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  1. first two batters look positively mystified
  2. that was better than many first innings i have watched recently
  3. Heads22

    7/30 Games

    How many active pitchers does Charlotte have??
  4. Twins will likely win, so will still be at our .500, 3 GB purgatory
  5. no reason not to
  6. This right here should be Leury Edit: Engel, I assumed he was hurt
  7. that was a home run swing at least
  8. Graveman probably
  9. vaughn has been working third basemen to death recently
  10. Leaving Moll in here is a choice
  11. Wonder if we'd have a better record if we ever carried more than 23 players on the roster
  12. hell of a snag by pito
  13. Lamberts changeup looks decent this at bat (famous last words)
  14. Pollock, please randomly plant one in the seats
  15. Tim needs to be stealing again
  16. Cueto is totally coming out for the eighth now if its tied so he can try and get a win, isn't he
  17. always believed in gavin
  18. They roundly deserve every boo they get after they don't score here
  19. That 2-1 cutter for Josh should have been hit a mile
  20. I'd rather have Haseley up at least able to play the outfield and not hit