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  1. Heads22

    Soxfest news and notes

    That's why I'm not letting us retain him bother me a ton. He may not be elite, but I don't think he's hurting us with his play, and its clear his role with some of the players.
  2. Heads22

    The Beer Thread

    Paging @FlaSoxxJim My favorite beer has always been the free one.
  3. Heads22

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    I couldn't even find where Pascal had a twitter account. And bmags view of that opinion piece wasn't wrong.
  4. Heads22

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Yeah I'm sure they're shocked it wouldn't market well to men, they love the book.
  5. Baylor halfway to putting away Kansas.
  6. Heads22

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    I've never understood the desire to get rid of McCann or Collins, since, you know, we don't need to.
  7. Heads22

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    Harris to the Nats
  8. Heads22


    I have it thru work and utilize it on a RokuTV and I think it works fantastic.
  9. Heads22

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    Due to their ACC ties. Its okay if we wait another 127 years to play Notre Dame again.
  10. And that was always going to happen. And even though that one isn’t a prime optimization of resources, I get it too and it shouldn’t kill us or anything.
  11. Grandal would probably be the main guy catching him as well, which should help him steal strikes.
  12. Should have a nice rangy infield (well at three spots) too to help him out. I imagine we'll sign EE and a setup guy and call it an offseason.