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    Mariotti blasts Sox again

    I wish it were just a matter of payroll, but I think that the Sox problems go deeper. PR and marketing are awful. Scouting, horrible. Development, questionable. Ballpark wasn't even in the same league as other new parks. You name it, the Sox have found a way to f*** it up. Winning will cure a lot though. So if spending some loot brings us a winner, then yes, you're correct, payroll is the answer to our problems. BTW, good article. I'm with Rex though, Maggs isn't worth Vladdy kind of money...hell, Tejada wasn't worth what he got. I'd apparently be one of the few fans who would be satisfied seeing Maggs dealt for some stud ML-ready prospects and a solid major leaguer.
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    Seattle Times stoking the flames...

    ESPN insider mentions this same deal??? Man, what a steal for the Sox.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    Maggs makes his position known

    Agreed 100%... Maggs, atleast IMHO, didn't have a great year last season. He had a hot month or two right after the break and those months really helped his #'s. He didn't seem very clutch either. To get just Jackson and Miller for him would make me happy. I mean Maggs is a helluva ballplayer, but not $12-$15M good. For that money I want 25SB, >.315BA, 40+HRs, >110RBI and excellent defensive skills. I don't see those statistics coming from Maggs.
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Wins in 2004

    Cleveland improved tremendously last season. They are going to be a very scary team in a couple of years. They are doing an outstanding job of rebuilding. KC has an excellent bullpen, strong defense, solid hitting, and great chemistry...those things will help them overcome a weak starting rotation, IMHO. Their staff is only going to improve from last season. Minny got weaker but the Sox cant' win in the dome. Never have, never will. The place suits the Twins style of ball...not ours. It's just a prediction man. I pray that we win this division...i just don't see it being an easy task. I don't look at our roster and immediately think winning season. I don't look at our division and immediately think that we've got it locked up. Of course, I did do that the last couple of years and we came up short. Perhaps things will change this year. I just think that this may be a very long season. But I'm a glutton for punishment and will be subscribing to the Extra Innings package again so I can watch our team fall short of .500 ball. I already warned the ole lady that I'll probably be in a bad mood all summer.
  5. mmmmmbeeer

    Wins in 2004

    79-83 and a 3rd place finish in the ALC KC got tougher, CLE will be tougher, MIN we will lose all but 1 game in the dome. We'll get slaughtered outside of our division by everyone but TX. The west is solid except for TX. The East got a lot tougher this year with Baltimore stepping up, TOR should be decent, and Sweet Lou doing his thing down in TB. Our national league games are not going to be cake, especially our sets against the sCrUBS. Pitching will kill us, absolutely destroy us, as will the lack of a leadoff man.
  6. mmmmmbeeer

    New cable contract

    I apparently missed this whole cable contract/station deal. I live out of town so, unless I see news on here, I don't know what's going on with the Sox. Is this going to hurt my extra innings coverage of the Sox? Is it a pay-per-view kind of deal? Could someone please shed some light on this for me? Thanks.
  7. mmmmmbeeer

    Jose, Jose Jose

    So I remember reading somewhere that Jose was practicing batting left-handed against southpaws during winterball, possibly in preparation to become a fulltime LH hitter... Do you think we could see a considerable jump in his average this season if he indeed ends up hitting from the left side fulltime?
  8. mmmmmbeeer

    Uh Ohhhhhhhh.....

    and yet another... http://www.dailysouthtown.com/southtown/ds.../pro/311sd1.htm
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    Possible Three Way Deal

    agreed. not one word about any source, named or not.
  10. mmmmmbeeer

    You mean France was lying??? naaahhhh

    http://washingtontimes.com/upi-breaking/20...94014-7323r.htm Interesting.....very interesting. Sounds like this thing was a f***ing gaggle on both sides of the pond.
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    You mean France was lying??? naaahhhh

    yeah, i didn't post this as fact. the article also clarifies that this will be fully investigated. I'm pretty sure that we all knew that France had some sort of ulterior motive, now it's just a matter of proving it. And yes, although I think it was just a matter of campaigning, I do give the Germans credit if they opposed the war with absolutely no outside motives.
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    Article from Tribune

    Also, the fact that he implies that this has never been a Cubs town until just recently also tells me that he isn't blasting the Sox franchise as a whole, JUST current leadership.
  13. mmmmmbeeer

    Maggs tearing the ball in Venezuela

    Maggs is worth less than Vlad and you gotta remember that Beltran just signed that 1yr deal for what, $9-10M? I'd honestly think long and hard if I had to choose between Maggs and Beltran, and would probably lean towards Beltran due to his base stealing abilities. I sure as hell wouldn't give Maggs $13-15M when I could get Beltran for $10-11M.
  14. mmmmmbeeer

    who will finish the season

    I love that Mr. Zero moniker more and more each time I hear/read it. Even if the guy blows, he'll still have one the coolest nicknames in all of baseball.
  15. mmmmmbeeer

