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  1. Heads22

    FutureSox reports in

    We've played Xavier in the past. A buddy of mine said he was the best he'd ever played against in little league.
  2. Heads22

    FutureSox reports in

    Jas, if you talk to Ryan again, ask him about the Oelwein Huskies....mention I'm from there...the name of the city should ring a bell.
  3. Heads22

    FutureSox reports in

    Sweeney must be LTP Jr. With JoBo in the majors, RS will take his place....lol
  4. Heads22

    NCAA Football 2005

    Yuck...Considine.....I know three players for the Hawks, good friends with 2. They just disgust me. I was so glad to be at Kinnick two years ago when the Cyclones just completely dismantled the Hawks.
  5. Heads22

    NCAA Football 2005

    My God, the Iowa Hawkeyes are composed of rapists, drug addicts and the son of the highest paid employee in the state who still gets subsidized housing. The Hawks and their fans make me f***ing sick. They are as bad as Cubs fans.
  6. Heads22

    Thanks WinningUgly

    I help run this joint. Feel free to make fun of the poster named "chisoxfn" at your lesiure.
  7. Heads22

    FutureSox reports in

    Jason, you mean guys aren't scared off from you the way women are?
  8. Heads22

    FutureSox reports in

    That's what I was gonna say.....anything to shed the loser image...
  9. Heads22

    Donnie Sadler

    Finally, a player I'm taller than.....
  10. Heads22

    Sox Sign Reggie Taylor

  11. Heads22

    KW: Anybody know a worse GM?

    A lot of you guys are acting like children. I'll reopen this later.
  12. Heads22

    Could you pass the US citzenship test?

    It's the only one I could think of something funny to say about.....
  13. Heads22

    Could you pass the US citzenship test?

    There's only a few that should even be diificult...the last one was the only one I wasn't 100% on, but I knew that 76 was the DofI, and the last answer seemed to click. The WWII question was by far the easiest, unless you think Mussolini is a type of pasta. If ya missed that one, your History teacher deserves to be beaten down with his/her book and quickly.
  14. Heads22

    Weird batting order tonight

    Is Frank hurt or something?
  15. Heads22

    Could you pass the US citzenship test?

  16. Heads22

    Just to show you...

    On a side note: Do you guys think that if Joe Liebermann (ugh) had won the dem nomination, there would be many more third party voters?
  17. Heads22

    6/7 Game Thread - Angels @ Sox

    Alrighty...we'll win. Cause I say so.
  18. Heads22

    Happy Birthday to BMAC

    Happy Birthday Brandon!
  19. Heads22

    July 4th hangover? We need a game thread boyz

    Where in iowa, shane?
  20. Heads22

    TagTeam Part 2

    I try...
  21. Heads22

    Wilder: "They wanted Borchard"

    Of course, Reed DID have 65 SB's compared to Borch's 2 at that point. In all honesty, I'm trying to forget about Reed. Yeah, he was good, but Borchard can be good too. And I think he will be.
  22. Heads22

    TagTeam Part 2

    Axis of Ignorance maybe?
  23. Heads22

    Wilder: "They wanted Borchard"

    Wow....you guys need some pot or something to calm down. Besides, Borchard has 14 homers and 54 RBI thru June 4th on MVP on my GameCube with an average of .346, while Reed had an average of .320 with 2 homers and 39 RBI... Borch will be better
  24. Heads22

    College Football

    I have no idea who will come out of the Big XII north, but it ain't ISU. I'd say Nebraska, on a hunch.
  25. Heads22

    Wite turns 17

    Happy Bday!!