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  1. Heads22

    Site BackOnline

    I switched it so it doesn't open in a new window, maybe that helps....it's not any coding I'm messing with, its just a menu thingy.
  2. Heads22

    Sports Media discussion

    I can have the DP Show on in the background every day, but I honestly think he's at the top of the profession as well.
  3. Heads22

    Farquhar passes out

    C'mon SS, use the new Twitter embed function!!!
  4. Heads22

    Sports Media discussion

    I don't think any of those shows work anymore.
  5. One positive is half the starting rotation will be gone.
  6. Heads22

    Site BackOnline

    Ha, well that shouldn't be. Is anyone else having that issue?
  7. Heads22

    Site BackOnline

    Its defaulted to open in a new window, maybe its blocking it as a popup.
  8. Heads22

    Site BackOnline

    Odd, it works for me. Not working for anyone else?
  9. I'd be for this except I don't know who you put in his place, since it seems like we're waiting til June for Kopech
  10. Heads22

    Site BackOnline

    It works!
  11. Means you're the best! It relates to feedback on posts. You guys can like posts and all of that. I'm not sure we're going to leave the negative rating aspect of it, tbh.
  12. Heads22

    Site BackOnline

    Y'all have the ability to like posts and stuff
  13. Yeah, I would think this is essentially his side session.