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  1. supermaggs

    2003 Draft Breakdown: 20-11

    I'm real excited about Nanita, I'd imagine in a few years we'll have even more depth than when we had Christianson, Rowand, Ramirez, and Simmons. It sounds like Anderson is a 3 year guy in the minors, same with Sanders. Can't wait to see if Jeremy Reed is a September call up.
  2. supermaggs

    White Sox

    Yes! this "core" KW identified after 2000 has definately proved to be dysfunctional.
  3. supermaggs

    SOx sign Valido, Hummel on rise

    Sox took a big step in signing SS Robert Valido, described as a big competitor with five tool potential, it was questioned if Valido would sign since he had already committed to a florida college... Jeremy Reed is dominating Winston Salem, along with Ruddy Yan, and Ryan Wing... Tim Hummel is starting to show he can hit Triple A pitching, kind of like Crede in his first year at triple A not so hot, the next year he capitilizes, he is hitting .282. Cliff Brumbaugh is hitting .307 and Miles is hitting .306. Enemencio Pacheco is actually succeeding, as is Neal Cotts, who should be brought up pretty soon to Triple A... Kris Honel once again is striking out a batter an inning. -supermaggs