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  1. Six points so far this season...good for about .6 a game. My team might be 0-13 instead of 1-12 without that additional .6 points a game.
  2. Heads22

    What books are you reading?

    Jane Eyre for my least favorite class, AP Literature and Comp.
  3. Heads22


    Use the code if you want to post HTML or some sort of programming code...
  4. Heads22

    Dem Primary Elections

    I hope my avatar has made people Cyclone fans then... I don't think America's ready for Captain Cool (aka me). Heads for President in 2004!
  5. Heads22

    Dem Primary Elections

    Well, Vince, if you're just throwing money around like that....I'm running for president.
  6. Heads22

    NCAA hoops thread

    I'll take it. What do you think of Stinson and Blalock? I was impressed with Padgett.
  7. Heads22

    Super Bowl thread

    Carolina 22-21!!
  8. Heads22

    Super Bowl thread

    Vinaiteri misses 31 yard FG. Go Carolina!
  9. This game is on FullCourt and on affiliates down the center swath of the country. You can see Self coach his first game at Hilton and see Blalock and Stinson, ISU's frosh who are two of the best in the league. WSoxShuf, I'll let you talk about KU now.
  10. Heads22

    Wrestling talk...

    To be fair, I weigh 110.
  11. Heads22

    NCAA hoops thread

    Yeah, the Clones rock.7
  12. Heads22

    Is this true?

    Kickass sig, Ian.
  13. Heads22

    Is this true?

    Ian and I have him....He's whatsupwithjapanmanontopofsite?, Chapstickdictionary, HudlerRex, and hugmeimkorean.
  14. Heads22

    SuperBowl Picks

    Panthers 36 Patriots 23
  15. Heads22

    Wrestling talk...

    Oooh. Get to work on my mini-logos, b****.
  16. Heads22

    I am numba 1

    He was upset when he found out there was no damn ball.
  17. Heads22

    Wrestling talk...

    It's just not big in NE Iowa at least. Our HS wrestling team has not won a dual in years.
  18. Heads22

    Wrestling talk...

    I was wondering how they did but I'm still on a high from Kansas. What was the score?
  19. Heads22

    NCAA hoops thread

    On Fox Sports Chicago tonite is Northern Iowa vs Southern Illinois....should be a good game.
  20. Heads22

    Kansas @ Iowa State

    That was freaking orgasmic. That was the Hilton magic right there. I thought they were dead. But then Stinson took charge and Sullivan started hitting three's. This team lost to Baylor last Saturday. No more of that s***.
  21. Heads22

    Fight Songs

    Rocky Top USC Notre Dame..... Of course ISU is better than anyone elses, especially For I For S Forever.
  22. Heads22

    A Winter f@#$ing wonderland

    I believe the record low here in Oelwein is -57 F. We are now under a Winter Storm Watch and they are expecting 3-9 inches of snow...
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    Yeah, he's a friggin slavedriver....
  24. Heads22


    And Mario, you know me. I've got a full time gig now here and at FutureSox, but I'll write the occasional bit if you want me to. You guys will accept articles on NE Iowa high school basketball, right?