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  1. Heads22

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    It really doesn't matter what anyone besides those involved think, and only Donaldson knows the true intent. But he also lost the benefit of the doubt a while ago.
  2. Heads22

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    I think Jim over at SoxMachine summed it up best saying that it’s tough to believe Donaldson was trying to defuse any situation. At best, he’s an idiot asshole. At worst, he’s a racist idiot asshole.
  3. Heads22

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    It's a little inside joke that one side didn't find funny, as with most inside jokes, apparently
  4. Will we be able to take Kendall to Toronto?
  5. I see Yoan's number one comp on Baseball Reference is former Sox great Brett Lawrie
  6. my kingdom for a bat drop here
  7. Would imagine Burr is right back as the 27th man tomorrow
  8. Really nice play by Harrison.
  9. It feels like we've allowed a ton of leadoff men on lately, and a lot of dumb walks to the bottom halves of lineups
  10. Could always pinch hit Gavin here....
  11. And I love AV but there's any number of reasons why it makes sense, even if they take care of Tim here.
  12. If I'm them I pitch around TA to get to Andrew
  14. Zero faith in Harrison here.
  15. Adam, just serve it into RCF
  16. I like this new, more alive AJ Pollock
  17. The second one was a legit 100.0 on baseball savant.
  18. Anyone warming for NY yet? I know Cortes was at 100 pitches
  19. Nice job by Reynaldo to send him off on three pitches.