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    This should dispel the Bush AWOL myths

    Whitehouse.org...not to be confused with whitehouse.com or whitehouse.gov
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    Anyone here ever had it? I've felt sick the past couple of days...and my locker partner has mono. I had a high temp thats gone down but I've had a lot of body aches. Yesterday I came home at 2 and slept til 6. I never do that. My neck and head hurt right now and to top it off I've got another ingrown toenail that hurts a lot. Damn, I knew it wasn't a smart idea to be making out with my locker partner when he has mono...
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    MVP Baseball 2004

    I'm thinking FutureSox should sponsor this game...
  4. Heads22

    ATA Commercial...

    Yeah...I'm doubting that the rest of the nation is seeing the ad for Birdnow Motor Trade in Oelwein on ESPN....
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    New skins for the board?

    We've had trouble with trying it before....we may try it again when we feel more adventrous.....
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    Bottled Water

    I guess I'm real old school. I drink a glass of water from the tap usually once a day....I drink city water from water fountains at school....and I drink water at practices and games from (gasp!) sinks!
  7. Tonight in JV action, I drained my first 3. I am now 1/1 on the year from behind the arc in JV play. As it stands.... Thru 5 JV games....5 total points for 1/game Thru 10 varsity games....6 total points for .6/game I know, I'm a real threat. I honestly didn't expect to play at all though, so I'm happy with what I'm doing. Ernst #22
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    SoxTalk.com's Online Boutique

    I'd make sure to mention somewhere on the page exaactly how to get it customized, before they end up with a sucky Gage jersey.
  9. Heads22

    New milestone...

    The foul I got tonite was to prevent an easy layup so i just basically got in his way...
  10. Heads22

    New milestone...

    My favorite part was the defender running at me and calling me a "pussy" as I lined up. Just ran back and shook my head at him on defense. I don't seem to remember him scoring at all......
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    Name Change? Anything else needed?

    Beat me by 17 seconds.
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    WSI Sucks...

    It's a lowercase J
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    Make sure you click on "close all tags' too.
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    NCAA hoops thread

    Glad we could help. We've been smoked in the last two games. We really need to win in Manhattan to keep any NCAA hope alive.
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    Sleeper Prospect

    Soxtalk.com....the new home of minor league catfights....
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    Email em to Mark.....
  18. Heads22

    Sig Requests

    I could probably use a new one. Will Blalock Curtis Stinson Jake Sullivan Jared Homan and Jackson Vroman would be nice touches.
  19. Heads22

    NCAA hoops thread

    That was nuts.
  20. Heads22

    NCAA hoops thread

    I am so glad I have PIP.
  21. Heads22

    NCAA hoops thread

    Did anyone see the Stanford ending? Wow. They are so lucky that nobody saw the guy in the backcourt calling timeout before the buzzer beater.
  22. Heads22

    Ideas for Soxtalk.com logo

    Of course, gotta have the name of the owner of the site somewhere on there.....maybe on the tag.....
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    What's a "good" BMI?

    I'm 18.8