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  1. 13 days, 6 hours, and 37 minutes.
  2. hi8is

    Jose Abreu exits due to "Flu like symptoms"

    Yea, the junk really can and does fuck up just about everything possible.
  3. hi8is

    2018 MLB Draft

    I’m up on Madrigal and Bohm... down on Swaggerty.
  4. hi8is

    2018 MLB Draft

    Third indeed.
  5. I’m just saying it in jest and also to poke fun at the people who are actually worried about him. He is going to be a monster... and anyone else who thinks he really blows is insane. Couple that with morons like he guy you reference who discount Kopech and Basabe... the land of the idiots is ripe.
  6. Moncada sucks. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Kinda like Winona Has a Big Brown Beaver.
  7. hi8is

    Jose Abreu exits due to "Flu like symptoms"

    I relate to the David Thompson flu.
  8. hi8is


    Yoan sucks. ( In the way of Primus )
  9. Naw, he sucks. There’s an entire thread dedicated to this fact.
  10. hi8is

    Site BackOnline

    Right on, thanks. I’m not really too sure much can be done on the sides but the vertical items can be adjusted.
  11. hi8is

    Sox and Mariners Game Thread 4/24

    You get on a high horse and condescending would be an appropriate term to describe it.
  12. hi8is

    Site BackOnline

    Can you post a screenshot?
  13. hi8is

    Trust the process

    This team wasn’t meant to have a winning record.