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  1. hi8is

    A Realistic Offseason

    My realistic offseason: sign stratsburg ( 370M / 4 years ) sign Rendon ( 422M / 8 years ) sign Wheeler for ( 217M / 5 years ) sign Grandal ( 145M / 3 years ) trade Fernando Tatis JR. from San Diego for Mookie Betts to our Sox. ... Lineup ... CF - Robert 2B - Moncada RF - Betts LF - Eloy 3B - Rendon 1B - Abreu C - Grandal SS - Anderson DH - Madrigal SP1 - Stratsburg SP2 - Giolito SP3 - Wheeler SP4 - Cease SP5 - Lopez / Kopech *Important note... make each contract above be for $1.00 a year for the first two years and then in 2023 file for bankruptcy protection*
  2. hi8is

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

  3. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

    Josh Donaldson?
  4. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

    Anastasio, sub the a for an e.
  5. hi8is

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

  6. hi8is

    Sox issue qualifying offer to Abreu

  7. hi8is

    Trade Candidates: SP

  8. hi8is

    A Realistic Offseason

    They were genuinely arrogant and played themselves. Confirmation bias.
  9. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

    Only if you can get his without giving up the top 3 prospects and also sign him to an extension... Tall order, don’t hold your breath... I’m not. Mangos.
  10. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

    ... for 5 painful months.
  11. hi8is

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    How revealing is that? post of the year. edit: who are you? Stay a while.
  12. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

  13. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

    I love you.... but I’m more likely to have a hammer fall out of my shower head this morning than we are to sign Rendon.
  14. hi8is

    Rendon Thread

    It was once said, “Families are where wings take dream.”