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  1. Heads22

    7/17 Games

    looked like a cheapie to me, barely made the second deck
  2. Heads22

    2018 Home Run Derby

    That'll work
  3. Heads22

    2018 Home Run Derby

    Benetti calling the derby on ESPNEWS
  4. Heads22

    2018 Home Run Derby

    Expecting a Baez/Schwarber final for maximum annoyance.
  5. Heads22

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    I suppose I should have put that in green.
  6. Heads22

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    That could be any gun rights organization. Force of habit makes me think any US individual involved in any of this Russia stuff is Carter Page, ha.
  7. I think you just quote the post and then copy the source to the signature. Link the post if you could.
  8. Heads22

    Trade Proposals

    I have no inclination to trade Rodon, especially when his value is near its lowest.
  9. Heads22

    Trade Proposals

    No clue what we'd get, probably someone around the Cordell/Tilson level.
  10. Heads22

    7/14 Games

    After four games. This might be a new freakout record.
  11. Heads22


    He had to have ben really close to having been sent down too as well. If he can get that ERA under 6 to around 5.50 by the end of the month, and down around 5 by the end of the year, it'll be some of the growth we wanted. The walks are going down and the K's are going up (albeit slowly).
  12. Heads22

    7/15 Games

    Kid might have a future
  13. Heads22

    Trade Proposals

    Hey Milwaukee, if you liked Anthony Swarzak (and Matt Albers and Dan Jennings and Boone Logan), can we interest you in Joakim Soria?
  14. Heads22

    7/15 Games

    Fulmer coming out of the pen again, getting rocked again.
  15. Heads22

    2018 Futures Game

    2/3 of an inning.