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    Maggs tearing the ball in Venezuela

    Maggs is worth less than Vlad and you gotta remember that Beltran just signed that 1yr deal for what, $9-10M? I'd honestly think long and hard if I had to choose between Maggs and Beltran, and would probably lean towards Beltran due to his base stealing abilities. I sure as hell wouldn't give Maggs $13-15M when I could get Beltran for $10-11M.
  2. mmmmmbeeer

    who will finish the season

    I love that Mr. Zero moniker more and more each time I hear/read it. Even if the guy blows, he'll still have one the coolest nicknames in all of baseball.
  3. mmmmmbeeer

    Mike Imrem- Daily Herald Article

    And another thing...when the f*** have the Sox ever "won big"? You consider 2000 a successful season? 3 and out in the first round of the playoffs is a success? Seems your standards are much lower than the rest of us. Could explain our "ignorance".
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Mike Imrem- Daily Herald Article

    So you feel as if this franchise is being run at an optimal level? You feel that advertising is both effective and efficient? You feel that player development is sufficient? You feel that Reinsdorf and company are barely making a profit? You feel that White Sox popularity in Chicago has not slipped since 1980? You feel that 2 million in attendance is acceptable in a market the size of Chicago? You believe players are happy to be a White Sox? I can't believe that you can answer yes to even half of the questions I've listed. An owner, regardless of their level of business savvy, who wants to win would do a much better job of solving the problems that many of us see with this franchise. If you're happy, then so be it. I'm not.
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    Mike Imrem- Daily Herald Article

    I've always felt this way too. It's a f*** of a lot easier for one man, JR, to change his ways than it is for 1.5million people to collectively change theirs. And yeah, those commercials last season were just absolutely f***ing horrible. I had the Extra Innings package so I got to see ads from several teams. Most were rather humorous or got your blood pumping a bit, seeing your team advertised in a positive light. Not the Sox though, their ads were just plain dumb. Dumb to the point where you get that f***ing scrunched up look on your face and want to change the channel. That f***ing "i'm lovin' it" from McDonalds kind of dumb. There are telemarketers I've talked to on the phone that had a better advertising slogan/approach than the f***ing white sox. One day the Reinsdorf era will end...each day until that day will do nothing more than test our dedication to this franchise. If you can make it through this s***ty era you know you're a Sox fan for life.
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    Betran get a staggering $9mil

  7. mmmmmbeeer

    Decriminalization of Marijuana

    Most importantly, above all else, what has EVER granted the federal government the power to outlaw ANY drug? This is a state's decision, not the fed's. The feds waste UNBELIEVABLE amounts of money on this "war on drugs" and yet drug use hasn't taken a hit in numbers. Look at California, I believe it was San Diego, where a medical marijuana grower/distributor was arrested by the feds DESPITE the fact that the state of California considered this grower/distributor's actions LEGAL. Where is the sovereignty of the state? We do live in a republic last time I checked, or did this change? The "war on drugs", not just marijuana, is a despicable waste of tax payer money and is a truly illegal war. We're wasting money on agents and surveillance. We're wasting money on jails overcrowded with users and dealers. The madness must stop and true FREEDOM must exist. If the feds are going to spend taxpayer money to fight drug abuse then that money should go STRICTLY to a world class drug treatment program. I don't smoke pot BTW, just a pissed off tax payer.
  8. mmmmmbeeer

    A-Rod Trade

    see, now i'm confused. The link that was posted had a deal involving BOS, CWS, KC, MIL, LA, and TEX. Which is the one that has the chance of happening?
  9. mmmmmbeeer

    A-Rod Trade

    my question is, if we trade for Damon to fill the whole in CF by trading away Maggs...doesn't that just move the hole to RF? What exactly do we gain? I'd still rather have Mota than Williamson too. And we're only saving $3M. I don't like this.
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    Favorite Cub-Hating One-liners or Quotes

    I'd rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother who's a Cubs fan.
  11. mmmmmbeeer

    If the White Sox Moved

    That about sums up my summer as well, but the ole lady is about sick of it. She's going to have to get to know her role a bit better apparently....
  12. mmmmmbeeer

    Don't expect Thomas at Soxfest

    Isn't this an event for the fans? So because he's pissed at Ozzie Guillen he is going to piss on the fans instead of confronting Ozzie face-to-face. Hell, he doesn't even need to confront him, doesn't need to say a word to the man if he doesn't want to. Sickening really.
  13. Their defense laid back in the second half with a 24-10 lead and were pretty much dominating the game at that point. Their lax defense made the game a game again. That was in Indy. This is in NE. Bellicheck, the best coach in the league, will not lay back this time and will have his team prepared for victory. The Pats are SO fundamentally sound on both sides of the ball and special teams that they are going to be very difficult to beat. The difference between playing NE and playing DEN and KC for Peyton is that this week he'll be facing MAD pressure. I don't think, with the cold factored in, he will be able to be successful under that pressure. KC was a fluke all season long, doesn't take much to beat them if your'e a team worth a s***. Denver didn't even show up in the wildcard game. Helluva run brotha, but it ends this week in NE against the first solid team you've faced in the playoffs. BTW, I'm a Titan fan and would love to see the AFC South be representin' in Houston, but I just don't see it happening.
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    Best/Worst Commercials

    The Mike's that I like the most is where the lumberjack gets his hand cutoff so his buddy takes him to the bar for a Mike's. So the bartender slides the bottle down the bar, dude sticks out his arm to catch it, but his hand was gone so it just slid off the end of the bar. classic.
  15. mmmmmbeeer

    Best/Worst Commercials

    The worst:: McDonald's...any of their commercials that have that f***ing "I'm lovin' it" song playing. Seriously, I can't stand it. They really bug the living s*** out of me. The best:: tough question...I forget which company it was but the commercial with the 401K and the people in the office are celebrating, like the one dude jumping onto the cube into his coworkers arms kinda like they do at Lambeau Field. Now that is funny. I also love the GEICO one where it's the commercial for the hair club. That one cracks me up every time.
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    Best Censorship Ever.

