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  1. Lucky hit. Joe Crede still sucks... Hmm....this guy already has more homers and slightly fewer RBI's than Robin Ventura in his first full season, and his batting average is only about 15 points lower.
  2. JOE f***ING CREDE!!!!!!
  3. Garland...right where he's f***ing supposed to be.
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    Join the chat room... For a game chat... http://whitesox.theinsiders.com/3/chat.html
  5. Pena is the manager of the year....no question.
  6. Thomas hit, Runey and both benches warned.
  7. Pena going nuts at Runey.
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    All ppl

    I listen to just about anything except Country and Soft Rock.
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    While I wouldn't have any problem with it, I'm sure Jason would fly to Oelwein and castrate me with a pointy stick, while at the same time using a rusty paper clip to poke many bloody holes near my spine.
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    Sorry I'm Late (Royals YNOT)

    1) Who will win the series (CHW/KC) (2 points)? CHW 2) Who will have the most hits: Ordonez, Everett, or Lee (2 points)? ORD 3) How many errors will the Sox make (4 points)? TWO 4) In which plate appearance will Frank Thomas get his 2000th hit (1st, 2nd, etc.) (4 points)? 2ND 5) How many hits will Paul Konerko have (5 points)? THREE 6) How many batters will Bartolo Colon strike out (5 points)? 8 7) Which Sox player will have the most ABs in the series (4 points)? MAGGLIO 8) Whose bullpen will give up more runs (CHW/KC) (2 points)? KC 9) Will Jon Garland have a quality start (Y/N) (2 points)? Y 10) Will Mike MacDougal get a save (Y/N) (2 points)? N TIEBREAKER: Total attendance for Monday August 4th (including me!) 32,566
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    college football no trash zone

    All I can say is go Iowa State. QB Watch: 1st String: Austin Flynn 2nd String: Waye Terry 3rd String: Cris Love (Because of drunk driving arrest)
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    What's best?

    I live out in the middle of nowhere....so I have cable.
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    Being Admin

    Jason is the guy that set up the site. For a list of the admins and mods click here: http://www.soxtalk.com/index.php?act=Stats...ts&CODE=leaders The admins have a lot of control....there are a couple of us with access to other stuff as far as the server, but we don't mess with it. The admins have a lot of power to f*** things up, so if something happens, it's probably one of us. It helps if the admin knows HTML, but it is by no means a must.
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    The "Report a Post" feature

    I'll tell Jas about that.
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    Soxnet Baseball Cards

    If I really had to, yeah, I could. Usually, I try to avoid such battles. However, when I'm on SNR and blasted watch the f*** out. I'm your target for that, anyways.
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    i don't know if this has been mentioned before, but ever since harold started helping the team we have been crushing the ball. Thoughts?
  17. Series Preview: Seattle Mariners By Alex Ernst Date: Aug 1, 2003 With the Sox hot, following a three-game sweep of the Royals, they will now face the AL West first-place Mariners in Seattle. Opponent: Seattle Mariners Record: 66-42, .611, First Place (AL West) Place: SAFECO Field Time & TV: Game 1: 9:05 p.m. (FSN); Game 2: 9:05 p.m. (WGN); Game 3: 3:05 p.m. (FSN); 2002 Record vs Sox: 7-8 2003 Record vs Sox: 5-1 THE LATEST The Seattle Mariners have been sputtering since the break, going 8-7 since mid-July. Ichiro Suzuki leads the Mariners in batting average with a .341 mark, while Bret Boone leads in the power department with 28 homers and 87 RBIs. The Mariners also have 70 stolen bases as a team. The Sox miss the stud of the Seattle rotation in Joel Pineiro, but they still face a pitching staff with one of the best ERAs in the majors at 3.72. Shigetoshi Hasegawa leads the bullpen with a stellar 0.71 ERA, while Rafael Soriano has a WHIP of 0.85 and averages nearly 11 K's per nine innings. WHO'S HOT (Last 7 days) Randy Winn, LF: .400, 2 2B, 3 HR, 9 RBI, 2 SB --Winn has been just as hot as the Sox lately. He has been going deep regularly and is successful in 85% of stolen base attempts. WHO'S NOT (Last 7 days) Mark McLemore, RF: . 150, 3 hits, 5 K --McLemore has seen his playing time shrink and with the acquisition of Rey Sanchez, he isn’t helping his case. PITCHING PROBABLES Game #1: Bartolo Colon (8-9, 4.09, 113 K) vs. Freddy Garcia (9-10, 5.17, 88 K) --Garcia has been struggling mightily this season. He has been very streaky and the White Sox are catching him in the middle of a horrible streak. in July, Garcia had an 0-4 record with a 9.45 ERA. If the Sox score early on him, chances are he will have a breakdown once more. Game #2: Dan Wright (0-4, 5.93, 34 K) vs. Ryan Franklin (7-9, 3.67, 64 K) --Franklin has not been pitching as bad as his record indicates. His WHIP is down to seventh in the AL at 1.17, but like so many Sox pitchers, he has received little run support. Game #3: Mark Buehrle (9-10, 4.21, 81 K) vs. Gil Meche (11-7, 3.86, 91 K) --Meche has been by far one of the most improved pitchers in the majors. However, he has lost four of his last five decisions and most teams have been going deep off of him. This is bad news for Meche, as that is exactly what the Sox have been doing. KEY TO THE SERIES Just keep the intensity up. The Sox have shown the Royals that they should be taken seriously. They need to now show up against Seattle so they can show the whole league.
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    ATTN: Soxtalk Members

    Did you get my latest rounds of emails jsut after you left for the game? I probably wont be on again til Monday.
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    That is hilarious...
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    college football trash talk

    I agree, it's all about money. Plus, ND would clean up in the Big Ten.
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    Game 1- Sox @ Mariners Game Thread

    Carlos goes deep! Two point conversion!!