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  1. JPN366

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 12, 2017 -> 09:15 AM) And all those people in Alabama think it's great. They won't when they wake up one day and realize they are the ones that were had. But, hey, emails. I wrote in Bernie, I didn't vote for Trump. Not everyone here in Alabama is a moron. Most, but not all.
  2. JPN366

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    All I can think about Cody is, the Trump era has infected Big Brother.
  3. JPN366

    If you were comfortably rich, what would you do?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 16, 2017 -> 01:44 PM) Don't get me wrong, I play with the legos with my kids, but oooh weee, those things are expensive! Walmart has all the LEGO stuff for 20% or more off most of the time. But yes, it is expensive.
  4. JPN366

    If you were comfortably rich, what would you do?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 15, 2017 -> 11:58 AM) I am not going to lie. I saw the kids last mailer, and I really want the Death Star and the Saturn V. You don't have to be a kid. We are called AFOL's. Adult Fans Of LEGO. Me and my son have a LEGO room in our house. We actually need a bigger house now. LEGO makes a giant Slave I and a Ghostbusters Firehouse! LEGO Themes Say goodbye to your wallet.
  5. JPN366

    If you were comfortably rich, what would you do?

    All the LEGO's.
  6. JPN366

    Luis Robert signing official

    I was totally on the Dayan Viciedo train, having watched him in person and meeting him in 2009. I hope this isn't another Dayan Viciedo.
  7. JPN366

    Inauguration Day: God Bless America

    He can go f*** himself for all I care.
  8. JPN366

    Sox sign C Geovany Soto

    QUOTE (Feeky Magee @ Jan 5, 2017 -> 10:16 PM) Sox now have both Giovanni Soto and Geovany Soto. Fingers crossed that they play in the same game together!
  9. JPN366

    2016 Presidential Election Thread

    QUOTE (illinilaw08 @ Nov 9, 2016 -> 08:01 AM) Florida and the Rust Belt (Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) were the only states that mattered in this election. How is the electoral college different than a popular vote then? In a true popular vote, a Republican vote in Manhattan matters the same as a Democrat vote in Alabama. More importantly, elections would swing on national issues rather than on regional issues. Mine and my wife's didn't.
  10. JPN366

    2016 Presidential Election Thread

    My polling place had open tables with no dividers or privacy and some nosy jerk was looking at your ballot as you inserted it into the machine. My wife and I reported it, we were told they were given dividers, but they weren't using them.
  11. JPN366

    Chris Getz to take over player development

    When Chris Getz opens his mouth, panties drop. I look forward to his album of Barry White covers.
  12. JPN366

    Hawk will keep working as long as he can

    Steve Stone is cursed to be the ferryman on the River Styx for old play by play announcers for the rest of eternity.
  13. JPN366

    Specific Trade Ideas

    Think the Mets would bite on Frazier for Conforto, or is that unrealistic?
  14. JPN366

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    I think trading two high quality pitchers is ridiculous, but let's consider a 1990's style mega deal with the Rangers... White Sox get: Gallo, Mazara, Odor or Profar and 3-4 top prospects. Rangers get: Sale, Quintana, Frazier
  15. JPN366

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    QUOTE (Brian @ Jul 12, 2016 -> 01:17 PM) It baffles me as well. It's proof people's perception of people becomes clouded when stuck in a small environment. I could be wrong, but I don't think James is an angel outside the house. Doesn't pay child support and some other stuff. True, but why would she waste her time on him. She's way out of his league. She can call her shot.