    "What is this "day of rest" s***? What is this bulls***, man? I don't f***ing care! It don't matter to Jesus! But you're not fooling me! You might fool the f***s in the league office, but you don't fool Jesus! It's bush league psych-out stuff! Laughable, man! I would've f***ed you in the ass Saturday, I'll f*** you in the ass next Wednesday instead!" So said Jesus...Jesus Quintana
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    Bush's "conservativism"

    Bush hatas...what is so conservative about GWB? Seems to me liberals would love this guy.
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    Dr. Demento, wasn't it? I was late junior high, early high school during that era. My dad got me listening to Steve and Gary and that led to me listening to Kevin Matthews and Brandmeir. Talk about great radio, I loved it. Dahl's "Antony" was always my favorite...."i was porkin' this bra'd in the front comma pue...see i'm takin' dis puncteation class"--classic
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    Bush's "conservativism"

    Apu, 2 quick points. 1.) To say that Bush "slashed" funding is an inaccurate statement. You cannot technically cut money by adding 11% to funding. I understand your point with the higher DOE requirements creating a financial strain on school districts, but I feel that your (liberals in general) use of "slash" is inaccurate. 2.) The Libyan reparations for PanAm 103 were made under Bush's watch. http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/5260/...sation2002.html As far as me voting libertarian, they will nominate their ticket on May 30th. I have no idea if they will be on the ballot here in OK. Considering Bush will win in a landslide this Nov. coupled with the fact that OK's electoral votes are already in his pocket, I just might vote Libertarian being I won't be harming Bush's chance at re-election nor will I be helping Dean or Clark. I guess it's that or just not vote. You seem like you're probably a Kucinich supporter (I love the fact he talks about instant runoff voting, a much needed change to our election process) but who do you think will win the dem's nomination? Do you think that any of them can beat Bush?
  20. mmmmmbeeer

    Bush's "conservativism"

    I consider myself a fairly staunch conservative. I am disgusted by our government right now. We have Republican control of the congress and white house but government is growing at an accelerated rate. Here's just some examples of why I don't understand the left's dislike of GWB. 1) Discretionary domestic spending has increased by over 27% since Bush took office. In other words, he is spending way more on entitlements and programs in 3 yrs than Clinton did in 8 yrs. 2) To please labor unions, Bush passed the highest steel tariffs in American history. He recently reversed these due to a threatened trade war from the EU that would thrown us back into recession 3) He basically copied Ted Kennedy's education bill, renamed it "Leave No Child Behind," and INCREASED education spending by over 11%. Still, he gets criticized by liberals for "slashing" education. 4) He recently signed the "American Dream" act, which gives preferences & aid to minorities in buying a home. No poor whites need apply. He still gets criticized for being a racist bigotted Republican, of course. 5) He supported a Federal Court's approval ruling on an affirmative action case involving defacto use of racial quotas in admisions (minorities were given extra "points" in admissions applications based solely on their minority status). Of course, he's still a racist. 6) He signed the Campaign Finance Reform bill, which is an attack on free speech. Candidates cannot run ads discrediting an incumbent within 60 days of an election! Terrible. 7) The recent Medicare/Medicaid Drug Bill. Those programs now have even more entitlements and are larger than ever. Still he still gets criticized for "slashing" those programs, leaving seniors and the poor to die laying in the streets because they don't have medical care (though their entitlements are more now than ever). 8) While Arnold moves in CA to stop driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, Bush proposes basically an anmesty for illegal workers if they can prove they have work. This is more left than anything CA was doing beforehand. Still, Bush is a racist white bigot in the eyes of many liberals. 9.) He has YET to veto a single spending bill and NOT ONCE has he ever spoke of making government smaller in a speech. I'm faced with quite a conundrum this November. I am NOT happy with Bush's idea of conservativism and am fearful of how large the government could get after another 4 years of his ridiculous spending tactics. This will make me very hesitant to cast my vote for him. On the other hand, unless Joe Lieberman wins the dem nomination (yeah right) there is not a single dem candidate worth a s***. Do I just not vote?
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    Here's your "Tolerant" Democratic party

    One day minorities will realize that the democratic party is only successful as long as the minorities can be made out as victims. They're the only party whose agenda would have to include race as an issue to get votes.
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    stock market

    It's going to be a decent to good year no matter where you put your loot but I've heard that Large-Cap funds, blue chip stocks, and precious metals/oil will all have a very good year. I have the option to run my 401K through a brokerage account. I've got a good bit put aside in mutual funds but have thew a bit at trading individual stocks. It's definitely fun to trade the stocks but challenging also. Sometimes I'll think I'm dead on a prediction and the market acts the exact opposite. Be safe, use the funds until you know what the hell you're doing.
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    Aubrey Huff

    3 yrs at $14.5M. What a steal. 3 years of his production for 1 year of Maggs or Vlad. Seriously, what a steal.
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