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    Soxtalk.com Calendar

    For the player's bdays? This is how i have it: Rocky Biddle's Birthday (27)
  2. Heads22

    Soxtalk.com Calendar

    How does it look so far?
  3. Heads22

    Soxtalk.com Calendar

    Got the Big Hurt and Maggs so far. I'll be working on it off and on.
  4. Heads22

    Soxtalk.com Calendar

    Good idea. Any idea where I can find these?
  5. Heads22

    Soxtalk.com Calendar

    Oh, and the Spring Training schedule is already in and the regular season is a work in progress.
  6. Heads22

    Kordell Stewart probably released by Pittsburgh

    Pick him up I say. Still a top half QB, I think.
  7. Heads22


    Well, it wasn't really trouble, just more annoying than anything. Isn't it supposed to do that? You're just pissed cause your hawks suck at everything.
  8. Heads22


    I know, mine has been doing the same thing.
  9. Heads22

    Testing Sig

  10. Heads22

    OMG, you'd never guess who I just met last night!!

    f*** the U of I, Jason! f*** 'em!
  11. Heads22

    Latest ESPN the Magazine

    Flip to the very back page of issue 6.02. It's got a cool graphic with an old picture of Shoeless Joes on the steps of Selig's house. Very cool graphic.
  12. On mine, it says Article: Colon Would Provide Sox with Final Piece. Only in Iowa does it say "Pie." We get the piece, you get the pie. More wholesome for you that way. I wonder if it's a Netscape problem then. It's cutting off the titles.
  13. Does it say "Article: Colon Would Provide Sox with Final Pie" on anyone else's computer? If so I want to know more about this pie!
  14. Heads22

    McGahee's knee injury

    I'd say. Ouch.
  15. Heads22

    We have nothing to show for Herbert

    But we also can't rest our hopes on our pitchers having career years.
  16. Heads22

    New Feature List

    I've been considering that. Was trying to think of something that could go between All Star and MVP or MVP and Hall of Famer. You could throw stuff like Gold Glove and Silver Slugger in there, or Cy Young winner. Maybe Draft Pick for the first stage, I dunno.
  17. Heads22

    Which 3rd Tier Starter Will The Sox Sign

    I believe KW will do absolutely nothing. That's the best I can hope anyway.
  18. Heads22

    Sox Fans Bowl Pix 2 contest complete

    Sox Fans Bowl Pix Maybe we could have a March Madness contest or something unless you guys are all contested out.
  19. Heads22

    Sox Fans Bowl Pix 2 contest complete

    The Hawks represent everything evil in this world. Please, GO HAWKEYES GO. They almost upset Mizzu in basketball yesterday. As an ISU fan, I will cheer for anybody as long as their performance doesn't hurt the Clones. Oh yeah, and f*** the Hawks!
  20. Heads22

    Sox Fans Bowl Pix 2 contest complete

    The Hawks represent everything evil in this world.
  21. Heads22

    Sox Fans Bowl Pix 2 contest complete

    A lot of it was danman. I'd get ready to update it and he'd already have it done. Lol Thanks danman.
  22. Heads22

    Fuckin' cyclones

    Horrible. Could they have shoved their heads any further up their asses? I think not. :puke
  23. Something the staff at SoxNet has been thinking about offering is files (Sox schedule, roster) that you can download for your Palm Pilot, etc. We would do this if there is enough interest. What do you guys think? I just started helping out here, so if you guys have any other ideas, just tell them.
  24. Heads22

    Handheld Sox Schedule and Such

    It's taking a while. I'm only partway through April. It'll probably be ready towards the end of the month.