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    Handheld Sox Schedule and Such

  2. Heads22

    Handheld Sox Schedule and Such

    For the love of God, YES, YES, YES, a million times YES, I have been hunting all over for a palm pilot downloadable schedule, please, do it, and do it now, and having a downloadable roster plus whatever extras you might come up with would be sweet beyond words -- I'll probably do it with a database program. Just make sure you have one.
  3. Heads22

    Handheld Sox Schedule and Such

    The same world that allows you an internet radio station!
  4. Heads22

    Keith Foulke still a Sock????

    Anything that makes Big Frank better is fine by me.
  5. Heads22

    I R8 YOUR AVATAR!!!!!!

    You can't say no to saying f*** the Hawks.
  6. Heads22


    Work, damn you!
  7. Heads22


    Test 2
  8. Heads22

    Bulls are getting tougher

    At then it will be Hoiberg's time to shine!!!
  9. Heads22

    Bulls are getting tougher

    I'm glad Fizer is starting to play better. He's finally showing what made him so good at Iowa State.
  10. Heads22

    8-0 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Creighton is in the same conference as Illinois State, Bradley, and Southern Illinois. They've never been scared as they come to Redbird, Carver, or SIU Arena! But Illwhyni coach Bill Selfish won't play at those places, because he knows he'd get his ass handed to him if he had his team play at ISU, Bradley, or SIU. And so, our teams must play 100% of the games between our clubs IN THE MOTHERf***ING ILLWHYNI LAND! The Illwhyni could learn a lesson from the state of Iowa. Every year, each D-1 school has home-and-home series with the other D-1 schools. That means that even schools such as Iowa and Iowa State travel to Northern Iowa and Drake. But no, the Illwhyni must be selfish assed bastards!!! Well, may you rot in hell, Bill Selfish!!!:****:****:****:****:****:**** :****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:**** :****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:**** :****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:****:**** Bill SELFISH!!! And none of the Iowa teams usually comes through that undefeated. Because of the exempted tournaments bull s***, Iowa State had to play a Division III school as part of their regular season, Coe from Cedar Rapids. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I'm pissed none the less.
  11. Heads22

    Gangs of New York

    I saw the trailer. I think it was "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd" Dumberer is supposed to be spelled that way. It's a prequel to Dumb and Dumber.
  12. Heads22

    Post your Bowl Picks here…

    Updated again. Only 2 of 18 people got the Hawaii Bowl. Why the f*** did Tommy Chang break his hand?
  13. For anyone who cares to be in the contest...
  14. So is there any chance of me getting mine?
  15. Heads22

    You Decide: Changes Coming to Soxtalk?

    I like the invision one.
  16. Heads22

    Post your Bowl Picks here…

    The website is finally updated.
  17. Heads22

    merry fucking christmas

    Yes. Merry f***ing Christmas to all. Now to watch my new South Park DVD's
  18. Heads22

    Post your Bowl Picks here…

    Most of it was spiff. Thank him.
  19. Heads22

    Post your Bowl Picks here…

    Did you post your picks at wSI too?
  20. Heads22

    Post your Bowl Picks here…

    Tripod is being a biznitch.
  21. Heads22


    Get me on AIM, I'm trying to U2u you but it's not working.
  22. Heads22


    Just remember your A's, C's, G's, T's and U's.
  23. Heads22


    Well, I'm trying to get you on AIM again but since you are a "loser" you aren't on right now.
  24. Heads22

    Let's make it official, fuck WSI!

    pray tell why you are not there. getting sloppy on the blowjobs. you know what, that was prob not called for. i am sick and in a lousy temper. so i want to say i am sorry for saying that. its must be the xmas feeling. i know i am sometime shallow, vindicative, have never been able to forgive and forget. but those are really my good points of my personality. It's alright LDF. There was just some unpleasantness there. And i'd sure hate to find out what's bad about your personality.