    Mike Imrem- Daily Herald Article

    And another thing...when the f*** have the Sox ever "won big"? You consider 2000 a successful season? 3 and out in the first round of the playoffs is a success? Seems your standards are much lower than the rest of us. Could explain our "ignorance".
  16. mmmmmbeeer

    Mike Imrem- Daily Herald Article

    So you feel as if this franchise is being run at an optimal level? You feel that advertising is both effective and efficient? You feel that player development is sufficient? You feel that Reinsdorf and company are barely making a profit? You feel that White Sox popularity in Chicago has not slipped since 1980? You feel that 2 million in attendance is acceptable in a market the size of Chicago? You believe players are happy to be a White Sox? I can't believe that you can answer yes to even half of the questions I've listed. An owner, regardless of their level of business savvy, who wants to win would do a much better job of solving the problems that many of us see with this franchise. If you're happy, then so be it. I'm not.
  17. mmmmmbeeer

    Mike Imrem- Daily Herald Article

    I've always felt this way too. It's a f*** of a lot easier for one man, JR, to change his ways than it is for 1.5million people to collectively change theirs. And yeah, those commercials last season were just absolutely f***ing horrible. I had the Extra Innings package so I got to see ads from several teams. Most were rather humorous or got your blood pumping a bit, seeing your team advertised in a positive light. Not the Sox though, their ads were just plain dumb. Dumb to the point where you get that f***ing scrunched up look on your face and want to change the channel. That f***ing "i'm lovin' it" from McDonalds kind of dumb. There are telemarketers I've talked to on the phone that had a better advertising slogan/approach than the f***ing white sox. One day the Reinsdorf era will end...each day until that day will do nothing more than test our dedication to this franchise. If you can make it through this s***ty era you know you're a Sox fan for life.
  18. mmmmmbeeer

    Betran get a staggering $9mil

  19. mmmmmbeeer

    Decriminalization of Marijuana

    Most importantly, above all else, what has EVER granted the federal government the power to outlaw ANY drug? This is a state's decision, not the fed's. The feds waste UNBELIEVABLE amounts of money on this "war on drugs" and yet drug use hasn't taken a hit in numbers. Look at California, I believe it was San Diego, where a medical marijuana grower/distributor was arrested by the feds DESPITE the fact that the state of California considered this grower/distributor's actions LEGAL. Where is the sovereignty of the state? We do live in a republic last time I checked, or did this change? The "war on drugs", not just marijuana, is a despicable waste of tax payer money and is a truly illegal war. We're wasting money on agents and surveillance. We're wasting money on jails overcrowded with users and dealers. The madness must stop and true FREEDOM must exist. If the feds are going to spend taxpayer money to fight drug abuse then that money should go STRICTLY to a world class drug treatment program. I don't smoke pot BTW, just a pissed off tax payer.
  20. mmmmmbeeer

    A-Rod Trade

    see, now i'm confused. The link that was posted had a deal involving BOS, CWS, KC, MIL, LA, and TEX. Which is the one that has the chance of happening?
  21. mmmmmbeeer

    A-Rod Trade

    my question is, if we trade for Damon to fill the whole in CF by trading away Maggs...doesn't that just move the hole to RF? What exactly do we gain? I'd still rather have Mota than Williamson too. And we're only saving $3M. I don't like this.
  22. mmmmmbeeer

    Favorite Cub-Hating One-liners or Quotes

    I'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother who's a Cubs fan.
  23. mmmmmbeeer

    If the White Sox Moved

    That about sums up my summer as well, but the ole lady is about sick of it. She's going to have to get to know her role a bit better apparently....
  24. mmmmmbeeer

    Don't expect Thomas at Soxfest

    Isn't this an event for the fans? So because he's pissed at Ozzie Guillen he is going to piss on the fans instead of confronting Ozzie face-to-face. Hell, he doesn't even need to confront him, doesn't need to say a word to the man if he doesn't want to. Sickening really.
  25. Their defense laid back in the second half with a 24-10 lead and were pretty much dominating the game at that point. Their lax defense made the game a game again. That was in Indy. This is in NE. Bellicheck, the best coach in the league, will not lay back this time and will have his team prepared for victory. The Pats are SO fundamentally sound on both sides of the ball and special teams that they are going to be very difficult to beat. The difference between playing NE and playing DEN and KC for Peyton is that this week he'll be facing MAD pressure. I don't think, with the cold factored in, he will be able to be successful under that pressure. KC was a fluke all season long, doesn't take much to beat them if your'e a team worth a s***. Denver didn't even show up in the wildcard game. Helluva run brotha, but it ends this week in NE against the first solid team you've faced in the playoffs. BTW, I'm a Titan fan and would love to see the AFC South be representin' in Houston, but I just don't see it happening.