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  1. Is Hendriks out? All the pitches yesterday?
  2. oh damnit. come thru luis, please
  3. Dylan versus the Tigers is neat
  4. keep it fucking going guys, i want double digits out of the offense today
  5. build the whole team out of luis
  6. Heads22

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    How should they get rid of these high prices and shortages?
  7. Heads22

    Nine reg season games not on NCBSC

    I hope Nelson does our game next week since he's a Sox fan and all
  8. Heads22

    Nine reg season games not on NCBSC

    This is bitching just to b****. That's only two more games people have to pay for. The Apple TV games are free, as are the Fox ones, and no ones ever bitched about an ESPN exclusive
  9. Watched most of this at work. Lineup needs to score more than 4, bullpen needs to be better, especially Liam, and AJP needs to catch that.
  10. Heads22

    Gio will start opening day

    Cease owns Detroit; should have always been starting in Detroit.
  11. Heads22

    4/4- Sox at Cubs, 3:05, Marquee

    Wonder if we see him starting every day at second base in Charlotte
  12. that was literally what he was doing
  13. For anyone unaware:
  14. Heads22

    Rockies @ Whitesox - NBCSCH 3:05

  15. Heads22

    Rockies @ Whitesox - NBCSCH 3:05

    Lucas does look beefier.