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  1. Heads22

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    football time fast approaches
  2. Heads22

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    Cordero isn't bad....
  3. Heads22

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    Cordero might have the best arms in baseball
  4. Heads22

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    guest commentators are what we needed
  5. Heads22

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    Schur's fine, would rather hear more Walton
  6. i wouldn't be surprised if it happened again next year. bet it went over well nationally
  7. Bill Walton interviewing James McCann is one of the best things ever
  8. basically bill wanted to know why jason didn't have kids
  9. "hes not a bummer. hes a meteor"
  10. we have progressed to bill discussing benettis sex life
  11. this is getting better by the minute "you're like a time capsule" "no, I'm like a slot machine"
  12. "you can never credit larry....or jerry....reinsdorf enough"