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    Rondell White to the Royals

    Confirmed from kcroyals.com. They gave up two minor leaguers, Brian Sanches and Chris Tierney.
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    Stat gurus please help

    Does anyone know of a good website to pull team splits as far as W-L vs. sub-.500 teams, etc. I can find splits such as road, home, PreAS, PostAS, hitting and pitching stats but nothing including team W-L. Any help would be appreciated. I'm sick of having to go back through our schedule and count, lol.
  3. I think it takes performances like Esteban showed us in the top of the 3rd last night. Figgins with a leadoff triple and Esteban STRANDS him at 3rd after striking out the side. How often do you see that? THAT is what makes a pitcher worthy of winning a Cy Young. He's a complete stud on the mound and it will be a true tragedy if he isn't rewarded for his inspiring pitching. I honestly shook my head in amazement after watching him work his way out of that on his own. Outstanding...highlight of the game for me.
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    Guess who I just picked up in my fantasy league....guess who I'm benching Lance Berkman for.... that's right...JOE MOTHERf***IN' CREDE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What's it take to win the AL Cy Young?

    The only competition he has is Hudson and Mussina. Both have comparable #'s. Mulder's ERA is too high and he will lose 10 games or more. Halladay is falling apart and already has an ERA a full point higher than Hudson.
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    How many times..

    Hurt made some kind of comment concerning his hitting at home vs on the road. He said that one of the advantages of being at home was the fact he could go down to the cage between innings and there was always someone there to throw to him, keep himself focused. So, from the sound of his quote, focus is the problem. If getting in the cage helps his hitting by re-focusing him off of his last at-bat, wouldn't/hasn't playing in the field accomplished the same thing? I think it's more than just coincidence. It's irresponsible of a manager not to exploit an advantage that has yet to be proven a fluke but has instead, over the course of his career, been proven as a rule.
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    I think that we need Sandy to catch as often as he can. He's a proven veteran that I think this team looks up to. He's not a great hitter but he's not scared in the clutch like Olivo. I think he definitely calls a better game and the team looks sharper when he's on the field. If I'm a pitcher who's struggling a bit, I'd much rather have a 16yr(?) veteran catcher come out and calm me down than a rookie. I've just always looked at the catcher as like the team captain, the guy in the trenches getting the hell beat out of him every night for the sake of the TEAM. Perhaps this came from watching Pudge back in the day, the Commander. I'd just like to see our present-day Commander on the field as much as possible.
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    The Angels announcers explained what a 6-4-3 double play was the other night and the significance of the numbers. I don't think we'll ever hear Hawk explain that. I hope we don't atleast.
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    I have the extra innings package this year so I've had the opportunity to listen to quite a few teams announcers. Hawk is awesome and mislabeled as a homer....I mean, he's a homer but still gives the other team credit. I remember watching a twinkies game with their announcers. Circle (jerk) me Bert Blyleven says something to the effect of, "I know I shouldn't say this, but Magglio Ordonez is an outstanding hitter". Not supposed to say that??? Just because he's on the opposing team??? Hawk on the other hand, while watching the a Twins/Sox game with Hawk and DJ, compliments several twins hitters, including his buddy AJ Pierzynski SEVERAL times. He appreciates good players, bottom line. Other announcers I've enjoyed were Steve Lyons and his counterpart out in AZ, the TB announcers, Baltimore announcers. The worst are Minny, Anaheim (i think one of them is gay, always talking about players looks and physical builds, lol), Seattle, and last but certainly not least, Chimp Carey.
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    Royals game..

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    Upcoming road trip

    3rd base side will be the Sox dugout. It's a nice stadium, friendly fans, and cheap. That's closest place for me to catch the Sox so I try to go when I can.
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    Royals @ Sox Game Thread- 1:05 CT

    These f***ers defnitely don't quit...like lil puppy dogs or something...grrrr
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    Royals @ Sox Game Thread- 1:05 CT

    Didn't the trainer come out and check on Bart in the 8th? I mean, he must've had something go wrong for JM to pull him and a trainer to check on him. I've got a live feed at work (commercial free) and during the break the trainer was massaging BC's right shoulder
  14. mmmmmbeeer

    Lets get back on track

    Ever notice that most times that Frank sees seven pitches or more in an at-bat he does yard work? I wish there was somewhere I could pull a stat on that. I like what I see though. E should be good with a lead like this.
  15. mmmmmbeeer

    Official July 30th vs. KC Royals thread...

    This sure would be a nice time for Carl to step up.
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    The Fuck Yes Thread

    CAN I GET A f*** YES?!?!?! 7 SKR8, GOIN' ON 8!!!
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    Game Thread

    9-0 Oakland over KC in the 7th
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    Game Thread

    Holy s***...i'm at work and can only see the game (barely), not hear it....what was the distance of that SHOT???
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    I honestly believe that Colon is a guy that we want on our staff if we make it to the playoffs. The guy can be, has been, and will continue to be a gamer. He's obviously not bringing his best stuff to the table as of late but I don't think he's smelling the competition like he needs to. I think it would be a huge mistake to drop him while we're still in the hunt. Granted, a guy like Ponson or Lidle may do us more good while on the path to winning the division, but come playoff time I'd take Colon over either of them.