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  1. AJP, bat drop por favor
  2. uh, dylan is improving exponentially by batter
  3. Heads22

    Eloy Supposedly Back in Two Weeks

    Yup, I gave it credence since he RT'd it, haha
  4. this is getting more and more annoying and unbelievable by the moment
  5. this seems way too easy so far
  6. economical start by kendall; may only need two days off after this
  7. wonder if hes closing tonight
  8. engy! he better be off to the races
  9. Lucas!! I love seeing him get pumped
  10. i would imagine we will see kendall tonight
  11. im sick of this fucker
  12. If Gavin would like to keep dongin' well thats just fine; suck it jose ramirez
  13. turnabout is fair play motherfuckers
  14. haha fuck you naylor
  15. damn, harrison just missed it
  16. uh, neat, but what again
  17. what in the fuck was that