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  1. maybe tony didn't want to use any more pitchers today and told ruiz to lay it in there
  2. cleveland should feel bad about this
  3. it's literally the back end, Ruiz isn't likely going to pitch in a close game in October
  4. Ok, the fact that Cleveland has no runs this inning means they deserve to lose
  5. nice bat flip though, bradley
  6. ha, i've seen the two longest singles ever today
  7. Foster/Ruiz to close this one?
  8. I'm morbidly curious to see who we attempt to close this out with with Kimbrel, Bummer and Hendriks all pitching game one
  10. Goodwin will be on the roster, Wright won't
  11. it's essentially a meaningless one, we're not going to approach the final ten like we are going to make up six
  12. Engel....was...uh......not at full speed