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  1. hi8is

    8/5 Games

  2. Just eating crow when it’s due 👍🏻
  3. So much for that ungrand grand prophecy.
  4. hi8is

    8/4 Games

    Madrigal with his first professional K hell froze over
  5. They’re going to lose at least 7 of the next 8. ( one draft slot watching would hope )
  6. hi8is

    White Sox now #3 Farm System (pipeline/Callis)

    Found this tidbit interesting: ”Chicago may have added the two best college hitters from the 2018 Draft in Madrigal and outfielder Steele Walker”
  7. This clearly makes our farm system #1 in the league.
  8. hi8is

    Madrigal Article - Notes from the Sally

    He will never strike out.
  9. hi8is

    MLB Expansion

    I want to see Portland Oregon get a team.
  10. hi8is

    Tim Anderson leaves game

    You know, we have an actual function for that now... right?
  11. Oh, the memories. Someone surely misses the late and great Ben Davis.
  12. hi8is

    Eloy Injury Update

    Yup yup... the injury bug has sucked big time this year.
  13. hi8is

    ESPN ranks White Sox rotation worst in baseball

    When Jamie Shields is one of your best, if not your best, starters... you’re bad. Bad however, is not a bad thing this year. Suck it up boys.
  14. Dudes gonna be an elite stud. Period. End of story. Beginning of an icon. Enjoy the ride. #KoolaidDrinker