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  1. NFTs

    So, MLB is starting to drop some of their own tomorrow - anyone going after that? Anyone doing Top Shot or anything of the like?

  2. 4 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    Here’s the fundamental issue for starters. Assume no major surprises among the Arb offers. The White Sox’s payroll counting Kimbrel is somewhere just over $150 million. If they offer Rodon a QO and he accepts, which is a solid possibility (I would if I were him), their payroll while treading water is over $170 million. Now I’m not going to say there’s a limit, but if you think they’re going to make a major signing after that and push up to nearly $200 million, I would be surprised and I think we all would. 

    If Rodon doesn’t accept, they have money to spend, but would probably want some pitching depth at least, and their rotation would potentially take a step back next year. That part though will take care of itself.

    The big problem is you have to make a decision on Kimbrel within the first 10 days after the World Series and it is hard to imagine they can be confident in trading him until we know what will happen with a labor agreement. So with his struggles this year, and a big salary, his option is the problem. Pick that up, and if he winds up harder to move than people think, then that might shut down the rest of the offseason.

    Personally I let Kimbrel walk and decline that option. That’s the first big step.

    Yep. I don't tender Carlos either.  And looking at our arbitration candidates and projected salaries, you could really easily convince me that Lucas (and maybe new Reynaldo) are the only ones you tender as you can literally not count on any of the others. I love Adam but he has not proven he can stay healthy and I don't want him to be used as an excuse not to do something better.


    White Sox (7)

    • Evan Marshall – $2.3MM
    • Brian Goodwin – $1.7MM
    • Lucas Giolito – $7.9MM
    • Adam Engel – $2.2MM
    • Reynaldo Lopez – $2.8MM
    • Jace Fry – $1.0MM
    • Jimmy Cordero – $1.2MM


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