wouldn't be trading away their best pitcher. I think we could get Garcia for a couple of prospects and end up paying all/most of his salary.
  19. mmmmmbeeer

    Felix Diaz

    Was it Pacheco or Diaz that had all those K's in winterball last year?
  20. No s***. Man, that's not cool at all. I just came into work and usually read the boards prior to reading the sports page.
  21. aahhh...what incident are you referring to?
  22. mmmmmbeeer

    Koch is no longer the closer...please

    Tough to hit the ball when it rarely goes over the plate.
  23. mmmmmbeeer

    Koch is no longer the closer...please

    I used to feel that way. But now his ERA is probably over 6.00. You're closer CANNOT have an ERA over 6. That's not a closer, that's a lucky foooo. He still can't consistently get ahead of hitters, even after his pitching coach and manager drilled it into his head. With his weak fastball he needs to get ahead. I've seen enough. BTW, the team looked shaken while congratulating one another. I think that the team has seen enough too.
  24. mmmmmbeeer

    This just in! Eddie Guardado cheats!

    I watched the last 5 innings of this game and, as much as I despise the Twinkies, they were robbed a few times by the home plate ump, including the game winner. But hey, I ain't compainin'..... 1stPlace!!!!
  25. mmmmmbeeer

    Raindrops (Cedeno for 2003)

    Good to see Uribe 6th in the SS ranking. Glad Dransfeldt was playing SS tonight.